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Israel Is-real awesome!

Israel Is-real awesome!

Posted 4 January 2013   by Anthony         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: animal testing, cruelty free, Israel

Have you ever done something really great, and every one congratulated you and was proud of you and you felt really good about yourself? Well, for the country of Israel - that moment is now! Find out what they did that deserves a massive round of applause.

Israel has just banned the import, marketing and sale of any toiletries, cosmetics and detergents that were tested on animals in their development. So now people there will not only look and smell good - they'll also feel good, knowing that animals weren't tortured and killed for the sake of their shampoo and deodorant.

Ricky Gervais tweet

The law here at the moment is that consumer products can't be tested on animals IN Australia. While that may sound like a win, the problem is that big companies like Colgate and L'Oreal (and hundreds of others!) simply just test on animals in other countries before sending their products to Australia stores.

And the testing that is done on animals is probably as close to torture as anything you'll have heard of. You can find out more about it here (if you're brave enough).

The good news is that you don't need to be the country of Israel to help free animals from cruel testing.

Here's three powerful ways you can stand up against animal testing:

1) Take the pledge against products that have been tested on animals
2) Grab your own copy of the Cruelty-Free List which makes it easy for you to know what stuff is animal-friendly.
3) Send an email to our own politicians calling for an end to the importation of products that have been tested on animals.

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Dorit Dorit 4 January 2013
Good on you, Israel! Leading the world again happy's a pity that this small country cops such a hard time from many who only see the one-sided news reports on the media & are misinformed about any real situation there, while the complete truth, as well as all the innovations in science, technology, humanity (eg, the article above)  & other areas, that come from Israel are pretty much ignored by the media and unknown by the general public sad
via Unleashed

Mary6 Mary6 4 January 2013
that is really AWESOME!!! of them!!
ecstatic  dance dance dance
but i hate how so many brands still test!!
via Unleashed

z1 z1 4 January 2013
That's great but..Israel is awesome? I take it you didn't see the recent 7:30 report on the Israeli abattoir which was on par, if not worse than the Egyptian and Indonesian abattoirs..or have seen the orthodox Jewish animal torture rituals, not to mention the apartheid state persecution and murder of Palestinians.
via Unleashed

z1 z1 4 January 2013
whoops, censored comments sad
via Unleashed

Kelsey1 MsDrago Kelsey1 MsDrago 5 January 2013
Yea! banana banana banana banana dance dance dance
via Unleashed

BobSherwoodForest BobSherwoodForest 19 January 2013
We need to try and avoid criticizing Israel by adding to forum posts small news snippets containing hate or unwanted Palestinian border war news. If this is done then one should add that each day without fail  Israels neighbour's fire rocket shells at Israeli settlements, farms and homes, yet few observers ever criticize them for this.

I am pro-Israel, why? Well it might be the books I have read, maybe watching the film Exodus several times, or maybe it was the shocking photos found in a photo album handed in to Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, which show a train load of Jewish innocents being processed by the Nazis. Life to the right, Death to the left, Israel is the survivors state, a refuge, a home, and a right to life under their own terms and rule, surely none of us would object to this?
via Unleashed

Vegan Safe Vegan Safe 19 March 2013
Perhaps we should not get too political on Unleashed, but some of these comments above demand a response.

First of all Dorit, I am not sure what newspapers you are reading, but I can tell you that in Australia, most of the media is pretty biased towards pro-Israel. Thats probably because 70% of the newspapers in this country belong to the right winged News Ltd.  But then again, perhaps you are reading news from somewhere else.  

BobSherwood - you tell people to stop criticising Israe,l or posting snippets of hate, and then you turn around and say that you are pro-Israel. Well, is this not a contradiction in terms.  You tell people not to behave in one way, and yet you blatantly tell us that you favour one particular country over another.  And yes, I do consider Palestine a country.  

You then go on to say why you are pro-Israel, which includes seeing a fictional movie, a film that has been described as a 'zionist epic'. And that is where the real problems start, not with the Jews, but the Zionists, and what they stand for.

I don't know what books you have read, but you should realise that their are two sides to every story.  Perhaps you should take another look at what you read.  Make I suggest you start of with some John Pilger, for some light reading, and then go from there.

Both of you seem to think that Israel is hard done by, and there is no doubt that terrible things have been done by both sides, but you should perhaps look at the history of the area, before Israel declared itself a State, to look at why these problems have actually emerged. My best friend is half-Palestinian, and I only mention this fact, because I always remember the stories her mother told of when she was a little girl, and how her family was thrown out of their homes and only had time to collect a few photos.  She was only one of thousands that this happened to, and there are many more living in refugee camps.  

But lets move to modern day Israel.  You talk about observers never criticising Israel's neighbours for firing rocket shells at Israeli settlements.  Perhaps this might be because these 'observers' i.e. the United Nations have continually told Israel to halt these settlements, because there can never be peace when they continue to build on territory that would be part of a two state solution.  No country in the world could be arrogant enough to ignore the United Nations except Israel.  

And lets not forget how Israel treats its own citizens, or at least what lengths they would go to shut them up. Just look at duel Australian/Israeli citizen, Ben Zygier as a recent example.

Bob, you also mention that finding out about the Jewish holocaust also changed your views.  There is no doubt that what was done to the Jews was atrocious, but this should not entitle anyone to their own State.  If this were the case, everyone would be forming their own little countries.  We have to learn to get along with each other, not ostracise from the rest of the world. And if you want to talk about holocausts, why not research the Palestinian holocaust, which came out of Israel claiming their own State.

At the end of the day, everyone is entitled to their opinions, but as I have stated, there is always two sides to every stories.  And keep in mind that there are also many prominent Jews are also critical of Israel.  Perhaps you should read what they have to say and why they are so critical.
via Unleashed


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