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Inspiring film: 'The Witness' - watch it online

Inspiring film: 'The Witness' - watch it online

Posted 28 December 2011   by Jesse         Permalink | 5 Comments

Tags: video, inspiring, factory farming, fur, veg, companion animals, film

I always love hearing about how people got into animal rights. For me, it was discovering how animals are raised for food. Lots of people just always loved animals. But how can someone go from being scared of animals to rescuing them and campaigning for them?

That's exactly what happened to New York activist, Eddie Lama. To find out how someone can make such an incredible transformation, check out this great doco (called "The Witness") about his inspiring story.

(Btw, you can watch the full doco online here. So once you've checked out the trailer below, grab some popcorn and a friend to watch the full film! And just be warned that while most of the doco is inspiring and positive, there are a few graphic scenes.)

Click here to watch the full film online now.

So what did you think? Feeling inspired? Now tell me... How did you get into animal rights?

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...2 ...2 31 December 2011
What a powerful documentary.

I sort of slid into animal rights. I didn't have an explicit *reason* to go vegetarian: it just intuitively felt like something I needed to do. From there I found Unleashed, watched Earthlings, Meat the Truth and the Gary Yourofsky Georgia Tech lecture, and within a month I wanted to be vegan. Of course, it took about a year for me to talk my parents around to it, but now I'm very comfortable in my veganism and it feels pretty much second nature to me.
via Unleashed

AmyAmeliaRose AmyAmeliaRose 8 January 2012
I just watched it, what an amazing documentary!
via Unleashed

MellyMoo MellyMoo 11 February 2012
I really enjoyed this movie. I would love to have property and be able to take in rescued animals who can live out there life in peace. That would fulfill me.
via Unleashed

MellyMoo MellyMoo 11 February 2012
There = their !
via Unleashed

SaRa_aRaS SaRa_aRaS 22 February 2012
aaaah gosh. Sitting here crying like a baby for the millionth time in the last 10 months, since I opened my eyes to this world.  cry I have seen my fair share of documentaries and videos and this one is really inspiring. I love people who have the courage to speak up for animals. I just wish people would listen to me when I try.
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