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Winners of the malc&andi snapbacks announced!

Winners of the malc&andi snapbacks announced!

Posted 20 November 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | Be the first to comment

Tags: competition, giveaway, fashion, win, hats

There are two hats in the closet. One says to the other, "You can stay here, I'm going on a head." *ba-dum-tshh* OK, so maybe that's not the best joke you've heard today. But the winning entries in our malc&andi giveaway are the best tips you'll hear! Take a look. (No more hat jokes, I promise).

malc&andi are a forward thinking fashion label that believes fashion should be fun and adventurous, but also as good for your soul as it is for your body. That's why they donate 5% of all their sales to animal charities. It's also why they very kindly agreed to give away two styling new snapbacks to Unleashed members.

All you had to do to win one was give a tip on how people can help animals beat the heat this summer. There were some outstanding entries - including one that rhymed, one about snakes, and a few about guinea pigs and chickens! The one thing they all had in common though, was how good they were. Judge for yourself here.

But just like a tandem-bike race - there can be only two winners. And here they are:

Congrats horsepowerrrr and *Steph*!

If you didn't win this time around, don't stress. The next Unleashed giveaway starts in a couple of days ... and it's a BIG one. Check back soon to find out more ;)

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