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The Scary Face of Dairy
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The Scary Face of Dairy

Posted 7 February 2012   by         Permalink | 8 Comments

Tags: dairy, milk, cows, bobby calves, advertising, soy milk

You know the dairy industry is on the defensive when they stop trying to sing the praises of their product and just scrape the bottom of the barrel for reasons not to drink dairy-free milk (like soy, oat or almond milk).

Check out this ad from the American dairy industry -- it's pretty funny in its desperation to sell milk.

But the dairy industry will never feel the desperation of Bobby, a male calf born to keep his mother producing milk, while he is discarded as a 'waste product' of milk production.

So I'd rather shake and save lives than drink milk stolen from a doomed baby cow, and seriously I've never had to shake my milk that much anyway! Have you?

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Buddha Baby Buddha Baby 10 February 2012
That ad is ridiculous!
via Unleashed

khoofbeat5 khoofbeat5 10 February 2012
That's ridiculous. Yeah, sometimes all you can do is laugh. Join PETA and "hit dairy where it hurts" by posting a pic of you with your nondairy milk on the GotMilk Facebook page! With a comment about the cruelty of dairy.
via Unleashed

Octoberchild1983 Octoberchild1983 11 February 2012
Oh that really the best they can come up with? You have to shake your soy milk?? They're really scraping the bottom of the barrel now. LOL
via Unleashed

Carmen for the animals Carmen for the animals 15 February 2012
They must be feeling desperate these days because they know their days are numbered as more people become aware of the treatment of animals, so this means loss of money to them haha
via Unleashed

Lexii Lexii 15 February 2012
I dont care about "shaking my milk"....oh nooo lol!!! funny but if they wanna take a pathetic stab like that then go for it! Vegans have a wonderful rebuttal, but I doubt it would get any airplay.  cool
via Unleashed

Glen Glen 17 March 2012
I never met a South Australian who minds tipping their beer upside down and rotating it three times prior to twisting the cap off... and I have never met anybody who minds giving a carton of soy milk a quick shake on the terrible arduous journey from the fridge to the bench.

via Unleashed

Kasedy Kasedy 21 March 2012
Id rather shake my milk then drink dairy milk ne ways cool
via Unleashed

nick13 nick13 27 March 2012
Thats not a bad ad, I liked it.
via Unleashed


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