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They put WHAT in my lollies?!

They put WHAT in my lollies?!

Posted 3 September 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 11 Comments

Tags: Go Veg, gelatin, lollies

When I was really young I wanted to have lollies for every meal. I spent all my pocket money on them. I was jealous of Americans because they had Halloween - a whole night dedicated to scoring free lollies. That was until I found out that some lollies out there are actually made with pig skin and cow bones!

I would never have suspected that lollies would ever be made with animal ingredients! You can see for yourself on the pack though - the ingredient is called "gelatine". Gelatine is made from pig skin, cow skin, and the bones of both animals! Gross, isn't it? But look out, 'cos it gets grosser - here's a couple of pictures of the gelatin making process.

The lollies that gelatine is usually found in are the gummy/chewy types like Snakes Alive and Starburst. Animals aren't killed expressly so they can be turned into gelatine - but still, it's pretty rank to know that Gummi Bears have pig skin in them.

Fortunately, there are heaps of mouth-watering lollies out there that are totally free of animal products. You can get ones that are purpose made for people who don't want to eat gelatine. Grab them online at The Cruelty Free Shop, PAWS, and Vegan Online.

There are also plenty of gelatine-free lollies on the average supermarket shelf too. So next time you're deciding what lollies to buy, try one from the list below. And make sure you share them with your friends and fam too, making sure to mention what you know about gelatine ;) So enjoy the lollies - they'll taste good, and you'll feel good!

Fruit Tingles
Chuppa Chups (the non-milky ones)
Pascall Jelly Beans
Natural Confectionary Co. Jelly Beans
Most liquorice
Wizz Fizz Sherbet

(p.s. Here's a tip for American kids next Halloween: have two costumes, do two rounds ... receive double the lollies. Thank me later.)

What lollies have I missed on the list?? Let me know in the comments below.

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Jessicasneeze Jessicasneeze 3 September 2012
It appears woolworths homebrand sour ropes don't contain any gelatine or any other nasties happy
via Unleashed

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago 4 September 2012
Holy cow. I never eat gelatin and I specifically look for stuff thats gelatin free but I had no idea it was in some of the candy we eat!
I have to be more specific about which candy we give out this October!
via Unleashed

Teweesa! Teweesa! 4 September 2012
The Natural Confectionery Co. jelly beans are the tastiest jelly beans I have ever eaten. Highly recommend them to everyone.
via Unleashed

AllyCat AllyCat 8 September 2012
Oh god... I was chewing a Lolly when I read this... And I spat it out straight away... Cos it has "gelatine" in the ingredients :O
via Unleashed

Fish Fish 9 September 2012
Thank goodness skittles is on the list. Or I would die. Skittles ae so yummy!
via Unleashed

Lu Lu 11 September 2012
I used to love eating minties but haven't for 9 years since learning they have gelatine in them - same goes for musk sticks, fruit sticks - I love my lollies but refuse to eat any containing gelatine
via Unleashed

karara karara 12 September 2012
woolworths homebrand jelly babies!  party
via Unleashed

bleh bleh 20 January 2013
It is now necessary to point out that even though the above list of "gelatin-free" lollies are encouraged to be tried: parent companies such as Nestle and Mars are still culprits and must not be supported: Mars condones animal testing (; Nestle condones abuse of human rights (, among other things.

Go full throttle for animal rights advocacy or go home.
via Unleashed

Veg mum Veg mum 21 January 2013
I believe natural confectionery co jelly beans have beeswax in them though and double check those woolies jelly babies some packaging doesn't list gelatine some recent packaging does. Allens jelly beans are gelatine free.
via Unleashed

pip.pop.poppy pip.pop.poppy 16 August 2016
Green people cola bottles are vegetarian, gluten free AND vegan! I have been vegan ALL my life and these are the best thing ever!!! %uD83D%uDE0A
via Unleashed

food police food police 25 November 2016

Beer and wine - Isinglass, a gelatin-like substance collected from the bladders of freshwater fish like the sturgeon, is used in the clarification process of many beers and wines. Other agents used for the process of fining include egg white albumen, gelatin and casein. To check if a beer or wine is vegan, visit

Candy - Numerous foods contain gelatin, a protein derived from the collagen in cow or pig bones, skin and connective tissues. It's often used as a thickening or stabilizing agent and can be found in a variety of candies, including Altoids, gummy candies and Starburst chews, among others.
Also, many red candies contain a dye made from the extracts of dried bodies of the Coccus cacti bugs. The ingredient is often listed as carmine, cochineal or carminic acid. PETA maintains a list of animal-free candy.

Jell-O - It's common knowledge that Jell-O contains gelatin, but did you know you can make vegan Jell-O by using agar-agar, a gelatinous substance made from algae? Here's a recipe.

Marshmallows - Gelatin strikes again, but luckily you can make your own vegan marshmallows with agar-agar, so you won't miss out on any of the gooey s'mores goodness.
via Unleashed


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