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Schoolies: You're doing it wrong.

Schoolies: You're doing it wrong.

Posted 26 November 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 10 Comments

Tags: monkeys, schoolies, entertainment, derp!

Every year during Schoolies celebrations (which are taking place right now) you hear of people doing some pretty dopey things. But these guys ... these guys take the cake.

Graduating from high school doesn't necessarily mean that you've learned the important things in life. Two students from Newcastle proved that this week while celebrating Schoolies in Bali. Chris and Jeremy decided that it wasn't enough just getting wasted at night and apparently losing all their t-shirts. They decided that buying a monkey and keeping him on a metal chain would be a good idea.

Let's make just a quick list about why that was NOT a good idea.

  • Long-tailed macaques prefer to hang out with other macaques, not a bunch of "bros" from NSW; and they often huddle together when sleeping at night to keep warm.
  • They would normally spend a large part of their day in trees, not on a metal chain on busy Bali streets.
  • Buying a monkey on the street encourages locals to catch more monkeys, taking them from their natural environment and keeping them confined. As the man who sold this monkey admitted, he has a "house full of monkeys".
  • Who knows what will happen to the monkey when these guys leave for home?? They're treating him as a novelty party piece which they can just dump and forget about when the party is over. Bali, Australia, wherever ... adopting an animal is a serious commitment, not something you do for a laugh or because "the ladies love it", as Chris puts it.

If you want to get your Drapht on and have a Bali Party - go for it. But there's no need to drag a monkey (or any other animal) into the mix. So for all you future schoolies or travellers, try to keep one thing in mind when overseas:

Don't be giving money to anyone who uses animals as part of a street-show! Simple as that. More likely than not the animal will be living a totally unnatural life, being forced to perform with no end in sight. This is the case with elephants on Thai streets, monkeys in Indonesia and bears in Cambodia. The temptation to give money to try and help the animals might be overwhelming, but your money really just encourages the practise to continue.

If you want to make a positive difference for animals when travelling, why not consider volunteering somewhere like Elephant Nature Park (ENP) in northern Thailand? Supported by Animals Australia member society Animal Aid Abroad Inc, ENP provides sanctuary to dozens of elephants rescued from performing on streets or in logging camps. And that's bound to leave better memories than keeping a monkey on a chain for a week!

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Pange84 Pange84 29 November 2012
Very disapointed in those guys, how is it ok to buy an animal on holiday and then just dump it?!

Can def recommend ENP spent a week there this year, awesome place, the Ele's are sooo cute ecstatic
via Unleashed

gogga gogga 30 November 2012
aye,the youth, the parents should be sentenced and fined, money cannot buy everything...
via Unleashed

Theodora Theodora 1 December 2012
That is truly shocking. Those guys must be evil! How can any human being take such a beautiful animal like that away from its freedom and put it on a chain? I'm ashamed to be human sometimes.
via Unleashed

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago 2 December 2012
I agree Theodora. Would these guys object to a human on a chain? I guess not since they were heartless enough to put an animal on one.
via Unleashed

Chappy33 Chappy33 2 December 2012
Hi, this is Chris the person who purchased the monkey. Just to clear things, the monkey was being sold inside a tiny air tight box with no way to breathe and nothing to eat. We decided and sure, the monkey was kept on a 2.5 metre chain but is this not a far superior alternative to that box? Furthermore the monkey was NOT dumped. The
Monkey has been given to out friend who is a qualified veterinrian currently looking after 5 other long tailed monkeys whom we intend to visit in march and see the monkey. So, please before you make rather rash and uninformed comments, find out the real story instead of this one sided debacle.
via Unleashed

NickM NickM 3 December 2012
Ok. Fair enough Chris.

But you can appreciate that by giving money to people who will just go and catch another monkey to replace the one you bought isn't the way to solve the problem. You are effectively just pulling more monkeys into the cycle and actually promoting the practice rather than discouraging it (which you seem to want to do).

Sometimes our good intentions may be sidelined by ineffective strategies.
via Unleashed

KLM_animallover KLM_animallover 12 December 2012
Does anyone know who these guys are and what happened to the Monkey? = ( cry cry
via Unleashed

Anthony Anthony 12 December 2012
Hi Kristy4,

Apparently the monkey was simply dumped with a young girl as these fellas left Bali.

Sad, isn't it?  furious
via Unleashed

Paws89 Paws89 18 December 2012
They are so stupid!!! Clearly dont care about anything but themselves and scoring women!

NEWS FLASH: we women like men with brains not boys who think with the wrong head  megaphone
via Unleashed

casey2 casey2 21 December 2012
well said nick.. i see how they thought they were giving the monkey a better life for that 1 week.. which yeah they probably did... but its more about what nick said..u have just given those people money to go get more..its a production line to them.. Same as even getting pictures at the zoos and paying fees.. sure its cool to sit next to a a tiger and have your picture taken... but dont you think that amazing creature should get to live its life with its family...not be drugged up daily and have photo after photo taken with these humans! its simply cruel.
via Unleashed


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