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Victory against hunting!

Victory against hunting!

Posted 5 September 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 12 Comments

Tags: victory!, hunting, NSW

Awesome news!! In the face of community pressure (including a campaign run on Unleashed), the NSW govt has backed down over plans that would have allowed 12 year olds to go out hunting by themselves. People just like you spoke out against this potentially deadly plan, and have won a significant victory to protect animals from being stabbed, shot and mauled.

The original campaign on Unleashed.

The hunting plan would have seen kids as young as 12 roaming about state forests with bows and arrows, knives and hunting dogs, looking for animals to kill. I don't know about you, but that sounds exactly like a nightmare I once had. To make the matter even worse, it sounds like many pollies weren't even aware the plan had been put together. Fortunately, Unleashed members and other concerned people WERE aware, and made their voices heard very clearly.

This story has had a positive ending, but there is still more to be done. Animals can't speak for themselves; they need you to be their voice. This back-down by the NSW govt proves that a strong compassionate voice can save lives. What else will you do today to help save animals?

Check out these links for more ways that you can get involved and make a difference.
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Adrian01 Adrian01 7 September 2012
Yes we should stop everyone from hunting feral animals.  Lets let them kill all of the native species we have in Australia.  Foxes for instance kill 1000's of native birds and marsupials daily.  

Is this web site for real?  I not kidding.  I joined to make a comment about having Foxes as pets and only after 15 minutes reading it has become apparent this is the biggest source of mis-information I have ever seen.

Its like 2 or 3 school friends set up a web page based on their lack of knowledge.
via Unleashed

JessBrazil JessBrazil 8 September 2012
I can't believe they were thinking of allowing it!
Can you imagine how many kids would end up accidently shooting or injuring each other?!
Not to mention it would be teaching kids that violence and murder is 'fun'.
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 8 September 2012
@Adrian01 Are you trying to suggest that letting unsupervised 12 year olds kill animals with bows and arrows and knives and dogs is an effective and humane way to deal with non-native animals?
via Unleashed

surfa surfa 11 September 2012
adrian01 it seems you have forgetten how feral animals came to be feral? Ill help you, they were released by humans, and just becuase they arent native doesnt mean they should be treated cruelly!! we have a big problem in this country with people who just want to kill things for fun, there are many non lethal and less cruel ways to remove feral animals including trapping, sterlization!! many of the ferals couldnt even do as much damge to the environemnt and native animals as people do, no pig, or fox or feral dog has ever killed as many native animals as people, people in queensland this year will kill 3 million kangaroos all for money!! so we should address our own murferous way and find non lethal control for the feral animals, typical shooter comments are, we kill for conservation! hunters kill for fun, its that simple!!!!
via Unleashed

Mossy1 Mossy1 11 September 2012
The only people that would support children slaughtering animals(any animals)by the cruelest means possible is clearly a thrill killer who gets the kicks taking lives.HUMANS made animals feral and humans are the most feral animal of all
via Unleashed

prairiegal prairiegal 12 September 2012
@adrian01....As surfa said feral animals are animals that were released by "ignorant, stupid" human animals!!!!!!!!!! Maybe you should direct you attention to the humans who are irresponsible and cause more destruction of the environment and endangerment and death of other species on this planet.  No animal deserves to be treated cruelly!
via Unleashed

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago 8 December 2012
Kids in my class, and i'm 12, actually do this!
via Unleashed

Pange84 Pange84 10 December 2012
Adrian, perhaps you would like to actually read the above article again (read it more slowly this time- so you can understand it) nowhere does it suggest that feral animals should be allowed to run rampant. I work for an industry which actively targets non native animals and disposes of them humanely - this is possible.

The article suggests that allowing children to run around with guns and arrows unsupervised is a ridiculous notion, which of course, any person with half a brain would agree with.
via Unleashed

reggiesphitz reggiesphitz 20 January 2013
I think that the general group of those opposed to hunting in the bush lands of Australia are incredibly naive and ignorant of the larger picture, All efforts of the state governments all over this country are futile and far from adequate when it comes to pest eradication. I should know i have been involved personally in many as a professional shooter. i have been out hunting more than the average person has been out driving and not so much as one near miss accident or incident. There is no more danger in people hunting in the national parks as any other activity, i suggest you have a better chance of being hit my a person riding a motorcycle or quad through the bush than being accidentally shot. As for whether the animals are destroyed humanely, test the hunters that wish to hunt, this can easily be done with the full co-operation of the SSAA anywhere in Australia all the hunter would have to do is shoot a decent average to prove he/she can get head shots. The most important point i want to make is that i love the native bushlands, waterways, flora and fauna and pigs and foxes, feral cats and dogs all pose a huge threat to this with feral pigs being at the top of that list. the governments of all states have been trying with no sign of improvement to get rid of these pests,
via Unleashed

reggiesphitz reggiesphitz 20 January 2013
-continued-  they simply cannot hire enough people, the only way to control these pests is to let others who want to hunt them do so, a massive back line of volunteers is waiting and only thing holding them back is uneducated prudes who do not understand hunting properly, that isn't the fault of the hunter. and FYI i am against using dogs and large vehicles to hunt these animals.
via Unleashed

reggiesphitz reggiesphitz 20 January 2013
what is the point in a comments section that is moderated to the point that it does nothing but agree with the above article? how is that any different to a circle jerk?
via Unleashed

SmilingRottweiler SmilingRottweiler 21 January 2013
How sad:"there is a massive back line of volunteers waiting". Waiting to kill things & let's teach the next generation that it's FUN!! It's just blood lust, it's not a love of the environment. If by some chance all the feral animals were gone, you hunters would just turn the guns on the native species anyway, you're fooling noone. Kind regards, an Uneducated Prude.
via Unleashed


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