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Goats too?!

Goats too?!

Posted 21 May 2013   by Amy         Permalink | 8 Comments

Tags: live export, goats, action, Animals Australia, investigation, video

We all know Australia exports sheep and cattle for slaughter, but did you know we also export goats? :-(

A new Animals Australia investigation has revealed MORE cruelty in the live export industry, this time in Malaysia, and this time to goats! This is the first footage of exported goats ever released and they are literally screaming out for help.

Animals Australia's investigators witnessed goats being roughly handled, shoved into bags and stuffed into the boots of cars. When these unlucky animals arrive at their final destinations, stressed out and frightened, they have their throats cut while fully conscious.

It is absolutely clear that live export rules aren't working. EVERYWHERE we look in this trade, we find cruelty.

What happened to these goats really makes me sick. Worse still, we've also recently uncovered footage of a poor bull, we've named Jacob, who was one of many animals brutally killed in Egypt .

Want to put your foot down against live export cruelty? Then take action today:

If you're 18+, head here to tell your MP to ban live export.
If you're under 18, click here to tell the PM whats what!

It is a little known fact that goats have been known to show unconditional love, just like a dog. So show some love for goats and together we can make a difference for them!

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Jane5 Jane5 6 December 2013
Animals deserve our grace and compassion, not brutality!! They are not ours to use and abuse!!!
via Unleashed

Shae The Animal Saver Shae The Animal Saver 6 December 2013
This is cruel! I love animals and this has to stop. Animals shouldn't be in pain just for money OR AT ALL
via Unleashed

Ciiw Ciiw 10 December 2013
I am literally against it. Human should have so little respect these dumb animals.
via Unleashed

Contortionist Contortionist 19 December 2013
Thats sad we need to treat them better
via Unleashed

pug_life pug_life 21 December 2013
goats are beautiful animals they need more respect
via Unleashed

pug_life pug_life 21 December 2013
via Unleashed

_jorja_&_molly_ _jorja_&_molly_ 1 January 2014
as supporters of animals this is a mess we need to take action angry
via Unleashed

AnnieMay AnnieMay 20 April 2014
There will never be peace until we value all lives equally.
via Unleashed


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