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THIS is how to save lives!

THIS is how to save lives!

Posted 2 July 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 5 Comments

Tags: dogs, cats, shelter, desexing, pet overpopulation

Did you know that every hour across Australia, 23 dogs and cats are killed in shelters and pounds? How awful is that?? These poor animals have done nothing wrong, it's just that there aren't enough homes out there for them. To help stop this relentless death toll, July is National Desexing Month.

Check out all the benefits that desexing provides for dogs and cats:
1) less "unwanted" animals winding up in shelters where they may be killed if not quickly adopted.
2) no more leg-humping when guests come round. Aaawkward.
3) less tendency to wander and fight.
4) lower chance of certain types of cancer - which means a higher chance of plenty more years worth of fun together!

For all these reasons, the National Desexing Network (NDN) (organised by the Animal Welfare League of QLD) has teamed up with vets around the country to offer discounts and deals to families who want to help. So if your family (or someone you know) has a cat or dog that should be desexed, let them know that this is the month to do something about it.
Animals Australia is pleased to have provided sponsorship to assist promotion of this initiative.

The other way you can help to save a life is if your fambam is considering welcoming a dog or cat into your lives - adopt from a shelter, rather than buying. Bieber and Hannah Montana can't do it all themselves, you know! There's even an app to help hook you up with a shelter dog or cat!

PS. If you're lucky enough to be in Sydney in July, why not make some time to visit the My Human Family photography exhibition at Pine Street Gallery. The exhibition has photos and stories of rescued or adopted dogs which are guaranteed to brighten your day. Yep - guaranteed!

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...2 ...2 2 July 2012
I was so stoked when my partner and his housemate adopted their two kittens from a shelter.

And desexing is so important.
via Unleashed

OinkMoo OinkMoo 4 July 2012
Desexing is so important - it should be made a law to desex your pets. All my animals are desexed from the ferret, rabbits, cats, dog to the sheep, pig, cows, horses ect. happy
via Unleashed

GoldAutumn GoldAutumn 5 July 2012
All my pets are de-sexed and all of them have joined my family as rescue cases, i love my little babies.
via Unleashed

SaRa_aRaS SaRa_aRaS 6 July 2012
Most people who breed their pets are just money hungry. I believe that in order for people to breed their pets or even own pets they should have to PAY for a license. Too many animals end up in shelters because they are bought from pet shops as a spur of the moment decision and they grow too big or are too much trouble and others end up in shelters because they were bred to be sold but no one wanted them. If people can't afford a license then they can't afford to care for a pet.   idea That's just my opinion..
via Unleashed

Cori Nejedly Cori Nejedly 9 August 2012
When I was on my annual trip to Bali Indonesia, I came across 3 adorable Bali dog pups living in a rubbish dump.. Knowing the fate that would become Of them (eaten or fall victim of the culls)  I immediately scrambled to action to find a way to get them back to Canada with me.. This involved tricks I shall not divolge due to the ban on exporting dogs because of a rabies outbreak.. Let's just say I overcame the difficulties, found homes for two of the little darlings in Canada and kept one for my self to add to my pack of one Bali dog already in Canada from 6yrs ago.. If I had the money I would bring the endangered pure breed Bali dog back to Canada regularly. But I do what I can with what I have.. This is how I saved lives
via Unleashed


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