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First humans on Mars will be vegan!

First humans on Mars will be vegan!

Posted 6 August 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 13 Comments

Tags: Go veg, Mars, astronauts, environment, water

Proving once and for all that people who work at NASA must be pretty brainy ... scientists there have developed over 100 different meals for future manned trips to Mars. And each and every one of those meals is vegan! Maybe it's time to rename Mars from the 'Red Planet' to the 'Green Planet'?

Mars has been seen as the most likely planet for humans to live on in the future. NASA has a whole program dedicated to researching the place, and the plan is to send astronauts up there by the year 2030. At first it might sound like a 'world's worst job' kinda thing. It'll take astronauts 6 months to get there; then they're going to spend 18 months doing 'sciencey' things; then another 6 months to return to Earth. But throw in the all-vegan menu, and pics of the pizza that'll be going with them - and all of a sudden it doesn't seem too bad! Time to start paying attention in science class...

The reason NASA has gone for cruelty-free space food is that it'd be impossible to preserve meat and dairy products on such a long journey. There's also an idea being floated that the Mars astronauts will be able to grow their own greens and eat them. It's common knowledge now that the farming of animals for human consumption is contributing to environmental destruction and wasting water here on Earth, so making the first human contact with a new planet vegan is a pretty good idea I reckon.

There's no word yet if the astronauts will be able to swing through Lord of the Fries to grab takeaway for their trip, but I'm betting that the boffins at NASA will have come up with plenty of meal ideas to keep them happy and healthy while they're up in space. If they need some more inspiration - there's plenty of delicious, cruelty-free eats here.

What food could you absolutely NOT do without if you were sent off to space for 3 years?

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SaRa_aRaS SaRa_aRaS 7 August 2012
ecstatic This is so cool! I wouldn't be able to live without avocado. I wonder if they could somehow preserve that without it being disgusting.
via Unleashed

Debaybay Debaybay 7 August 2012
That's amazing! Take me with you!! And I could not live without apples, strawberries and passionfruit =D
via Unleashed

JessBrazil JessBrazil 9 August 2012
That's fantastic!
I couldn't live without fresh ginger. I'm super addicted. I eat waaaay too much of the stuff.
Oh and I'd be very sad without any fresh fruit. Especially passionfruit and mangos.
*can't wait till summer*
via Unleashed

Mystie Mystie 9 August 2012
They should call it the smart planet  happy
via Unleashed

Proudwomon Proudwomon 9 August 2012
the thought of sending humans to another planet is scary - we've done way too much damage here and continue to brutalize earthlings - let's not export that...
via Unleashed

Horizons-Photography Horizons-Photography 9 August 2012
I would applaud NASA if they didn't test radiation on animals :C
via Unleashed

Amy2011 Amy2011 9 August 2012
I couldn't live with out potatoes! Believe it or not. happy
via Unleashed

Marley-Bubbles Marley-Bubbles 10 August 2012
Pink Sauce!! (Tomato Ketchup Mayonaise) and energy drinks im seriously addicted to both lol happy
via Unleashed

Vegan Mumma Vegan Mumma 10 August 2012
Probably for the best that they don't have animal products there...imagine if we started breeding and killing animals on Mars too? The destruction would be phenomenal. I am hoping NASA can see that. Funny how we can't redeem the planet we have now, instead we think of living on a better one while continuing to hurt the one we have.

Foods would be avocado, bananas and dates happy
via Unleashed

HumbleGuru HumbleGuru 10 August 2012
I don't often immediately sign up on a site, but brief perusal hooked me - good stuff! I'm in!!!
via Unleashed

Ultra-Vegan Ultra-Vegan 13 August 2012
Yeah...Let's f**k up another planet, shall we?
via Unleashed

Mary6 Mary6 26 August 2012
i hope that since the astronaughts realise that they can live without meat or poultry because i know i knew i could go vegetarian when i went on school camp and i put down vegetarian on the form and i loved the food! and discovered i could live without meat! so i hope they decide to go full vegan for the rest of their lives!
and i could not live with out potatoes,cheese and organic mayonaise!
via Unleashed

Iggyaggadaggagoogoo Iggyaggadaggagoogoo 16 January 2013
sad sadThey just gotta wreck another planet?Sooner or later the solar system would destroyed. bye bye angry angry furious furious Im gonna get there attention.... lookatme And I cant live without milk and chocolate. Not so healthy..... ashamed ashamed ashamed scared scared peace
via Unleashed


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