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Winner of the Top Comment for October!

Winner of the Top Comment for October!

Posted 7 November 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 1 Comment

Tags: monthly, giveaway, fashion, win, causebands, top comment, I want!, gotta be in it to win it

Wow, another month down! It's gonna be Xmas before you know it. But there's always time to go back through all the comments Unleashed members have posted on the blogs and highlight the best ones. Find out who posted the Top Comment for the month and what it was they had to say!

It was extra good fun reading all the comments from last month, because there were so many different topics covered. The month started with the Veg Week Challenge, and was followed by massive protests around the country against live exports. The latest Unleashed comp was launched, and then the biggest campaign ever attempted by Animals Australia was unveiled - a plan to end factory farming!

But there's more! The month ended with champion iron woman Hayley Bateup bringing a drowned dog back to life, showing those who participated in a rodeo in Queensland what a real hero looks like.

Phew! See what I mean by a lot going on??

But enough of my whinging, you probably just want to know who posted the Top Comment this month. So here goes:

Buddha Baby put into words what thousands of people around Australia would have been feeling early in the month. As thousands of Aussie sheep were being brutally killed in Pakistan, Australians of all ages and backgrounds took to the streets to demand an end to live exports. Buddha Baby was one of them, and here is what she wrote:

"I was really proud to have been a part of this. I took my 2 young daughters to the rally in Brisbane and it was great. Animals Australia did a great job. Keep up the good work. With persistence we will win this battle."

I couldn't agree more! Congrats Buddha Baby for showing your support for animals and also for winning this month's Top Comment prize.

So, onto November. More campaigns, more ways you can help, and more prizes up for grabs. All you have to do for your chance to win is get posting on the blogs. Couldn't be easier, really. Good luck!

Oh, and the prize for November is a complete set of Unleashed cause bands. There's four of them so you can wear two on each wrist ... or one on each wrist if you're lucky enough to have four hands. Imagine how fast you could type!!

* We love it when you comment on blogs! We love it even more when your comments are thoughtful, inspiring, or make us laugh!! So just to be clear, this is not about who posts the most comments. It's about who posts what we think is the top comment for the month. You might only post one comment this month. But if it's a cracker, then you could be walking away with the complete set of causebands to show for it.

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Buddha Baby Buddha Baby 13 November 2012
Thanks guys! So proud to be a part of such a great group of people.
via Unleashed


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