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Rescued! Turkeys celebrate freedom

Rescued! Turkeys celebrate freedom

Posted 23 December 2011   by Jesse         Permalink | 5 Comments

Tags: turkeys, veg, factory farming, Christmas, video, investigation, rescued

Do you want to know what the first moments of freedom look like? Check out this amazing video of 8 lucky turkeys, who were rescued from a factory farm, seeing their new home at Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary for the first time.

Isn't that just gorgeous! And to think these birds started their lives in factory farms. I hate to say it, but these sorts of happy endings don't happen for most birds. Just check out how most turkeys in Australia have to live.. (these photos from Animal Liberation ACT were from a recent investigation at a turkey factory farm):

Like chickens, turkeys in factory farms are crammed into sheds by the thousands and have to live in their own waste for all of their short and miserable lives. Can you believe that the birds served up on Christmas tables across the country this weekend were likely to be less than 17 weeks old when they were killed?! (to put that in perspective, turkeys would naturally live for about 10 years)

I read this amazing story a little while ago about, Lydia, a turkey at Farm Sanctuary in the US, who was nicknamed the 'hugging turkey'. If she saw you sit down, she'd race over and before your bum had even hit the ground she'd be in your lap with her neck stretched over your shoulder for a cuddle.

Surely there's something a little wrong about eating someone who just wants a hug?!

That's why I'll be cooking up this delish tofurkey for Chrissy! My mouth's watering just thinking about the cruelty-free feast we've got planned :D

What cruelty-free recipes have got planned for Christmas?

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Pegs Pegs 24 December 2011
This is a beautiful video! Those birds must be so happy now that they will have a home for ever!
via Unleashed

khoofbeat5 khoofbeat5 30 December 2011
Hurray! I'm so glad that these birds are free!
via Unleashed

N-body N-body 15 January 2012
This is sooo beautiful! And the song is purrrfect! I'm so happy for them i could cry happy
via Unleashed

Stella. Stella. 30 January 2012
Hey there!!
Just thought I'd let people know that I went to Maggie Beer's (celebrity cook) farm, and she had a run of baby pheasents that she kills and then sells.
So please don't buy any of her jams or other products.
I'd love anyone to add me as a friend.  clap
Bye!  peace_out
via Unleashed

Carmen for the animals Carmen for the animals 18 February 2012
Hopefully this will be the beginning of many more wonderful endings like this !!! Great video thanks for sharing this !!! love
via Unleashed


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