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Everyone Deserves A Day Off!

Everyone Deserves A Day Off!

Posted 17 January 2013   by Anthony         Permalink | 12 Comments

Tags: Australia Day, Everyone Deserves A Day Off, lamb, video, go veg

Two things bring us together as Australians - we're all mates and we all love a day off. This Australia Day, YOU can join the campaign to give our animal mates a day off too - a day off the menu! It'd be un-Australian not to...

Shane Warne, the cast of Home and Away, and a Bondi lifeguard. What do they all have in common? They're all Australian and they all love a day off. Every year across this great nation, Australians unite on January 26th to celebrate our shared love of having a day off. (Umm ... that's right, isn't it?) This year you can make a stand for our four legged mates, by keeping them off your plate. On Australia Day ... Everyone Deserves a Day Off.

However you choose to celebrate your day off, fight un-Australianism, and bring a plate of delicious veggie tucker. Going to a barbie? Cook up some true-blue veggie snags. Picnic? What could be more Australian then taking some lamingtons! Beach party? Wrap yourself in an Aussie flag and take some veggie wraps. The options are as wide as this dry, brown land we call home. You could even host a barbie yourself, encouraging friends to bring a cruelty-free plate.

There's heaps of other ways you can get involved but the best way to celebrate all that's good about Australia is to keep meat off the menu.

Being Australian means more than just ending all your words with the letter "O". So this Australia Day, stand up for the underdog (undersheep?), because Everyone Deserves a Day Off!!

If you're over the idea that being Australian means eating animals, then share this campaign far and wide! You know it makes sense. ;)

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Mary6 Mary6 17 January 2013
Animals do deserve a day off!! I wish mine and my bff's parents would let animals have a day off at our annual picnic but they just won't listen and her mum won't let us even discuss activism or animal cruelty!!
via Unleashed

z1 z1 18 January 2013
I'll be having some real aussie tucker. A cup of tea and a biscute. None of this lamb nonsense, that's yuppy food.
via Unleashed

Jessica27 Jessica27 18 January 2013
I was so cranky when that Sam guy was on Sunrise the other morning going on about how you have to be Australian and eat lamb or you will get Lamnesia!
What a load of rubbish! poor lambys
via Unleashed

*Steph* *Steph* 19 January 2013
I wouldn't eat my dog or cat on Australia Day (or any other day...), why would I eat my lamb? Those who consume them have clearly never known the love of them.
via Unleashed

pokie pokie 21 January 2013
I'll celebrate Australia Day..and care for all animal life..not eat them!! cool
via Unleashed

mandy-lou mandy-lou 21 January 2013
I won't be eating animals on Australia Day just as I don't eat them any other day. One less meateater on the planet is one less murdered animal n
via Unleashed

Sophia Sophia 22 January 2013
Animals sure do deserve a day off and what an awesome way to show it!! I defiantly will be giving all fury friends a day off as I do every day! clap
via Unleashed

Stef1 Stef1 23 January 2013
Ugh - just saw the 'lambnesia' ad for the first time on youtube -__- absolutely ridiculous..
via Unleashed

bugmeister bugmeister 25 January 2013
Be more mindful!
via Unleashed

bugmeister bugmeister 25 January 2013
Please oh please think about having a strong and public campaign against the "Un-Australian not to eat Lamb on Australia Day" campaign for next year.

I can't recall seeing such an obvious, and successful sad, manipulation to try and insert something into our Australian  "culture" (which means many things if we're to be accepting and proud of our multiculturalism).  And all at the cost of additional innocent lives.

I for one am willing to donate to get a campaign into the public's face!
via Unleashed

JKM JKM 28 January 2013
My husband who isn't even vegetarian thinks that ad campaign is ridiculous.
via Unleashed

VeganGirl VeganGirl 17 February 2013
So true !!!!  peace love
via Unleashed


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