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Amazing rescue stories.

Amazing rescue stories.

Posted 2 November 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 1 Comment

Tags: Make it Possible, factory farming, Hope, Willow, rescue

Being trapped in a factory farm in Australia is a life sentence for countless numbers of pigs and chickens. That's why these two stories of determined survival against the odds are so amazing. Brace yourself for goosebumps!

This beautiful girl is Willow. "On cold evenings, she loves to stretch out her wings in front of the outdoor fire on the lush, green property that is now her home. For Willow, any memories of a cage so small she could barely move are thankfully only nightmares of the past.

She was thrown away like a piece of rubbish when she slipped into unconsciousness in that cage; no longer laying eggs and no longer valued. Featherless and emaciated, she lay dying on a manure pile..."

Read the rest of Willow's inspirational story.

And this is Hope. "Before escaping from a piggery, Hope's life looked very bleak. There, Hope's mum and other sows were kept in crates so small they couldn't turn around. The relentless boredom would have driven some insane. The pigs there would never feel grass beneath their feet, only concrete and metal.

It is from this nightmare that Hope escaped one night..."

Find out what happened to Hope next.

Every year, a handful of lucky chickens and pigs survive the horrors of factory farms, and go on to live with the freedom and protection they deserve. Unfortunately, millions of others don't. Instead, they are locked behind closed doors, where they experience treatment that would be called "animal cruelty" if it happened to a dog or cat.

Only by exposing what goes on in these places can animals ever hope to be freed from them. And that's how you can help. Share the story of Hope and Willow with your friends and family. Also, take the pledge to make kinder choices for animals. You'll be joining over 58,000 other Aussies who have committed to ending factory farms.

Behind the closed doors of factory farms there are millions of other individual animals with personalities and fears just like Hope and Willow. Each one of them is someone, not something - and their stories deserve to be told, too.

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my friends have feathers my friends have feathers 6 November 2012
Someone not something.  Her not it.  The subtle but major difference that can mean life or death for them.  Its the difference between seeing them as existing only for us to eat or seeing them as individuals who have a right to life aside from whatever percieved gain we can have from them being around.  Like roosters, generally unless someone wants to breed chooks, they don't get a look in at life, being killed as day olds or in a home situation, sent off to market once they start crowing.  Everyone, regardless of if they have feathers or fur or hair, everyone should be able to live a life that is happy and fulfilling and free from suffering and torment.
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