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Would you like lies with that?

Would you like lies with that?

Posted 19 September 2011   by Jesse         Permalink | 20 Comments

Tags: chickens, factory farming, advertising, KFC, Steggles, La Ionica

If somebody told you that an animal was 'free to roam', you'd probably think that's a pretty good situation, right? Not so if you're a chicken in a factory farm. Can you believe the chicken industry has been calling this 'free to roam'?!


Alright, it's probably no surprise that an industry willing to lock thousands of animals in sheds like this is also willing to bend the truth when they try to sell dead animals to the public. But this time around, it doesn't look like they'll get away with it.


Following a complaint, prompted by Animals Australia, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has decided to take a number of chicken producers (including producers for Steggles and La Ionica) to court for misleading advertising.

But these companies aren't the only ones using these dodgy tactics to sell chickens. Seeing the writing on the wall, KFC have now taken all claims that their chickens are 'free to roam' off their website.

If the ACCC case is successful, then Steggles, La Ionica and the Australian Chicken Meat Federation will be forced to publicly correct their misleading claims.


If only the ACCC could also force them to tell the public that birds inside their sheds have been selectively bred to grow so unnaturally fast that many cannot even lift their own body weight to reach food or water. Or that they kill the birds when they are only 6 weeks old -- cutting their lives short by about 11 years. Or that because these animals are forced to live in their own waste many suffer chemical burns to their chest and legs.

But we don't need to wait for the chicken industry to admit their shady sales tactics. Take the Quiz to find out if you've been duped by the chicken industry. Then click here to post it to Facebook and challenge your mates to see if they can see through the industry spin.

Update: 10th January, 2012 -- Chicken meat company La Ionica has agreed to settle! They've been ordered to pay a $100,000 fine, remove the misleading advertisement from shops and publish an ad admitting liability in a Melbourne newspaper. Baiada, Bartter and the Australian Chicken Meat Federation are continuing with the case though, which will go to court in March of this year. Stay tuned!

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AllyCat AllyCat 19 September 2011
This is just disgusting!
via Unleashed

COLE COLE 19 September 2011
This makes me so mad and sad at the same time. I hope that these chicken producers are successfully prosecuted. "Seeing the writing on the wall, KFC have now taken all claims that their chickens are 'free to roam' off their website". Yeah that'd be right. Misleading, lying, profit hungry criminals.
via Unleashed

Buddha Baby Buddha Baby 20 September 2011
That is so bad. But unfortunately it doesn't surprise me. Marketing people use phrases to trick people into thinking its cruel-free and most people just go with it because its easier than facing the truth. Put a pretty picture on the outside and no one will bother to look on the inside.
via Unleashed

marion1 marion1 20 September 2011
I no longer eat chicken and after seeing this disgusting treatment of animals Iam only to happy not to.Iwill not be part of this horrific trade These poor chickens deserve to have freedom
via Unleashed

...2 ...2 28 September 2011
This is what I think of every time my mother says "but it's okay- I only buy free range chicken! I pay the extra so that bird could live a good life!"

Good life my arse. I wish my family would at least try to go vegan.
via Unleashed

dazy daisy dazy daisy 28 September 2011
This is just heartbreaking.
via Unleashed

wynterwolfe wynterwolfe 28 September 2011
So many people overlook cruelty to birds because they'd prefer to focus on the 'cute, fluffy' animals but birds are awesome animals, and much more intelligent than most people give them credit for.

Such a shame to waste such precious life in such horrible conditions.
via Unleashed

gayle maree gayle maree 29 September 2011
you low filthy humane creatures how could you sleep at night an feed your kids this cruelty,i am sickened to my soul they will punish us even though we thought that we were eating happy little chickens well taken care ov, how could you fool us like that how could you do this whats wrong with you is money so much everything in this rotten greedy world now to let a poor animal suffer like this come on you rotten money hungry poor excuses 4 human beings you make me sick an i have eaten but no more not now that i am educated ,but wat goes around comes around its called KARMA yours truly heart broken
via Unleashed

Notturna Notturna 29 September 2011
I'm glad they've been brought to court. I believed their lies too. Definitely wont be going to KFC ever again (I rarely do, so I may as well boycott it altogether). I'll also be avoiding any products by the listed companies.

Poor things.
via Unleashed

So Fluffy So Fluffy 29 September 2011
I noticed that KFC ads are still saying "free range" chicken.. Is this right??
via Unleashed

Lucilla Lucilla 29 September 2011
Poor creatures...
via Unleashed

FromHolland FromHolland 29 September 2011
It makes me so so sad to see these poor animals. The only 'good' thing is that I know I made a good decision a long time ago, to stop eating meat, milk, etc.
Most people look another way, they don't want to know.
That makes me angry sometimes, but above all, helpless.
Let everybody spread these information world wide.
I'm from The Netherlands.
via Unleashed

Jan Jan 29 September 2011
This is why I am vegan.  I rescued a hen that was thrown off one big ugly transport truck on Thanksgiving ever, she was soaked in blood, her feathers 1/2 plucked, her beak had been cut. She had feces stuck to her bottom and there were open sores on her bottom,  I bathed her, put her in a box, fed her fresh corn and grains. She survived.  I took her out of the box and she didn't know she could walk.  I named her Foster.  You could see she was pumped up full of steroids.  It is so heart breaking, so so heart breaking...
via Unleashed

marge marge 29 September 2011
Had to be KFC,they lie throught their teeth..
via Unleashed

JF JF 2 October 2011
Just another example to show people how our current legislation does not protect animals.
via Unleashed

Kitsia Kitsia 3 October 2011
Current legislation does not protect farm animals, so it needs to change.
The only way that will happen is if you write to your MP, both federal and state, plus a senator or two, to let them know, that, next election you will not support them any more.
Let them know you will give your vote to the Greens as they are the only party with a moral compass, be it animals, enviroment or the people of Australia.

Only the Greens want Live Animal Export Banned, but with their policies they would either firm up or change legislation re farm animals.

If you think they can not be in government so therefor your vote is wasted, think again, how they can influence those in power particularly in a hung parliament.
The more Greens elected to parliament the better for animals and Australia's future clap clap clap
via Unleashed

Blake Blake 13 October 2011
that is so crule and gross
via Unleashed

Glen Glen 2 November 2011
Oh so true. I have worked in the poultry industry and saw this stuff first-hand. I have a thread in the cruelty-free living section of the forum with some of my experiences told in detail.
via Unleashed

Kath Macheski Kath Macheski 23 January 2012
I don't eat any meat or poultry due to the cruelty factor.
but i can't stop my boyfriend. So if i need to purchase Chicken for him, where can i find free to roam chicken? I like near Newtown NSW.
via Unleashed

khoofbeat5 khoofbeat5 10 February 2012
Hurray! This is disgusting, and hopefully it will bring to light the cruelty so that more people will stop eating flesh. The poor animals. Eventually the human race will stop abusing them.
via Unleashed


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