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Winner of the Malc & Andi bag announced!

Winner of the Malc & Andi bag announced!

Posted 24 August 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 5 Comments

Tags: giveaway, handbag, fashion, win, winner winner tofu dinner!

The time has come to announce the winner of our recent giveaway - the very tres chic Lamb Bag from Malc & Andi. This handbag is completely cruelty-free and comes from a company that proudly donates part of its profits to animal charities - including Animals Australia.

Alright - so before the winner is announced, can I tell you that picking just one winner for this giveaway was reeeeally hard. The amount of entries received and the stories that people told are a good sign for animals all around the country. With Unleashed members out there lending a hand, animals have got some formidable allies! Now ... let's see who won the handbag!

This entry from Rabidewok was great: "I dressed up as an animal and danced in Rundle Mall with friends handing out leaflets about co-existing peacefully with all animals!" And this one from laraking was also pretty cool: "Any animal that comes my way I give a gentle smile, a snack, a drink, a pat, kind words - and I'm vegan." And there were heaps of other entries just as good!

But just like an arm-wrestle against your sister - there can be only one winner (I'm 3 from 5!). And in this case, it's SammyGee95!

"For the past few months I have been designing fliers and walking around my city putting them into every mail box I pass. They contain a bit of information about vegetarianism and veganism, but instead of being a sheet of boring facts, I have tried to make sure that the facts are relevant to the people in my city. I am doing this at my own expense (ink isn't cheap I tell you!) and I am giving people the chance to contact me if they want to know more. It is a really hard job because I am also working 7 days a week, but it is really important to me and I have had some emails from people telling me that they were shocked and interested by the information I provided. It is really good to know that I am opening the eyes of some people out there who have obviously not been exposed to the truth before.

I also made up some A4 posters on coloured paper, each with a fact on it about animal cruelty IN AUSTRALIA. I have handed these out in the mall and on street corners, despite being a really shy person, and I love the conversations I have gotten into with people about animals and their views.

I believe that if I can spread my knowledge to 100 people and just 1 of those people makes the choice to stop supporting animal cruelty through their diet, then I have done my job and it is totally worth it."

Remember - you don't need to be a superhero to help animals. Deciding what you're going to have for lunch might seem like a trivial matter to you, but it can seriously save lives. It's the same when you hit the shops. Attending a rally, writing letters, handing out leaflets, or volunteering at an animal shelter helps animals and can inspire others to do the same. And all these little things add up to make a big impact for animals. What are you planning to do this week to help animals?

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malc&andi malc&andi 24 August 2012
SammyGee95 you sounds like an amazing person, we're so glad you one the bag and respect to you! malc&andi x
via Unleashed

OinkMoo OinkMoo 25 August 2012
Congrats SammyGee95
via Unleashed

Sally-Jane Sally-Jane 27 August 2012
Congratulations SammyGee95 you deserved to win.
Enjoy your new bag and keep up the good work, people are only ignorant if no one teaches them any differently!!
clap clap clap
via Unleashed

SammyGee95 SammyGee95 28 August 2012
Thanks guys happy and thank out for the bag malc&andi, your products are amazing!

You're spot on there Sally-Jane! happy
via Unleashed

4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 28 August 2012
Woohoo! Well done!
via Unleashed


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