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Win Chocolate Truffles to satisfy those Constant Cravings!
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Win Chocolate Truffles to satisfy those Constant Cravings!

Posted 23 September 2011   by         Permalink | 111 Comments

Tags: Chocolate, dairy, win

Constant Craving Truffle packI figure that I'm gonna be pretty popular when I announce that we have chocolate for you! Well, ok not all of you! But 5 lucky peeps who can tell me what amazing dairy free delights they have discovered this year.

I can tell you what my favourite is right now -- Constant Cravings incredibly, immensely delicious and decadent Chocolate Truffles! We've got gift packs of 8 (EIGHT!! I just dribbled on the keyboard) Constant Craving truffles valued at $18 to win.

And victory will taste all the sweeter knowing that no cows (or calves!) were harmed in the making of those chocolicious treats!

In the pack are Scorched Almond, Coconut Rough, Apricot Dream and Coffee flavoured truffles. Now if any of you are worried about a little guilty pleasure, I am quite prepared to get on a flight to anywhere and help the winners polish off their prize. I'm considerate like that ;)

So, go on, tell me what your fave dairy-free snack is and make my tummy grumble even more. Good luck!


November 2011: And the winners are Laratilly13, Lars, xAshlee, Arix and AubergineBean

Well done and thanks to everyone who entered, I may need to write another blog reporting on how delicious all these suggestions are!

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Taxidermied Baphomet Taxidermied Baphomet 23 September 2011
Sorbet Icecream, its soooo fruity and quenches and thirst!! Especially in this lovely hot weather happy
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Lars Lars 23 September 2011
the gluten free mini cheesecakes from RubyFruit bakery (based in the blue mountains).

I had one of their lemon & raspberry cheesecakes at the Sydney Oscars law rally and my eyes basically rolled into the back of my head, Real cheesecake taste!
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maisiemay maisiemay 23 September 2011
Whittakers dark almond...definately satisfies my sweet tooth whilst topping up my antioxidants at the same time  clap
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jaylatte jaylatte 23 September 2011
Twilight bars from Go Max Go. It's probably a good thing for my waistline that they're not sold locally.
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EmmaG89 EmmaG89 23 September 2011
Toffutti 'cream cheese' and corn relish made into a dip!!! Dairy free, but savory! So good with vegan crackers! Even meat eaters can't tell the difference!!
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chelseaajja chelseaajja 23 September 2011
Mango sorbet ice cream made into smoothies with all vegan products is the BEST!
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TofuUnleashed TofuUnleashed 23 September 2011
There are too many to list, the moment, Sweet Wlliam rice crackle chocolate bars, melted in steaming hot soy milk (I pay the price with a burnt tounge). pig

I think it bears mentioning that we should be kind to the earth and human animals as well by trying to  buy organic fairtrade chocolate, like this one, which I will HOPEFULLY one day find and buy many and gobble up with no guilt whatsoever (ashamed):
It's raw as well!  dance
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TofuUnleashed TofuUnleashed 23 September 2011
...and this chocolate sounds amazing as well:
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Babylion Babylion 23 September 2011
Absolutely love Toffuti Sour Supreme (better than sour cream as the container says) This was the ingredient I was missing for my vegan banana bread. (Happy to provide recipe  if anyone is interested happy) Also a shout out for Noble Choice peppermint dark chocolate. Yummo!
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AubergineBean AubergineBean 23 September 2011
Warm apple crumble (oats, sugar, Nuttalex) drizzled with maple syrup then covered with dollops of vanilla soy icecream and dark or soy choc chips....... yyyuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmeeeeeee!
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SickSadWorld SickSadWorld 23 September 2011
Tie between Sweet Williams no nuts nut bar (though would be better with nuts tongue and pretty much any vegan brand of mango  sorbet, yummy!
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Catty-corner Catty-corner 23 September 2011
Chocolate mousse, made with avocado, cocoa, agave or any sweetener of choice, and I add a little vanilla soy! Just blend it all together, and chill - yum!
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luke warmwater luke warmwater 23 September 2011
You can make a base for ice cream using soy/rice/almond milk, sugar and non-dairy custard powder.  Once you've got that you can add any flavour - fruit, caramel, vanilla, cocoa.
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KirstyGirl KirstyGirl 23 September 2011
Yum! Gimme!
My favourite actually happens to be Coles Belgian dark chocolate. I know it's not as "vegan" as supporting companies who specifically set out to make chocolate vegan. But we still have to support the big companies that make vegan stuff to let them know this is what we want!
Mostly though... it just tastes amazing!
I also love all Leda and Sweet Williams chocolate too! YUM!
via Unleashed

Tanyaka Tanyaka 24 September 2011
I keep a pack of Sweet Williams chocolates and packs of Vege Chips in a drawer to make sure that my cravings are always answered, salty or sweet!! So good!
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xAshlee xAshlee 24 September 2011
I have read countless articles on veganism saying 'Imagine life without icecream' and everyone asks me 'don't you miss chocolate?' = Yll crazy! . I 100 % back So Good Chocolate icecream! (dairy free   soy based) And as far as  chocolate - you cant get better than GoMaxGo Caramel/Nougart bar instead of a traditional 'Mars Bar'! Or even a Sweet Williams bar to feed those WHITE choc cravings!
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Nobody Nobody 24 September 2011
So Good vanilla soy ice cream!
It's fantastic with some homemade vegan butterscotch pudding.   peace
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Animallover12 Animallover12 24 September 2011
Sorbet Icecream!!!!
It is SOOOOOOO yummy and whenever I have it I want more! I also dribble all over the place cause it is THAT yummy!!!!
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Frangipani Frangipani 26 September 2011
Let me count the ways! ..1) SMOOTHIE  with (Pure Harvest Aussie Dream calcium enriched) Ricemilk, vanilla, flaxseed oil (opt), banana (fresh or frozen)   either berries or mango or papaw or pear or cacao powder ever and naturally sweet!   2) (Mega antioxidant mood enhancing)  HOT CHOCOLATE with (Pure Harvest) soymilk, vanilla essence concentrate, (Power Ecuadorian Gold) organic cacao powder, agave nectar .. use a frother stick to get perfect texture ever!  3) Green & Blacks organic fairtrade 85% DARK CHOCOLATE (must have daily staple) Walkers after dinner mints.   4) Custard made with ricemilk, cornflour, vanilla concentrate .. stir through dark chocolate squares just prior to serving for choc version .. perfect.  5) Best quatity light taste organic coconut oil (Coconut Magic or Aclara) spread on hot toasted  (Ancient Grains) organic bread, spread with St Dalfour French fruit spread (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry or orange marmalade)   6) McVitie's digestive biscuits spread thick with macadamia butter.   and .. Homemade vegan fruitcake, mudcake, choc-nut fudge, coconut icecream, cheesecake ... sorry got carried away!happy    laugh
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Beemo Beemo 26 September 2011
Well other than the coconut rough constant cravings chocolate truffles tongue My favourite dairy free snack is so good vanilla ice cream mixed with crushed oreos to make cookies n' cream ice cream! It's so good that I have trouble stopping at one bowl ^_^
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JasperLee JasperLee 26 September 2011
My fave dairy free snack is sesame snaps!!
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sophxx sophxx 27 September 2011
alter eco dark chocolate with quinoa crisps  are so good! super yummy and vegan, plus it is fairtrade, organic AND the company is part of the "objective carbon zero" thing where they offset their carbon emissions. so you can be kind to animals, people and the earth - and yourself, of course, because it tastes so good happy
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Ashlyn Ashlyn 27 September 2011
so good vanilla soy icecream with crushed oreos on top and strawberries if ive got some..
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Ashlyn Ashlyn 27 September 2011
actually i changed my mind.. strawberries covered in melted sweet Williams chocolate.yyummmm
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SaRa_aRaS SaRa_aRaS 27 September 2011
My favourite dairy-free food is Organic coconut milk Yogurt ! Its so delicious!  ecstatic It goes great on frozen raspberries, muesli, frozen or anything really!  love I eat it pretty much every morning on my muesli  happy
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sophiagianna sophiagianna 28 September 2011
Coconut Milk ice cream. It's so good, who needs dairy!
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Liss Liss 28 September 2011
I traveled to Finland this year and they have a delicious brand of dairy free vegan ice-cream (i cant remember what the brand was called) but anyway they sold it at all standard commercial ice-cream stalls! I was in Heaven! I have never been able to buy ice-cream from a stand before! Which is what turns me off buying it in the first place, because if I want ice-cream I have to buy a whole tub.. and know I will eat a whole tub.. They had flavours like chocolate fudge, toffee, vanilla, mint, Amazing! ecstatic
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Iain Iain 28 September 2011
Vegan's Choice bakery in Newtown of Sydney does the most amazing baked goods in the world. I've the best browie ever there; it's so damn fudgy! I encourage all Sydneysiders to go there. Now!
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_Abbey _Abbey 28 September 2011
Pringles! They've always been my favourite, you wouldnt believe how happy I was when I found out they were vegan. (because most chips and other snacks including 'Shapes' contain milk solids)

I also recently discovered dairy-free dark chocolate, the best thing EVER!
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leeslady leeslady 28 September 2011
I just learned to can, so I am conquering my sweet tooth with home made jellies!
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Dorit Dorit 28 September 2011
1. Leda chocolate rum balls- yummm!!
2. 'Naturally Good' Deliciously Free moist chocolate mud cake mix...makes the most scrumptulicious cake ever!
& 3. can't go past the good ole Leda Choculence biccies- mmmm... Puts tim tams to shame  clap
via Unleashed

Arianna Arianna 28 September 2011
I make my own chocolates using Sweet Williams chocoloate and other stuff. I've made coconut rough, cherry ripes, truffles, mint patties, coconut ice, chocolate covered nuts and more! You can actually see them on my blog
via Unleashed

Proudwomon Proudwomon 28 September 2011
Chocolate dipping sauce made with coconut cream, agave syrup & Noble Choice dairy free dark chocolate... just dip in fruit - yum!!!
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Christen Christen 28 September 2011
Hot chocolate! This winter I was dying for a really hot sweet drink at my Nana's. Mixed together about a third of a cup of coconut milk, some hot water and cocoa powder, some brown sugar to taste.  It's like liquid bounty! Also, beetroot chips happy
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Lea Lea 28 September 2011
Raw cheesecake from the Raw Kitchen in Fremantle. Best thing!
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Connors_mummy Connors_mummy 28 September 2011
My favourite dairy free snack is So Good chocolate ice cream with mix ins like crumbled oreos, dandies marshmallows and biona wine gums. Mmmmm happy
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Horizons-Photography Horizons-Photography 28 September 2011
Definitely Twilight bars; they're delicious and much, MUCH better than Mars bars. They are my top vegan once in a while treat.
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Amanda1 Amanda1 28 September 2011
OMG I am addicted to making agar agar "custard", I've only recently come across it..
I make it with soy milk, cocoa and maple syrup.. Blended up and served with fresh berries! I mean, who doesn't want to have berries and chocolate custard for breakfast?! And to know it's healthy?!

(I was also blown away to find out that OREO'S are vegan! What the?!!)
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Tracy6 Tracy6 28 September 2011
Love Leda's Chocolate Rum Balls, they are so yummy and I can enjoy the treat without the guilt as dairy-free.
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...2 ...2 28 September 2011
Hmmm, I'm torn between Coconut milk ice cream and (if you'll excuse the vanity) my own home-made vegan brownies. My brownies have proved a party favourite and sent my allegedly soy-hating friends drooling after the deliciousness of brownies made with vanilla soy milk. ^.^ They've even aided in convincing a friend to go vegan- they showed her that going vegan does not mean missing out on ANYTHING.

...Twilight bars are also to die for.
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faunesiegel faunesiegel 28 September 2011
I have a chocolate chip cookie recipe that someone gave me and I lived on it for weeks baking only small batches each day. I add different things like coconut. IT's really easy and the cookies are quite yummy.
Ia lso started making pizzas with Daiya cheese, broccoli, "sausage", and mushrooms. I never ate sausage, meat or non, until this year (and I'm not young!). I am very easy to pleas as long as it's vegan.
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Hothooves Hothooves 29 September 2011
Lime sorbet. It's just so yummy.
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Mel0307 Mel0307 29 September 2011
I absolutely love the Berry Sorbert by Weis... mmm yummm!  happy
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hatchetface hatchetface 29 September 2011
whittakers peppermint creme dark chocolate!!! totally vegan. best discovery of the year.
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pyt pyt 29 September 2011
So many different delicious varieties Bliss Organic in Adelaide imports them from the UK. Also endorsed by Jona Weinhofen of BMTH @gomaxfoodgo on twitter. I also have delicious recipes for vegan gingerbread and peanut butter and jelly cupcakes!
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big mama big mama 29 September 2011
Fruit smoothie made with cranberry juice, all crushed together, Devine. innocent pillowfight
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tania a tania a 29 September 2011
I just discovered Whittakers Ghana Peppermint. Dairy Free, Vegan and delish!!
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leena leena 29 September 2011
Soya iceream and almond icecream. Yumm!
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ruaidrhi ruaidrhi 29 September 2011
Whittakers dark orange. oh my, citrus & chocolate heaven!
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CUPCAKES! CUPCAKES! 29 September 2011
The best gourmet soy ice cream is in Lygon Street at Casa del Gelato. They have amazing flavors like pistachio and baccio and hazelnut and it's all vegan (I'm drooling!). There's also sorbets which are great as well.

I've been known to buy tubs of it from them.
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Lilypad Lilypad 29 September 2011
fruit salad... yummy yummy!
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Ria N Ria N 29 September 2011
I make some pretty amazing vegan Scones using Nuttelex instead of butter - 2 cups flour, about 1/3 of a cup Nuttelex, 1/2 a cup your favourite non-dairy milk (we always have Soymilk at home) about 3 tbsp raw sugar. Knead it all together to form a dough, roll it out, cut out some circles until you've used all the dough, bake for about 10-20 minutes (I can't remember exactly how long, until they're golden) at 200`C.
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Kirsttt Kirsttt 29 September 2011
Yummmmmm! As a chocoholic chocolate was my major concern when i went vegan! Since i have become quite addicted to oreos! I have a box in my room filled with them whenever a craving comes along. I tell all my friends about the great products which are 'accidently vegan' that they'd never believe! Makes it easier to explain that going vegan isn't as much of a sacrifice as they all believe! =]
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BridgetJane BridgetJane 29 September 2011
I recently discovered 'Soyatoo! Soya Topping Cream'. It's so good with anything that whipped cream would go with. Strawberries and cream are definitley a favourite but I made 'Lemonade Scones' with the cream and they were amazing happy
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sinead1 sinead1 29 September 2011
homemade chocolate beetroot brownies, not only are they completely vegan but who doesn't enjoy a bit of baking? and if you're looking to be that extra bit healthy - wholemeal flour and natural sweetner make no difference to the overall taste
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Gaye Gaye 29 September 2011
simply just fresh cut up fruit is yum!
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Ruin Ruin 29 September 2011
My absolute favourite wicked treat is CHOC CHIP COOKIES! But not ordinary cookies, ones with OREOS in the middle.
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MoonDove MoonDove 29 September 2011
Lemon and poppyseed muffins and the premix comes from orgran and is dairy free.

I love them with soyatoo cream whipped and some strawberries on the side. happy
Dairy free heaven !!!!!
Oh and Joker bars are dairy free snickers and are just as addictive as my first fav dairy free choice here. happy
They are available from the
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spiralgirl spiralgirl 29 September 2011
I can't go past my chai icecream....I get  vanilla soy icecream and sprinkle with Organic Chai spice powder and mix together. Makes the most delish vegan dessert and takes me 2 seconds to make!
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hg hg 29 September 2011
Strawberries drizzled with tahini and dark chocolate grated on top. I'll take a bowl 3 times a day please!
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Mazzakat Mazzakat 29 September 2011
My favourite non dairy delight is Kingland Yoghurt!  I love the stuff and it is so much creamier than regular yoghurt!  I also love Sweet Williams Rice Crackle Chocolate Bar!.  Stuff Cadbury's because Sweet Williams rocks!!! happy
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Tessamy Tessamy 29 September 2011
My favourite dairy-free snack?  It would have to be without a doubt, my new vegan cheesecake!  LUSH!
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Lori Lori 29 September 2011
So Delicious coconut german chocolate cake frozen dessert. Incredibly yummy, and vegan too! happy
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Carole808 Carole808 29 September 2011
I love fresh fruit and vegetables.  Also love sorbet ice and potato chips. ecstatic ecstatic ecstatic ecstatic ecstatic ecstatic ecstatic ecstatic love
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clairseach clairseach 29 September 2011
The roasted doufu that I get at that shop on Zhong Shan Lu.  I buy a bag of it and can eat it all day!
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Esma Esma 29 September 2011
Haigh's dark chocolare nougat happy
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silvanagu silvanagu 29 September 2011
love lindt 70% cocoa yummy  in all season all times any time
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nelya nelya 29 September 2011
Oreos!!!! i make a mean Oreo ice chocolate drink!
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Cow Hugger Cow Hugger 29 September 2011
so good, leda's chocolate chip cookies are my sanity
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nics69 nics69 29 September 2011
soy milk and cocoa and sugar. i was the worlds biggest milkshake addict now im vegan this is my chocky treat!
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catherineturley catherineturley 29 September 2011
tofutti ice cream sandwiches are fantastic. and my local supermarket carries them, so i don't have to go to any special store to get them.
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kim8 kim8 29 September 2011
Basco have came up with a donut mix which is vegan and gluten free dosnt take long to make tastes very good.
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Georgia49 Georgia49 29 September 2011
Chocolate milkshake with toffuti icecream...and soymilk of course.

Is this footage filmed in Australia or the States?
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candicesaurusrex. candicesaurusrex. 29 September 2011
Well my favorite vegan treat is So Good vanilla ice-cream with crushed Oreos!
Uh, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I've had this deliciousness most days of my 2.5 years being vegan..& I still can't get enough!
These chocolates do sound like a worthy change though...!
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Caroline2 Caroline2 29 September 2011
Medlow Fine Gels', "Citrus Kiss Gels". wink
via Unleashed

maddenlionel maddenlionel 29 September 2011
Home made coconut ice cream - made with coconum cream and palm sugar happy
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Rana Rana 29 September 2011
Hmmm well neither are healthy but I have to confess a new found addiction for Arnotts Lemon Crisp biscuits (although sadly they contain palm oil so I'm trying to give them up) and Leda Chocolate Rum Balls.....I can manage almost a whole packet of those in one sitting!
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My mothers dairy free chocolate cake with raspberries. My mother has been making this scrumptious cake ever since i was only a child, we are vegatarian and i am lactose intolerant so my mother had to find something that would agree with me as well as taste delicious, it gets my thumbs up. Tastes sweet and bittersweet at the same time, soft and fluffy with chocolate milk free icing oozing down the sides with a handful of raspberries bursting with sweetness sprinkled on top, now this my friends is magic. clap
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Catherine6 Catherine6 29 September 2011
mmmm yummm! Would love to try these, im new to being vegan. But my fav dairy free snack is my homemade muesli slice at the moment. Organic all the way. So sweet, so tasty. Ow, but it has honey.. is that a big dun dun dunnnnnn sad lol
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munster munster 29 September 2011
a strawberry & honey dairy free smoothie
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Margaret3 Margaret3 30 September 2011
Soy milk smoothy with fruit picked from our trees. Yum!  ecstatic ecstatic
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Bethany Bethany 30 September 2011
Dairy-Free Chocolate caramels drizzled in honey for a cheeky snack!! sooooo yumm happy
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Neenzi Neenzi 30 September 2011
Well I have only just become a Vegan a couple of weeks ago so many of you would already know about some treats I have found. Sweet Williams chocolate being one and Weis Sorbet being the other. Delicious and cruelty free happy Nothing better, in my view.
via Unleashed

TAYTAY TAYTAY 30 September 2011
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Jennifer2 Jennifer2 30 September 2011
I love having fresh strawberries with lemon sorbet especially in the warmer weather, oh gosh I wish I could have some delecious vegan treats in the winter but I don't know any! Help a friend out?  innocent
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Animallover12 Animallover12 1 October 2011
When does this comp close??
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WyldeForestWitch WyldeForestWitch 1 October 2011
I make a super moist Vegan chocolate cake. I made a three layer version for my wedding, 11/9/11. I covered it with a tripple choc vegan fondant icing. I have also made it with a vegan choc butter filling stuffed between the layers. love
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PeacefortheAnimals PeacefortheAnimals 2 October 2011
Mine is gourmet dairy-free profiteroles or mango coconut smoothies.Yum!!!
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tonijosephine tonijosephine 2 October 2011
So Good Ice Cream (Choc Flavour) with a generous cup of frozen mixed berries on top. The berries taste like lollies and the ice cream really is GOOD! happy
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meljoy meljoy 4 October 2011
Funky Fudge Brownies, sold at various places around Sydney.  So gooey and delicious, with big chunks of chocolate in them, but totally dairy free!
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Coral Coral 4 October 2011
I love Sweet William white chocolate.  It tastes like the milky Bar that I loved as a kid.  I haven't eaten white chocolate for yonks but I bought stuff from the Cruelty Free Shop and the delivery came with a Sweet William flyer.  Thank you!  Their chocolate is so like the stuff I loved as a kid, not too sweet and very tasty. And happily I've found that my local Coles supermarket stocks it.
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Bree Bree 4 October 2011
I am also a huge fan of Whittakers' Dark Ghana chocolate and their dark chcolate peanut slab!
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Cat Cat 5 October 2011
Hands down it's Loving Earth Coconut Chocolate Butter! love
It's so pure that the coconut butter separates in the jar. Spread on toast for my midnight snacks it makes the whole kitchen smell like crushed cocao pods . It's raw and organic and can be used in hair care and skin care and is also the only chocolate I've ever heard of for being good for weight loss. How about that for a treat.
Btw I have never used it as hair care, it is much too heavenly to not nibble on xx
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nomiwhetu nomiwhetu 13 October 2011
Asparagus and vegan ice-cream cones! (Did it have to be chocolate?) It sounds like a weird treat but try it! With melted cheese and garlic powder could be nice too! I'm not the best in the kitchen area and when my roommates see me 'experiment' they try their best to be 'not hungry' but I say the more treats to myself! This  is one treat I definitely wouldn't have trouble sharing! happy
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nomiwhetu nomiwhetu 13 October 2011
Asparagus and vegan ice-cream cones! (Did it have to be chocolate?) It sounds like a weird treat but try it! With melted cheese and garlic powder could be nice too! I'm not the best in the kitchen area and when my roommates see me 'experiment' they try their best to be 'not hungry' but I say the more treats to myself! This  is one treat I definitely wouldn't have trouble sharing! happy
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peacelovevegan peacelovevegan 13 October 2011
Nothing is cruelty-free about these comments, they're driving my sweet tooth into OVERDRIVE!! *salivates* And oh sweet Soy Gods, those Constant Cravings truffles sound AMAZING.

My favourite dairy-free... tough choice, but I have to go with LEDA! Their Choculence and Minton biscuits are my kryptonite.  Okay, so that new pair of jeans I bought might not be so happy after I devour the entire two packets in one sitting, but... well... you see... it makes sense, because..... erm... *eyes glaze over as the craving takes control*

Crap. Now I have to buy myself a packet tomorrow when I go to Coles. Or, you know, you can spare me the guilt (because what kind of person would I be if I resisted a gift?) and let me  win those truffles! Mmmm.
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Val Val 18 October 2011
Also Cheezlys mozzarella which is AWESOME with pizza and this amazing vegan Lime and Coconut cake at this vegan pizzeria I visit frequently. I can never resist ordering it.
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Val Val 18 October 2011
There are so many! Rice Milk chocolate, all the Sweet William Chocolate (and spread! ecstatic), Lindt 70% and 80% chocolate, Whittakers 50%, 62% and 72% dark chocolate, So good vanilla and chocolate ice cream, Toffuti cuties, Toffuti's Better than Cream Cheese, Toffuti cheese slices, LEDA's chocolate truffles. I've also discovered the amazing Raw Vegan chocolate from Loving Earth, I think my favourite out of them are the Goji Berry flavour ones! And also my amazing homemade chocolate Cupcakes with chocolate ganache cream from 'Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World' which have every cupcake you can think of! I discovered this amazing place called Gelato Blue which has a vegan sorbet section! I think this will be my favourite...the flavours I get the most are coconut and chocolate sorbet wink
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Katie Katie 18 October 2011
Bonvita Rice Chocolate - without a doubt!!!!
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ang ang 20 October 2011
my son is lactose intolerant so fav non dairy snack in summer in a sorbet smoothie choose yr favourite sorbet add a little lactose free milk in blender and some berries of yr choise and blend away delicious heathy and cooling  thumb
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adambrenecki adambrenecki 22 October 2011
Sweet William chocolate, Teese cheese from Chicago Soy Dairy, Leda's Choculence and Minton biscuits. I've heard Sheese is good too but I'm yet to get my hands on some.

I'll also occasionally buy Woolies' home brand gluten-free/vegan imitation tim tams - they aren't as nice as Choculence but occasionally I'm left without a Coles to get them from, and while I like supporting companies like Leda that specialize in vegan stuff, it's good to show the big companies that it's worth making vegan products too.

When I'm eating out, Bliss Organic Garden Cafe (Compton St, just off Gouger St, Adelaide) always has delicious cakes that are gluten free, vegan (just like everything else in the entire store), and always creamy and amazing.
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Operator Operator 27 October 2011
I am ADORING Sweet William Chocolate. When I made the plunge into veganism I was scared that I would miss chocolate. Not a CHANCE! Gluten free, nut free, dairy free, gmo free... What's not to love?
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VeganGod VeganGod 27 October 2011
Sweet William crackle is just YUMMO!
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Laura-Explorer Laura-Explorer 28 October 2011
I recently discovered 'Melinda's Heavenly Chocolate Brownie Mix,' which is gluten and dairy free... and gooey and delicious, and downright sinful when you mix roasted almonds into the batter!

And I know brownies aren't traditionally a summer treat, but these are perfect eaten cold from the fridge the next day - like chewy chocolate fudge.
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Gracie Maree Gracie Maree 6 November 2011
I have only just discovered coconut ice cream! It is amazing! The yummy, fresh coconut flavour goes so well with other flavoures (Especially peppermint - my favourite!) and it makes an awesome milkshake, side for a hot fudge pudding (Dairy free!) or even just on it's own... It's definitly my new obsession!
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Jessnutt Jessnutt 8 November 2011
I have to say I am in love with Lovingearth!

My favourites are the crunchy mint dark raw chocolate
and the coconut chocolate butter - AH-MAZING on toast and on a homemade seed-packed energy slice I make.

(One of) The best thing about these chocolatey products are that they are so creamy and delicate. They have the beautiful chocolate taste than any chocolate-lover DREAMS about and they are made with the finest organic ingredients - so you're not only helping the animals and your health, you're helping the planet in many other way too!
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Markeching Markeching 9 November 2011
Cheescake - Yum !!

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Brooke4 Brooke4 17 November 2011
Sanitarium vanilla soy icecream with chocolate soy milk over the top with goji berries happy mmm it's like a chocolatey-icecream drink with extra goodness!
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JeanetteAdams JeanetteAdams 18 November 2011
Avoid ice cream in summer so that kids don't puke everywhere, instead give them gelato as it's so refreshing on hot days.
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Spacepeanut Spacepeanut 21 November 2011
Oh, maaaaaan! All the good stuff has been named already. Therefore, I'm going to create something right off the top of my head, even if  it isn't yet in existence. Um...

How about a bowl of that Sanitarium soy ice cream everyone is going on about, with shaved Sweet William chocky mixed through it, served on a vegan waffle with maple syrup drizzled over the top AND yet more chocky grated over the top?

Oh boy, I'm gurgling like Homer Simpson :/
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leena leena 10 December 2011
soy icecream is pretty yum!
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