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Dogs pass driving test!

Dogs pass driving test!

Posted 12 December 2012   by Anthony         Permalink | 8 Comments

Tags: dogs, pet overpopulation, adopt, amazing, rescue

I've heard of teaching old dogs new tricks. But teaching dogs how to drive? You have to see it to believe it ...

Two months ago, the SPCA in New Zealand launched a super-creative campaign. Their plan was to teach three rescue dogs how to drive cars. They did this to increase adoption rates by proving that rescue dogs are in no way inferior to any other dogs. Under the slogan, "Dogs this smart deserve a home", our three hairy heroes began their lessons.

And this is how it went. Get ready to smile!

Pretty awesome, hey?

Both Porter and the SPCA deserve a huge round of applause for what they've achieved. Encouraging people to adopt a dog is such a great idea. With 1000s of dogs being killed in pounds every year, choosing to adopt could literally save a life.

Find out more about adopting a dog; then promise to be a lifesaver yourself by taking the pledge to always adopt rather than buy when it comes to companion animals. And if you do that, then I think you deserve a round of applause, too :)

Has your dog got any funny or impressive tricks? My cat's best trick is luring people close enough to bite them. Can you beat that?

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Fish Fish 13 December 2012
Its not a trick, but smart. My dog Odie loves sitting on the couch, but as soon as my mum walks in he jumps off, because his not allowed there.
via Unleashed

Mary6 Mary6 13 December 2012
My dog knows how to get people to pat him
Every time he does it he gets so many pats and cuddles from people!
via Unleashed

rainbowlife rainbowlife 13 December 2012
How lovely he is!! I love him. Animal can also do what people do.
via Unleashed

Paws89 Paws89 14 December 2012
Love this happy Animals are just like humans, just without a voice... although sometimes we can teach them too tongue
via Unleashed

Saphiralys Saphiralys 16 December 2012
that just totally made my day, and probably tmoro and the next day too  innocent
via Unleashed

Pange84 Pange84 24 December 2012
Fabulous story! What remarkable creatures dogs are happy
via Unleashed

Deespark Deespark 2 January 2013
That's so cool! I have a dog that can skateboard, weave through legs and jump through my arms when I make a hoop happy
via Unleashed

boyvegan boyvegan 21 January 2013
offensively anthropomorphic and very degrading IMO
via Unleashed


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