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You're sorry for what?

You're sorry for what?

Posted 24 June 2013   by Amy         Permalink | 11 Comments

Tags: live export, cows, action

I've got to be honest with you, most of the time I find politics kind of a snore. Words like chambers and constituencies make my brain go into Homer Simpson mode. (Although, if you say 'caucus' ten times over it’s bound to make you giggle).

However, my ears pricked up at some political news I heard today. The Coalition leaders want to apologise to Indonesia, on behalf of the Australian people, for the temporary suspension of live exports in 2011. Excuse me? I'm an Australian person. Don’t be apologising on behalf of me, thank you very much.

There were very good reasons for stopping the export of cattle to Indonesia. First up, animals were being abused and brutally killed.

Secondly, the Australian people called for a ban. After Four Corners exposed the shocking cruelty to cattle in Indonesia, people rallied across the country and politicians' inboxes were flooded with emails from people calling for an end to live export.


The Coalition leaders appear to have forgotten this. (Which is why I think the world should be run by elephants. Elephants never forget.) Tony Abbott, Julie Bishop and Warren Truss -- three big-wigs in the Federal Coalition -- have all expressed the 'need' to apologise to Indonesia.

Hold up, 4 out of 5 Australians support the campaign to end live export altogether. So how the Coalition government imagines that this apology is representative of the Australian people is beyond me. They would effectively be apologising for trying to end some of the worst animal cruelty ever documented in the live trade. And we should NOT be apologising for trying to prevent animal abuse.

In my opinion there is someone else they should be apologising to: the millions of Australian animals who have, and continue to, suffer in the live export trade. Despite 'safeguards' introduced by the Australian government, since 2011, cruelty to exported animals has continued to be exposed -- in Indonesia (again), Kuwait, Qatar, Pakistan, Israel, Mauritius, Egypt and Malaysia.

I think our pollies need a reminder that Australians care about the treatment of our animals and we should not be apologising for trying to protect them from cruelty. Click here to send a message to the leaders of the Coalition that they won't be representing you if they apologise to Indonesia.

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Nosy Nosy 25 June 2013
...this has to stop!!
via Unleashed

Pingping Pingping 25 June 2013
losers.  Sometimes i just cant be bothered to comment.  The utter ignorance is tiring and sometimes its like hitting your head repeatedly against a brick wall.
via Unleashed

Kelly1010 Kelly1010 25 June 2013
Not yet registered to vote as haven't taken our citizenship yet - but when we can vote we will NOT vote for a party that condones, supports or makes excuses for live export.  It is unnesecessary, unfair, and outright cruel.
via Unleashed

Tanyaka Tanyaka 25 June 2013
Signed and shared. Is there a link to a source where Abbott stated this??
via Unleashed

dotabbey dotabbey 25 June 2013
We will NOT apologise. We will NOT back down Gillard and Abbott. We are Australian and being an Australian is to show compassion and love towards all beings. We will not apologise for anything until this abuse is put to rest!!!
via Unleashed

Adrienne Adrienne 25 June 2013
We do not want our animals to be sent overseas to face such a deplorable end.  Mr Abbot should be saying sorry to all the innocent animals who have gone this way.  Stop live export.
via Unleashed

Amy Amy 26 June 2013
Hi Tanyaka. Here is an article in The Australian about Tony Abbott stating that he will apologise to Indonesia
via Unleashed

Nettyballs Nettyballs 26 June 2013
when will this stop???
via Unleashed

Jessy Jessy 1 July 2013
The arrogance and ignorance of the coalition on this issue (and many others for that matter) is deplorable and downright sickening. It scares me that I will be internationally represented by them if they are elected. They certainly won't be getting my vote in the upcoming election...nor will any other party that supports the continuation of this trade. It will take a smart and gutsy government to implement a phase out of this medieval industry, and the coalition are neither.
via Unleashed

tiedyedtofu tiedyedtofu 1 July 2013
That cow doesn't look too happy. (I wouldn't be happy if I knew I was going to be killed)
via Unleashed

Okami ovo vegetarian Okami ovo vegetarian 19 November 2014
BAN LIVE EXPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cow furious angry sad
via Unleashed


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