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Your chance to help dogs.

Your chance to help dogs.

Posted 10 September 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 12 Comments

Tags: dogs, pet overpopulation, puppy mills, Oscar's Law, adopt

It may not be groundbreaking news to you - but scientists have recently found out that dogs not only know when humans are sad, but they actually want to help us feel better! And if you've ever been licked on the face by a dog ... you'll know that they're pretty good at cheering people up. This weekend is your chance to give a little back to man's (and woman's) best friends.

In what sounds like a very adorable experiment, dogs (who lived with people, not lab dogs) were introduced to strangers who had to display all different emotions. When the person was pretending to cry, the majority of dogs would run over and try to comfort them. They would nuzzle and lick the person - apparently a doggie's way of saying, "there there, don't cry". Nawww. How sweet is that? Claims that the dogs would then offer to spend the night on the couch with the upset person eating soy ice-cream and watching Big Brother are yet to be proven. I bet they would though, dogs are that awesome.

This weekend you have the chance to return the favour, and help dogs who are in distress! There are rallies planned for Sunday in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide to support Oscar's Law (a campaign to ban the breeding of dogs in puppy mills, and to promote the adoption of companion animals through shelters and rescue groups).


The conditions that dogs endure at puppy mills are heartbreaking. "Many dogs slowly go insane. They spin in circles or pace back and forth in their cells, some never see daylight, and the outside world is a foreign place to them ... They shy away from human hands as they have never known kindness. The dogs are deprived of even their basic needs as the current law is only concerned with food, shelter and water. The dog's psychological and social needs are ignored on factory farms." This is just part of a description of puppy farms from

Also, the breeding of more dogs on these puppy farms only adds to the dog overpopulation problem in Australia. Already 23 dogs and cats are killed every hour around the country because they don't have homes. This is a cruel fate for these animals who would love nothing more than to share hugs and pats with a family of their own.

So this Sunday, make time to help out dogs in distress. You can show your support at these places and times.

Melbourne: Parliament House, midday.
Sydney: Belmore Park (opp. Central Station), midday.
Adelaide: Light Square (Curry St.), midday.

p.s. Animals Australia will be holding stalls at all three rallies, so make sure you come and say 'hi!' and find out what else you can do to help animals.


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Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago 10 September 2012
Can I just support my shelters? happy
via Unleashed

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago 10 September 2012
I don't live in Australia. sad
via Unleashed

DLB53 DLB53 11 September 2012
Lyn White is my hero, at 54 she motivated me to attend my first rally...I still can't bear to view the footage from Indonesia.
I have enormous respect for Lyn and the team at Animals Australia and your efforts ARE making a difference. I also stopped eating meat...and a year later, I don't miss it at all. It was easy and not even a deliberate decision, more a reaction to the sickening feeling I felt when viewing snippets of the footage taken around the world.
I spoke to a man recently who saw something horrific in the Middle East - some men were unable to get a goat in the boot of the car so they broke it's legs - he was appalled and distressed, but then he noticed something worse, no one else even noticed, it was apparently nothing shocking, just a normal day in that town..and that's what makes us different, we notice - it's only that we're shielded from so much of this cruelty that we're able to ignore it, but once seen, never forgotten.
See you Sunday - rally no 2!
via Unleashed

margheritacavani margheritacavani 11 September 2012
the cruelty is a crime. must be punished.
via Unleashed

via Unleashed

Dakotah Dakotah 11 September 2012
When will it be in Brisbane?
via Unleashed

Lu Lu 11 September 2012
That's great about the Rally's this weekend - I hope they are a huge success. It would be great to have one in Brisbane soon. I rallied against the appalling live export animals and it felt good to be able to stand up to what I believe in. Proud to be a vegan.
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 12 September 2012
@Dakotah, I don't think there's going to be an Oscar's Law rally in Brisbane this year.
via Unleashed

chala chala 12 September 2012
I have told all my so called caring friends NOT,  NOT buy from puppy mills to no avail.'
All I can do is keep pluging away on my fb. to enlighten the  rest of the population . So sad I cry daily for the abuse these poor dogs and cats go through.
via Unleashed

Jessicasneeze Jessicasneeze 14 September 2012
Does anyone know why Brisbane doesn't get a rally? I really want to attend and help out.
via Unleashed

Pange84 Pange84 19 September 2012
Great turn out at the Melbourne rally, saw Anthony there too! happy
via Unleashed

Anthony Anthony 19 September 2012
Hahaha - really?? I may have seen you there, too!
via Unleashed


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