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Get a pig's eye view of the world.

Get a pig's eye view of the world.

Posted 8 November 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: Make it Possible, pigs, factory farming, cruelty

Check out this online simulation that puts you into the shoes of a mother pig in a factory farm. This is what they experience for up to four straight months. How long can you handle it for?

How did you go?? How long before you wanted to bust outta there and free your fellow pig prisoners? I think my record is 22 seconds.

Pigs are renowned for their intelligence and curiosity (studies have recognised that they are as smart as 3 year old kids) - yet in factory farms across Australia it is seen as perfectly acceptable to keep mother pigs confined in sow stalls like you experience in the simulator.

Open the graph below to compare how a pig would spend her day if given freedom from a factory farm. (NOTE: "rooting" maybe isn't what you think it is, so stop being immature.)

Original link:

While the intense and utter boredom may seem bad enough, it's hardly the only abuse pigs are subject to in factory farms. Not by a long shot...

If you've seen enough and want to see an end to this cruelty, then join with over 60,000 other Australians who have already taken the Make it Possible pledge. By promising to make kinder choices at meal times you can make factory farms -- and cruelty to pigs! -- a thing of the past. (And I guess you don't need to be a rocket surgeon to know that the kindest choice you can make is to not eat animals at all!)

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Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago 10 November 2012
I think living in a gestation crate could be compared to living in a small, dark, steel box for the rest of your life. I think living there would drive me insane. But the pigs are no different. I demand WalMart frees those poor pigs.
via Unleashed

Riss Riss 11 November 2012
I didn't last very long at all, watching this... I just can't stand seeing these poor animals suffering. I'm a bit of a wuss.
I'm so glad that this 'Make it Possible' campaign has made it onto the tv, and it's helping to spread awareness. I can only hope other countries will follow suit.
It's not fair to expect any living breathing creature to live like this.
via Unleashed

Rattie Rattie 12 November 2012
Great job on the video Animals Australia. I really liked it (not as in liked seeing the pigs suffering) but it was really informative and well made. I just wish meat-eaters had the guts to watch it too.
via Unleashed

4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 13 November 2012
I don't understand how anyone couldn't not want to support the Make it Possible campaign, not after seeing the film, surely. Seeing so many people team up against one of the biggest human wrongs in today's Australian society makes me tear up with hope. If we continue to band together and forget our differences, we can give hope to those who have given up on receiving it, simply because they have a voice most don't know how to understand. Until now. love
via Unleashed

froggyone froggyone 15 November 2012
I did not even dare to watch as I know that these things really play with my emotions. I do not..... can not........... understand why on earth such cruelty continues in a supposedly civilised world.
via Unleashed

Elefriend101 Elefriend101 19 November 2012
I lasted a total of 1 minute 37 seconds. I'm proud to be part of a movement that is working to prevent the mistreatment of animals. In fact so many of my friends have visited all the sites I am constantly raving about and have made the pledge to stop eating meat, and give up all animal products!
via Unleashed

Purple Princess Purple Princess 13 February 2015
i cried so much the very first time i watched this sad
via Unleashed


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