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Monthly giveaway...because you deserve it!

Monthly giveaway...because you deserve it!

Posted 1 June 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 10 Comments

Tags: monthly, giveaway, fashion, win, t-shirts, top comment, I want!, gotta be in it to win it

Have you ever found $20 in your pocket weeks after putting it in there? Feels pretty sweet doesn't it? Everybody loves scoring something for free. That's why I'm pleased to announce the beginning of Unleashed's regular giveaway competition! It's called the Top Comment Comp, and it begins ... now!

Here's how it works: Blogs get posted on Unleashed. You comment on blogs. At the end of each month, we'll pick the top comment posted that month. If one of your comments is the funniest, smartest, deepest for the month - then you win the prize. Boom. Easy as that.

The prize will change every month, and to get things rolling the prize for June is an Unleashed T-shirt. You choose which one you reckon would show off your sexy arms the best (it's gonna take more than a shirt to make my pasta arms look presentable), and we'll send it to you. Unleashed shirts are sweatshop free, and guaranteed to make you look (more!) attractive.* In these T's you'll be kicking ass for the animals in style.

Here's some of the shirts you could be choosing from.

Scope the full range here.

The winner will be announced at the end of the month, and all blog comments will be considered.** Good luck!!

* Well, it can't hurt anyway.

** We love it when you comment on blogs! We love it even more when your comments are thoughtful, inspiring, or make us laugh!! So just to be clear, this is not about who posts the most comments. It's about who posts what we think is the top comment for the month. You might only post one comment this month. But if it's a cracker, then you could be walking away with a hot new shirt to show for it.

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aliraz aliraz 1 June 2012
Doel is the national bird of Bangladesh. It is mixed with black and white. It is common is rural area in Bangladesh. Doel have seen all over during the summer season. It can sing very nicely and not fly very high. It eats insects.
via Unleashed

Oh deer! Oh deer! 1 June 2012
This is something I can claim as my own. As a child in the 70's one of my neighbours had a stone laid in their garden path that simply stated:

Don't breed or buy whilst others die.

It touched me and I have lived by that ever since and have saved animals from cruelty in other countries, even bringing some home for a better life in Australia.
via Unleashed

Georgeanthonyrai Georgeanthonyrai 6 June 2012
I seriously recommend your site to help the poor animals that are sacrificed due to our selfish needs....
via Unleashed

Kitdawg Kitdawg 7 June 2012
Did you know that like rabbits, ringtail possums eat their own feces (the scientifically correct word for poo)? This is known as caecotrophy, and in fact it is an amazing adaptation that enables them to survive on a tough diet of poor nutrition that gum leaves represent. They produce 2 types of feces: one they void during the night whilst they're active which represents all the waste, and then the other type of poo they void during the day whilst their in their nests. This is 'high quality' poo and by eating it they can 'recycle' good bacteria and high quality parts of the diet that were broken down by symbiotic microbes in their caecum (humans have only a rudimentary one) that would otherwise be lost!  clap clap
via Unleashed

PeacefortheAnimals PeacefortheAnimals 11 June 2012
D'you mind chewing on some genetically modified vegetable fat?  huh rolleyes laugh
Did you know that pigs are proven to be as smart as or even smarter than dogs? Of course you did. I really think, no I know that toads need to be treated more importantly, they aren't speed bumps, jeez! they are too small, Neither are they golf balls, too bumpy, and no they are not something your 9 year old boy should torture and watch die. They are the sidelines of the cruelty debate.
Gosh! they should at least have some of those warning signs that say- Cane Toads, the next 1,000 Klms.  frog wink .
So there is me again, caught up in my self appreciated yarn of synthetic wool funny peace wink dove
Don't get my started on mozzies!
via Unleashed

Sally-Jane Sally-Jane 20 June 2012
What about mozzies??
Interested to know happy
via Unleashed

F0XX F0XX 9 July 2012
Your shirts may be sweatshop free, but given my current physique, they may not be sweat free wink

I'll leave you with a quote stolen from my guru and idol George Harrison: "With our love, we could save the world."
-- George Harrison.
via Unleashed

Tommy C Tommy C 13 July 2012
Animals are my friends... and I don't eat my friends. happy
via Unleashed

Hayley7 Hayley7 6 October 2012
Pomeranians are the cutest dog in the world. So i think that we should make every one own a pomeranian and make a statue with me and a pomeranian on it. clap and we should make statues with people who saved animals on it
via Unleashed

Hayley7 Hayley7 3 January 2013
Animals are awesome and you dont want to kill something awesome cause then the awesomeness is gone thumb wave rabbit pig turtle orcawhale monkey kitty fish dove dog cow chick beaverhug
via Unleashed


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