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Bare Backpack giveaway!

Bare Backpack giveaway!

Posted 9 January 2013   by Anthony         Permalink | 60 Comments

Tags: competition, giveaway, Bare, backpack

I hate to be the one bringing this up ... but in just a few short weeks, school holidays are going to be over :( That's a bitter pill to swallow, but our latest giveaway will make the end of the holidays just that little bit easier. Find out what's up for grabs and how to enter!

Whether you're at school, uni or TAFE - you're going to need a bag to carry around all your gear. There's the important stuff like your lunch; the 'kinda important' stuff like your colouring pencils; and even the 'unimportant' stuff, like your Maths file. But don't sweat it, because the crew at Bare Backpacks have got your back in 2013, with their line of animal-friendly backpacks. Oh and p.s. They're sweatshop-free too ;)

Bare Backpacks

In their own words, Bare Backpacks make great backpacks for great people. They're making some seriously good-looking packs from their base in Oregon, USA - and there are no animal products in the making of. They're also generous souls, and have sent us one of their Lido rucksacks to give away to a lucky Unleashed member!

To get the school year started right by winning this pack...

...all you have to do is tell us one way you can make a difference for animals at your school/uni/TAFE in 2013! Get some ideas here and some inspiration from our previous Activist Challenge winners here ... THEN GET YOUR ENTRY IN! Post your idea in the comments below.

Good luck!!

Fine print: your entry must be 30 words or less, and entries close on Friday 25th January.

p.s. "Like" Bare Backpacks on facebook and check out their whole collection there ;)

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Fish Fish 9 January 2013
Just a question. Sweat shop free?
via Unleashed

tia-lee tia-lee 9 January 2013
Im studying veterinary nursing this year and have already told the school that I refuse to be involved in dissection of any animal, I also dont ever wear any animal products.
via Unleashed

issled issled 9 January 2013
Be open to, and engage other students and teachers in, discussion about vegetarianism.
via Unleashed

savingtheworld savingtheworld 9 January 2013
I've recently started up an animal rights activist group and i'm helping to educate my fellow students and even teachers about the issues and problems with animal welfare!
via Unleashed

OinkMoo OinkMoo 9 January 2013
Photography helps share my passion for animals and people often stop and ask me about them and i tell them there stories. It would be really awesome to have a new bag to carry my camera and lenses in wink
via Unleashed

Cayenne Cayenne 9 January 2013
I will continue to refuse to dissect or experiment with animals in science, and encourage my friends and sister to do the same. And I won't wear leather school shoes.
via Unleashed

GeorgiaMids GeorgiaMids 9 January 2013
I will refuse to cook with animal products in my Food Products and Preparation course at uni and highlight how nutritionally adequate and healthy vegan meals can be!
via Unleashed

Mary6 Mary6 9 January 2013
I am going to ask my principal to change the uniform code sheet to say leather or fake leather black school shoes so that my fellow students know they can wear a cruelty free uniform without needing to ask permission.
via Unleashed

Anthony Anthony 9 January 2013
Not sure, Fish. Send 'em an email here:
via Unleashed

Anisha Anisha 10 January 2013
I'm hoping to study Animal Sciences, and will try promote the importance of vegetarianism, avoiding products tested on animals as well as leather/wool/fur, and will downright refuse to participate in dissection.
via Unleashed

Fish Fish 10 January 2013
via Unleashed

Fish Fish 10 January 2013
Ok, the backpacks are sweat-shop free.
Here is my entry.
I am going to convert my friends to vegetarians (muhahahahahahaha), get the uniform cruelty-free and in creative writing, we're going to do heaps for the animals, write letters and everything.

And yes cruelty-free is one word. Also I would like to add, (this is'nt part of my entry) that my creative writing teacher is so awesome! She's a vegetarian and we are going to be writing heaps of stuff and getting involved.

By the way, can you add that it is sweat-shop free for everyone else?
via Unleashed

ezql ezql 11 January 2013
By sabotaging every animal product in the university and kicking over every BBQ that a club runs
via Unleashed

Sally-Jane Sally-Jane 12 January 2013
I'm taking Biology and I intend to recrute the assistance of my fellow classmates and refuse to partisipate in any activities  involving animals or adding to the harm they face.
via Unleashed

april-san april-san 12 January 2013
With my uni%u2019s Vegetarian Society I%u2019m going to produce and distribute a %u2018Veg Campus Guide%u2019, detailing every vegetarian and vegan option at every vendor on campus to facilitate ethical choices.
via Unleashed

Sophia Sophia 14 January 2013
We have started a vegetarian group at my school where we meet every week or so and give recipes and just chat all about why be vegetarian or vegan and all that stuff but will be starting a group all about animal cruelty and what we can do and send petitions and stuff around the school it will be great!!
via Unleashed

Sophia Sophia 14 January 2013
My schools uniform has no leather or anything like that and they are prity easy with it. All my books are covered with animal rights stickers and people had read them last year so I guess that is another great thing to do to raise awerness! happy
via Unleashed

Diem.Kae Diem.Kae 17 January 2013
By a) making it politely well known that I am vegan, and b) by continuously being awesome.  My strategy helps people to realise that a) and b) are mutually supportive cool
via Unleashed

Indigozo Indigozo 17 January 2013
OK.. I now see that entries were supposed to be 30 words.. please ignore mine.. or just pick out the best 30 words it contains! LOL. Sorry.
via Unleashed

kaity kaity 17 January 2013
So far I have saved 577 animal lives with my own decisions about following the vegan lifestyle... that number is only going to grow over the years to come!
via Unleashed

KylieOrganicSuperhero KylieOrganicSuperhero 17 January 2013
Last year I fought for my stepson to be excluded from Home Ec due to non-vegan dishes.  Instead he wrote an assignment on how vegans can meet their nutritional needs.  (30 words)

PS. He got an A!
via Unleashed

Indigozo Indigozo 17 January 2013
I will be doing my Masters in Bioethics at Monash University, once I have finished my Honors. By devoting my life to studying ethics I hope to be able to arm myself with the best possible knowledge and logic to help the world shift into a more humane paradigm for all species. I hope to continue my study in research techniques, and help to develop humane ways of conducting research without the use of animals. I hope to one day work in policy, and be on ethics committees. In the mean time, I will continue to study, research, and write philosophical papers about ethics.  I share these with fellow vegans, friends, and the public. I also lead by example. I live a happy cruelty free life, and I am always up for answering questions that people may have. I show people easy ways to get rid of some of their dependency on animal products, as well as share my knowledge about the benefits for them and the planet. Once people see how easy it is, they often start to decrease their dependency. I have even helped convert a few ;P Another way I help promote animal welfare is by sharing, and living the 'Adopt, Don't Shop' motto for companion animals. I am a foster carer for MAR, and I supporter of Oscar's Law. This year I hope to put together a spay and neuter program for the Yarra Ranges. This program would give financial aid to low income families who want to spay or neuter their cats, helping to decrease the unwanted cats in our area, as well as help preserve the wildlife.
via Unleashed

ecochick ecochick 17 January 2013
I'm in year 12 but have a scholarship to study philosophy at Flinders University, which will aid my later studies in anthrozoology to better our relationships with animals.  innocent
via Unleashed

MaggieEdwards MaggieEdwards 17 January 2013
In my opinion, being a vegetarian should go beyond diet happy I believe in opposing any industry that descriminates against animal rights such as the clothing, cosmetic and sporting industries, and putting the effort into supporting organizations that advocate for animals. It always seems to be a struggle to find a nice bag that isn't lined or detailed with the skin of an animal. This back pack looks perfect for school happy
via Unleashed

Charlie Charlie 18 January 2013
I will lead the vegetarian/vegan movement at my high school! Save the animals.
via Unleashed

Zoe5 Zoe5 18 January 2013
I have joined a vegetarian group at school. I will try to introduce more vegan options in our canteen. I will be doing more petitions around our school this year. clap
via Unleashed

Elefriend101 Elefriend101 18 January 2013
Continuing regular meetings with the catering staff about vegan-friendly options on the menu. Offering alternative suggestions to the biology lessons, and encouraging people to talk to the school about animal-friendly uniforms (which I have been politely pushing for years now!)
via Unleashed

Joshua Williams Joshua Williams 21 January 2013
I take open topics for projects and such as a chance to share and discuss my ideas with the class. Last year I did an oral presentation on both jumps racing and spoke to many people about vegetarianism. I believe most people just don't know the facts about things like this. Many people have been surprised when I have told them about the fact that vegetarianism is healthier for you than a meat eaters diet. So share the word with friends and family that there is a better way. Some facts can be found here:

via Unleashed

Samisty Samisty 21 January 2013
Plaster stickers and posters everywhere promoting animals rights and encourage new friends to go vegan by informing them of the cruelty that is in what they eat.
via Unleashed

taylorpaige taylorpaige 21 January 2013
I'll be starting uni studying media this year in the city - Perfect opportunity for activism! Pamphleting! Posters! Creating vegan groups! Protests against testing, etc! ecstatic
via Unleashed

Clud Clud 21 January 2013
I plan to bake some yummy vegan baked goods to show that you don't have to miss out on yummy food to eat cruelty free.
via Unleashed

Niekard Niekard 21 January 2013
Make people feel like I feel, when I hear this Zeuss quote:

%u201CUnless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It's not.%u201D
via Unleashed

Stef1 Stef1 21 January 2013
I am going to continue to raise awareness by pointing out the truth behind factory farming, animal testing and leather/wool/fur industries to others (without being pushy and putting people off - I'm much better at it now than the start thumb )
And also I'm not letting my mum go shopping alone anymore so that I can pick out alternatives for my household of 5! Went today and came home with six bags of food... AND NOT A SINGLE BIT OF MEAT! WOO
via Unleashed

Stef1 Stef1 21 January 2013
I am going to continue to raise awareness by pointing out the truth behind factory farming, animal testing and leather/wool/fur industries to others (without being pushy and putting people off - I'm much better at it now than the start thumb )
And also I'm not letting my mum go shopping alone anymore so that I can pick out alternatives for my household of 5! Went today and came home with six bags of food... AND NOT A SINGLE BIT OF MEAT! WOO  clap
via Unleashed

Anthony Anthony 21 January 2013
Hi Pineapple Punch. Thanks for your post happy Of course, veterinarians (and others) do need to understand the ins and outs of animals, in order to help them later. We'd argue that this type of education can be provided without the need for dissection which is a 1920s style of learning. There are plenty of simulators and apps available which provide the same learning experience for students.

It also seems mildly contradictory for someone who is concerned about animals to be forced to participate in an activity that goes against their beliefs. Dissection may actually be turning compassionate and caring students AWAY from careers in animal health - which is not what anyone would want.

It is an issue that many students are interested in, and we've got more info about it here:

via Unleashed

Pineapple_Punch Pineapple_Punch 21 January 2013
I've noticed most of these posts are saying that thy are against dissection, but there's even people training to be veterinarians. I would just like to say first off its amazing seeing so many young people getting involved and creating a better future for animals, but that said - think logically. Dissection is necessary for scientists to better understand animals bodies, for both medicinal and surgical reasons. Without understanding the anatomy of an animal how do you hope to work in veterinary, animal husbandry, zoology, animal nutrition ect? And if that's not your goal perhaps its someone elses in your class who might miss out if you convince schools to stop this education.
via Unleashed

jmsie jmsie 21 January 2013
Continue to lobby for the addition of an animal law subject!
via Unleashed

super_samx super_samx 21 January 2013
There's a wide range of vegetarian food and I'm hoping to set up a collection bin for the local no-kill shelter, where I got my dog!
via Unleashed

nattdachanster nattdachanster 21 January 2013
Spreading the word around about making a difference for the animals. Bring it to everyone I encounter to there attention what they should be aware of and what they can do to prevent them in every possible way. I usually like to be out and about by having this Bare Backpack. I can spread the point of getting across to everyone I usually come to meet with. Also being a Photograph/Video Editor I can always network around.
via Unleashed

lilz02 lilz02 21 January 2013
I am homeschooled so every day
I think how I can help animals in any way
I don't have sit in the canteen and scoff animals and stuff
I get to eat yummy food and I am tough
because I help wild animals on my place
and I give rescued cats love in my space
I think about the suffering animals go through
and I take action when i can because I know I have to.
So no school for me, hey I'm too cool,
I love animals, wont eat them, I'm no fool!
love love love
via Unleashed

Hayley7 Hayley7 21 January 2013
we can make a difference in our schools, TAFE, etc, if we all go against dissection, make projects about the poor animals and overall they should be cared for as much as us.  idea wave rabbit pig turtle starfish snail kitty frog monkey orcawhale fish dove dog cow chick beaverhug
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Nadia1986 Nadia1986 21 January 2013
I will continue to support Animals Australia and continue to volunteer my time to my local animal shelter which I have been volunteering at for the last 3 years.

Continuing to educate and make myself aware of issues that are not just affecting animals in Australia but animals around the world is important so that I am able to inform and educate others about important issues affecting not just companion animals but animals in captivity.

I will continue to support Animals Australia and encourage others to do so and spread the word on how important it is to get active and make a CHANGE!!
via Unleashed

ChelseaK ChelseaK 21 January 2013
I'm studying yr12 this year and I chose my English oral topic as "banning live export" it'll be eye opening for my peers to see why it's such a terrifying industry.
via Unleashed

Jamie15 Jamie15 21 January 2013
I'll put stickers and stuff all over my books! And also maybe do some presentations. happy
via Unleashed

christopherson christopherson 21 January 2013
I help promote awareness for animal rights rallies at my university when they are being held in the City centre.
via Unleashed

Emilie Emilie 21 January 2013
I'm embarking on a 6 month plant-fueled tour of Southeast Asia with my vegan passport, (Bare?) backpack and smiles, spreading the word about animal rights and vegan cuisine!
via Unleashed

Emilie Emilie 21 January 2013
I'd be using this backpack on my vegan travels around Southeast Asia! For six months I'm going to be doing a food tour of Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia and more armed with good vibes, my Vegan passport and my backpack.. Maybe an amazing Bare backpack! wink
I plan to spread the word across Asia and learn amazing vegan cooking to share when I'm back!
via Unleashed

ChiefBunney ChiefBunney 22 January 2013
Hello everyone!! happy
Don't really know what to write, I'm just a long-life vegetarien, now vegan, every time searching for nice people/vegans to connect with and cool stuff made without animal cruelty.
I broke up stying at the university but there is a vegan cooking meeting I'm attending and introducing my ideas.
So I would like to have one of these very special and cool backpacks! For my long journey of life I have to carry a large weight... Thank you! x
via Unleashed

piccolanippy piccolanippy 22 January 2013
I'd ask the teacher if we could do a study on animal welfare.
via Unleashed

Macs96 Macs96 22 January 2013
By continuing to show all my friends how delicious vegetarian food is (3 have already converted!) amd not buying/wearing Amy cosmetics that may be tested on animals.
via Unleashed

Mazzakat Mazzakat 22 January 2013
Sharing the joys of veganism with classmates helps show them how being vegan is attainable to all!
via Unleashed

Aerin Aerin 23 January 2013
I am a vegan so I will be asking and encouraging the my Uni to offer more vegetarian and vegan food options on campus.
via Unleashed

Rhiannon1 Rhiannon1 23 January 2013
To continue to be vegan throughout 2013 and tell everyone at Uni how amazing I feel since not eating any animal products and how healthy my hair and skin is now I use shampoos, soaps and moisturizers that have no animal products and are completely vegan.  broccoli strong
via Unleashed

Rhiannon1 Rhiannon1 23 January 2013
I will continue being a vegan throughout 2013 and I will be telling everyone at Uni how amazing and healthy I feel I will be letting everyone know that my hair and skin looks fantastic due to organic vegan shampoos and soaps. Even if I don't win I will be buying one of these bags so when people complement my bag I can tell them all about being vegan and what they can do to help even by simply buying a bag  broccoli
via Unleashed

hanjie94 hanjie94 24 January 2013
In school, we promote "Vegetarian Day" on every Thursday and encourage food stalls to sell more choices of vegetables. A group of people in our school converted to eat more vegetables.
via Unleashed

SophieM SophieM 24 January 2013
I%u2019m holding several fundraisers where I%u2019ll sell vegan food at lunchtime and all proceeds will be donated to Animals Australia. I%u2019ve also been persuading the canteen to supply vegan options.  broccoli
via Unleashed

SophieM SophieM 24 January 2013
I'm holding several fundraisers where I'll sell vegan food at lunchtime and all proceeds will be donated to Animals Australia. I've also been persuading the canteen to supply vegan options. broccoli
via Unleashed

Sophia Sophia 25 January 2013
When do we find out who wins?
via Unleashed

babspop babspop 27 January 2013
Get my Uni mates together for a day of rescuing. Joining the RSPCA as volunteers and having a fun day for all students to raise money and become aware of the great work these fabulous people do for our animal community. We may even have some adoptions happy
via Unleashed

Han Han 9 May 2013
At my school, we started an organic veggie plot, and everyone got their own veggie garden to grow lovely fresh veggies! We also built a chook pen and ran a chook rescue, taking in chickens from local farmers once they were finished laying so they could live out the rest of their lives in peace! It was great - the freshest salads for school lunches as well as fertiliser and weeding carried out by our beloved chookies!!! Didn't taken too much space either, and gave heaps of us a greater appreciation of fresh foods and realisation that the chicken meat from supermarkets comes from living, breathing animals whom became our lunchtime friends rather than food!
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