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The truth is hard to swallow
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The truth is hard to swallow

Posted 20 February 2012   by         Permalink | 3 Comments

Tags: advertising, pigs, chickens, factory farming, Voiceless, Hugo Weaving, Abbie Cornish

I'm always heartened when I hear other people discussing animal welfare issues in the street or on TV. So I was pretty chuffed to turn on my computer this morning and see that Voiceless launched an ad campaign today that will have everyone talking. Check this out:

Did you know that countries in Europe have already outlawed those awful sow stalls that the mother pigs are stuck in, unable to even turn around? And those adorable little pigs being used for 'pork belly' have probably had their teeth clipped and tails cut off without pain killers? Yep, this happens every day in Australia. But wait, there's more:

This could be a scene from NCIS! Describing in graphic detail how the victim suffered before they died always makes for riveting television -- but this victim is one of millions of chickens going through this every year right here in Australia. There won't be any murder investigations here, but who needs to watch NCIS when there's gruesome tales of broken bones or prisoners being locked up and never seeing the sun, right there in the meat section of the supermarket freezer?

These are stories that need to be told -- kudos to Voiceless for these awesome ads, and to Hugo Weaving and Abbie Cornish for using their fame to speak up for factory farmed animals.

Please share these ads on Facebook and Twitter and get more people talking about how we can all help animals every day!

Tell us -- which of these ads would you most like to see on TV?

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Risto Risto 21 February 2012
Killing animals should be treated as killing humans! It is a crime becouse animals are defenseles against
via Unleashed

Haaayyyllleeeyyy Haaayyyllleeeyyy 21 February 2012
BOTH of those adds need to be on TV!
Well done voiceless!
It makes me so angry to even think about!

via Unleashed

Buddha Baby Buddha Baby 21 February 2012
I have not seen this on TV. I hope they do air it soon.
via Unleashed


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