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What's going on behind closed doors?

What's going on behind closed doors?

Posted 21 May 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 11 Comments

Tags: slaughter, cows, meat, investigation, pigs, NSW, go veg, Earthlings, abattoirs, some kind of nightmare

If you've ever seen Earthlings, then you'd already know that what happens in slaughterhouses is pretty horrific. Really, if most people could see what happens to the animals that end up as meat on their plates, they'd seriously reconsider whether they want to eat meat.

Here's another reason why people would rethink their dinner plans: The NSW Food Authority has just finished a review of all the domestic slaughterhouses in NSW. Guess how many of those places needed to be told to clean up their act?
a) none of them
b) some of them
c) most of them
d) ALL of them!

If you guessed "All of them" ... you were right! Animals were observed being mistreated in every domestic abattoir across the state. The review found that slaughtering staff didn't always know what they were doing (what the...??!) and that some animals were not being stunned properly before being killed. That means they may have still been conscious when their throats were cut :(

The review started after nightmarish footage was taken at Hawkesbury Valley Meat Processors by Animals Australia member society, Animal Liberation. But hey, this is hardly the first shocking footage to come out of a slaughterhouse recently ... remember the pigs being stabbed in the eyes at a Victorian slaughterhouse late last year? If you've already seen it then I'd say you probably do remember it.

The reality is that what goes on in slaughterhouses on a daily basis is ugly -- even when no laws are being broken. And it's so well hidden from public eyes that we can never really be sure how an individual animal on the supermarket shelf was treated. The only way to be certain that animals aren't suffering for our food is also the simplest way: take meat off the menu. The animals will thank you for it ;)

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Andrea4 Andrea4 23 May 2012
I wish all meat eaters would have to visit these abattoirs at least once in their lifetime and then see if they could still detach themselves so easily from what they are putting in their mouths.

via Unleashed

Risto Risto 23 May 2012
It should be compulsory for every meat eater to visit slaughterhouse and see the sacrifice of  innocent animal  just  for  taste of meat!
Please follow the link and see what Americans are doing about. I would be happy to see somebody of our members start something alike that.
Anybody interested?
via Unleashed

sweet-as sweet-as 23 May 2012
How can human beings treat animals in such a way.
via Unleashed

JTurner JTurner 24 May 2012
Yeah interesting idea Risto. Pretty good way of getting the point across too because the people have actually made a choice to engage with the video instead of having it shoved in their face.
via Unleashed

Compassion Compassion 28 May 2012
I do not want to be part of this and hope attitudes will change one day towards animals..suggest watching the movie Earthlings cow
via Unleashed

Compassion Compassion 28 May 2012
I do not want to be part of this.. I hope that people will change their attitudes towards animals and stop ignoring their suffering. Suggest watching 'Earthlings' too. cow
via Unleashed

Theodora Theodora 5 June 2012
I wish my brothers could see a real life slaughterhouse! All of them except one eat meat and while two of them do care about animals, the third one couldn't care less!
via Unleashed

sweet-as sweet-as 8 June 2012
When will this cruelty ever stop and who will have the guts to stop it!!!
via Unleashed

Dragonfly Dragonfly 10 June 2012
I can't believe it took me so long to give up meat.  I'm researching humans' treatment of animals for a college project and after putting it off, I watched Earthlings.

Some of that cruelty is etched in my psyche.  I can't even walk down the meat section of the supermarket.  I won't even prepare meat for my Husband and Son.  We cook together and I do my vegetarian meal.

I'm fortunate that they accept my choice and I wish they would 'make the connection', but it can't be forced on other people.  I only have example.

Thomas Edison was correct when he said, "until we stop farming all other living beings, we are still savages".
via Unleashed

Hannahcolby Hannahcolby 18 June 2012
It makes me sick to my stomach. Something so in-humaine and wrong on so many levels. At which point did man kind decide to kill something that is so helpless and cant fight back. These poor inoccent animals cry out in the only way they can, people who work in the pig slaghterhouses have to wear ear muffs to protect their ears from the extremely loud cries from the pigs who are suffering copius amounts of pain. People need to stop living in their perfect little bubble and look at what we are doing.

Would we do this if our own kind was being grown and caged to be killed? Instead of veal or lamb, we could serve a 12 month old baby. People choose to not know what happens behind slaughterhouse doors, they feel less guilty about taking a life if they think that the process is all rainbows and they get a special sleeping gass.

These animals are in such high demand, and with the wars between Woolies and Coles meat cutting the prices so cheap, this is great for the customers, but what does that mean for the animals. More abuse, more pressure to double the killings for comsumer benifit. More horrific murderings all for the enjoyment of the consumer. I dont want to seem like a preacher i just wish people would be somewhat understanding. I know i couldnt bare to see my cat get hurt in any way possible, if he falls of the loung or even hits his head on the glass trying to hop onto the window sill, i will always confort him. If i could house every animal and protect them i would. With more help, we can make a difference!
via Unleashed

Death Death 20 September 2012
All I can say this wont go away soon,but in about 500 years from now people will be saying gosh our anscestors ate animals how grose how barbarick.But thats a long time still to come so I am afraid the carnage will be around for a long while still.Change will be slow and the suffering will continue.We are very violent creatures.
via Unleashed


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