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From factory farm to freedom

From factory farm to freedom

Posted 30 June 2012   by Karen         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: hens, chickens, FREEDOM, factory farming

Rescued broiler chicken, AutumnThis is Autumn. She was recently rescued from a factory farm and is only now experiencing life's simple joys for the very first time.

Autumn is quiet, but when she chirps, she sounds like a baby. She never knew her mother, but constantly seeks comfort and protection from those around her.

Until recently, the only life she knew was inside the walls of a factory farm. She never saw the sun. She had no room to move, and lay in faeces covered litter every hour of every day.

Autumn was valued only for how much meat she could produce. Her body was bred to grow many times faster than nature intended. At just 30 days old, she already carries the weight of an adult, and struggles to walk.

Chickens like Autumn are not designed to live past six weeks. Soon Autumn is likely to succumb to lameness or heart failure. But in her last weeks or months, she is discovering what brings joy and meaning to her life. Her eyes close in delight whenever the sun hits her face. She has developed a profound love for watermelon. Yesterday, she learned to dust bathe...

She enjoys time with her feathered companions. In fact, she becomes distressed if she and her best friend Summer lose sight of one other.

Last week the chickens Autumn grew up with were packed into crates and trucked to slaughter. This week they will be on supermarket shelves.

Autumn lives on, and if you share this, so will her story.

She is someone, not something.

Thanks to Tamara Kenneally Photography for providing Autumn's photo and providing sanctuary for her to live out her life in peace. And thanks to you, for caring. Every meal is a choice. Animals like Autumn are depending on us to make compassionate ones.

UPDATE: Sadly, Autumn passed away in late July. Rescued and given a loving home, her last weeks of life were filled with simple joys that most chickens are never given the chance to discover. Brought into this world only two months ago, trapped in a body that was designed not to sustain life, but to grow unnaturally fast. She was just one of millions who grow up in factory farms across Australia. Farewell Autumn.

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4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 17 July 2012
Any people who don't believe that factory farming comes in the way of a "farm" animal being able to exhibit natural behaviours should visit those people who put all the time and compassionate TLC into rescuing gorgeous creatures like Autumn. Read their stories. That's exactly why stories like this are so important to be made public to those who are willing to be open minded just long enough for the few minutes it takes to read those paragraphs. Great story Karen. Beautiful. love
via Unleashed

howarddenham howarddenham 9 August 2012
Absolutely heart-breaking.  There is a new chicken meat factory farm opened up 8km from me in Trawalla, and another has submitted planning permits.  I'm so disgusted - hundreds of thousands of sweet little souls will live short painful lives there.  
YOu did a wonderful thing in giving Autumn love and happiness in her last days.  God bless you!
via Unleashed

manic manic 9 August 2012
So sad to hear of Autumn's death...but at least she had a wonderful   very happy time in her last days..god bless you for giving her that
via Unleashed

Puppylove Puppylove 9 August 2012
I love my chickens. I have 40  and they are part of our family. We even built a retirement vilage for the more senior rooster and his aged girls. I rescued 10 battery hens about 2 years ago. They were debeaked and had very few feathers. Over a couple of months with love and care their feathers grew back, they learnt what vegies, rice and pasta were and happily mingled with the others. Sadly, I only have three of them left. But they are happy and love to see me and have a chat. I despise cruelty to all animals. I wish I was able to rescue more of them.  cloud9 chick
via Unleashed

Marley-Bubbles Marley-Bubbles 10 August 2012
Poor Autumn and all those other lil chooks xx so not fair they deserve to appreciate all the good in life and to grow up not blown up just so they can become food for humans sad
via Unleashed

Sophia Sophia 10 August 2012
where is the best place to get chickens??
via Unleashed

anyak anyak 13 August 2012
aw poor autumn
via Unleashed


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