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Do you want to know a secret?

Do you want to know a secret?

Posted 4 November 2011   by Karen         Permalink | 16 Comments

Tags: dairy, milk, cows, bobby calves, advertising

I've met lots of smart people. At least, they are smarter than me! But it's amazing how even among some of the smartest people I know there are some really basic things that seem to slip through the cracks.

Like, here's where most people think milk comes from:

1) The fridge
2) The supermarket
3) Magical fairy cows that automatically lactate for our convenience
4) All of the above (this was me)

I think these options pretty much sum up the images that you see in ads for cows' milk. Well, next week Animals Australia is going to do some advertising of their own, only this time, they're letting people in on a little secret -- the dark side to dairy that they *won't* tell you about in their ads. Click here to download the new ad, or sit back and watch this video to discover the truth:

Did that leave a sour taste in your mouth? Don't stress, there are stacks of cruelty-free milks, yoghurts, ice creams and chocolate to help you get your creamy fix without the cruelty.

If you think animals shouldn't be treated like 'waste products' then please share this vid on your Facebook and Twitter. And if you're cashed up you can even make a donation to help get Animals Australia's new ad in the newspaper next week!

What's the most disturbing thing you've discovered about where food comes from? We wanna know -- leave a comment!

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xAshlee xAshlee 5 November 2011
Factory farming.....i grew up in my own little snow globe world - with plenty of animals as companions but i never knew where 'beef' or 'pork' came from. It was just FOOD to me......i would have never guessed the amount of animals we kill for food - let alone how its done...and the cruelty they face
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Tourniquet Tourniquet 5 November 2011
I feel guilty for living a life where I didn't  know about this. And now I have opened my eyes I feel the need to 'make up for lost time' somehow.

One of my friends says someone he knows owned dairy cows and that they were 'treated wonderfully'...of course people are going to treat them decently infront of visitors. And just because one dairy farm might treat cows okay, doesn't mean there are not others that don't and the simple fact that there are places that treat cows in such a revolting and horrible.

Humans are monsters.
via Unleashed

OinkMoo OinkMoo 6 November 2011
i know n have witnessed dairys horrific secret for my self. Seen cattle with udders so big they are dragging on the ground, lame cattle, skin and bones, large open wounds full of maggots ect. Dairy calves tost aside, shot, starving, cold, skin and bones, anemic, weak, punched, shocked with a electric prod ect . The Dairy Industry has alot to answer for.
via Unleashed

Buddha Baby Buddha Baby 7 November 2011
So sad. Ignorance is NOT bliss! cow
via Unleashed

Risto Risto 7 November 2011
I am 63 years old. I have a friend who is 68 years old and he didn't know that cow does not produce milk unles calf is born.
via Unleashed

Jane Jane 7 November 2011
Don't think he's alone there! I had no idea before the first time Animals Australia highlighted the fact, and then when I told my mum she was amazed (and she is one of the smartest people in the world IMHO).
The milk industry has just done SUCH an incredible job pulling the wool over *everyone's* eyes for years and years, so bloody sneaky! And cruel!
via Unleashed

lividlotus lividlotus 10 November 2011
It was very upsetting once I really acknowledged where milk comes from and though in the past I consumed something that was supporting such a cruel industry, I have changed my ways and trying to inform others of this revelation.
So, what's done in the past cannot be undone but we can positive changes for the future to be a much brighter and cruelty-free!
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End cruelty End cruelty 18 November 2011
So bloody sad. Call me naive but why does the dairy industry need to do this? Can't we change the industry instead of changing our dairy intake? Is it that hard to treat animals with kindness and respect? Clearly it must be. Why is this cruelty tolerated? These people should not be working in this bloody industry.
If someone is cruel to a cat or a dog they could be imprisoned but its ok to harm a cow or calf?? How pathetic! You can catch a poor fish and let it die slowly in an empty bucket or you can hold the dying or dead fish while posing for a trophy photo to brag about and its completely acceptable.
What a sick world! The laws against cruelty to all animals need to be 10 times harsher and properly enforced.

I drink alot of dairy milk. I don't like soya. Aren't soya products linked to cancer anyway? I'm not sure what to do now.
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BWC BWC 18 November 2011
End cruelty - there other alternatives to soy; coconut, rice, oat, almond, cashew milk. If you really want to keep drinking dairy try biodynamic - apparently farming practices are cruelty free.
via Unleashed

Jessy Jessy 8 December 2011
I can't believe how ignorant I have been all my life! I just thought that dairy cows lactated all the time....I mean, cows are magic right? I didn't really even give it a thought and never, in a million years, did I even consider that the bobby calves would be considered a waste animal a waste product?!?! It sounds completely absurd.

Since finding out the truth I've been trying my very best to explore vegan dairy's been a difficult road, trying to find vegan yoghurts and chocolates that I like and can enjoy guilt free. I'm still looking but I'm determined to get there and rid my life of dairy for good!
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 9 December 2011
Congrats Jess! Good on you. Make sure you check out this dairy-free shopping list for some tips:
via Unleashed

Lexii Lexii 11 December 2011
I can't believe i spent so long just kind of being oblivious to this. i mean all you see on the dairy adds on television and on the milk cartons is a nice healthy-looking happy cow, so how are you supposed to think any different as a consumer?....I think i have a lot of pity for the "old me" because she was so busy and sad and confused that she wouldnt have even noticed stuff like this was going on until she was shown the truth. I'm happy to become a Vegan. I'm the happiest ive ever been in my whole life....

And to 'end cruely' you would probably sooner get cancer from the milk than you would from the soya, dont listen to that it's just propaganda thats probably been made up dy factory farming dairy companies. The japanese have been eating soya products for centuries and they have no higer cancer rates than any other soya-eating country. There are more lies out there than you are probably even aware of.
via Unleashed

.jasmine. .jasmine. 13 December 2011
Jessy - Just thought I'd add this - Before becoming vegan I was a HUGE chocolate fan and would quite happily sit there and eat a whole block of Dairy Milk chocolate, any chocolate bar or milkshake/thickshake. When I decided to adopt a vegan diet one of the first things I researched was 'vegan chocolate' as I figured I would be craving it all the time and would go crazy without a substitute.

I couldn't have been more wrong - I didn't crave chocolate whatsoever after only a few days! You should try it and see how you go happy
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fewfwfewfwe fewfwfewfwe 14 December 2011
I am the only [Only] Vegetarian in my school so I am used to people eating meat so I am Ok if they eat it but I hate the way they treat them in factory farms they should treat them fairly and they say [Free To Roam Eggs] They can only step a couple of inches they are squished together is that really free to roam? well I definitely don't think so.
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MellyMoo MellyMoo 28 January 2012
As painful as this it is to realise I have contributed to the suffering of animals, I'm glad I know now.
via Unleashed

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago 15 August 2012
Magical fairy cows? wave
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