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Factory farmers scared of flying pigs

Factory farmers scared of flying pigs

Posted 6 June 2013   by Amy         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: Make it Possible, ad, Coles, factory farming, pigs, chickens, video

I've been on the edge of my seat these past few days, wanting to let you know about Animals Australia's Make it Possible shopping bags being sold in Coles supermarkets. But the last day or so has been a real rollercoaster ride. So now that news has changed.

The National Farmers Federation has been doing everything it can to keep shoppers in the dark about factory farming. And we're simply not going to let that happen!

Here's the rundown:


When Coles announced that they would be selling our Make it Possible bags in stores for the month of June, the rural lobby went into a frenzy. They called for producers to boycott Coles. (Someone needs to tell them that opposing a campaign to help people make kind choices for animals is really not a good look.)

Coles stood strong in their support of the campaign and have been overwhelmed by public praise, from everyone, except factory farmers and live exporters (big surprise). But sadly, amidst the vicious attack from the NFF, those at the heart of this issue -- the animals -- were being forgotten. And we could not stand by and let that happen!

The hens in tiny cages, the mother pigs crammed in crates, and the 'meat' chickens who will never see sunlight need their stories to be told!

We knew it was time to get the conversation back onto the animals ... So we've asked Coles to remove the bags from sale, for now. And we're switching gears and putting our foot down on the accelerator!

The farming lobby doesn't want to see this little pig in supermarkets? Fine. We'll beam her into every living room across the country instead! Starting next week, the award winning Make it Possible ad will be back on television -- nation-wide. In case you're wondering which ad I'm talking about, here's a refresher (the extended version):

I'm sure you are just as mad as I am about the farming lobby opposing an initiative to improve animal welfare. So channel that outrage into action, and help achieve what they so desperately wanted to avoid -- exposure of how animals suffer in factory farms. Here's what you can do to help:

  • Share the Make it Possible film on your facebook page. Make sure everyone hears about the cruelty the NFF wanted to hide.
  • Send some love to Coles.They deserve a cyber high five. They've been a leader on animal welfare amongst Aussie supermarkets and we'll keep encouraging them to do more for animals.
  • Grab yourself a Make it Possible bag here. (Since you can't get them in Coles anymore, we've put them on special online.) Then waltz that little piggy right into Coles for every other shopper to see. If you get a picture of yourself shopping with your bag, make sure to post it on Unleashed's facebook page, because I wanna see :)
  • Piggify your profile pic

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Bill Tovey Bill Tovey 6 June 2013
I dont really understand why you opted to stop sellling the bags at Coles. You said the focus was being shifted away from the animals but itsnt it actually bringing more awareness to the issue? Wouldnt this publicity gonna help the cause?-it seems like the lobbyists got their own way. Is there more to this story?
via Unleashed

Jesse Jesse 7 June 2013
Hi Bill, thanks for the feedback. I can assure you that we were disappointed that the situation came to this too. As an organisation, we put very careful consideration into our campaign strategies - always asking 'Will this have the biggest impact for animals?'. If we had believed it was in the best interest of the Make It Possible campaign at this time, and that it was going to have the greatest impact for animals, then we would have pushed on.

But any strategic campaign is about being adaptable - knowing when to push harder, and when to redirect and redouble your efforts to where they can have the greatest impact. And after careful consideration, weighing up all the factors, we decided that at this time we could have a greater impact refocusing our efforts and our supporters' efforts on another critical aspect of the Make It Possible campaign - ensuring the animals who should be at the heart of this discussion are beamed back into homes nationwide - reaching an even bigger audience.

Obviously, it's incredibly disappointing that rather than supporting efforts to improve animal welfare in Australia, the National Farmers Federation have whipped up a frenzy to keep consumers in the dark. In this ugly attack, the animals were being forgotten. And we could not stand by and let that happen. By redirecting our efforts and those of our supporters, for now, we believe we can reclaim the conversation, bringing the focus back onto the animals and achieve greater public awareness.
via Unleashed

Denise1 Denise1 7 June 2013
via Unleashed

Denise1 Denise1 7 June 2013
I think AA has a bigger vision in mind and it will work and the public will support your efforts.  Bring factory farming down AA.
via Unleashed

Sarah Sarah 12 June 2013
I saw the ad (twice) on Masterchef on Monday! That was fantastic! Though I am wondering when the whole nation will see the ad, and for how long will the ad be playing?

via Unleashed

Amy Amy 12 June 2013
Hi Sarah. The ads are now playing across networks 9, 10 and SBS in all major metropolitan areas and extending as far into regional areas as our budget allows. At this stage they'll stay on air for the next few weeks at least but we're hoping to keep raising funds to keep them on air for as long as possible happy
via Unleashed

Sarah Sarah 13 June 2013
That's great to hear! happy
via Unleashed


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