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200 year old fish killed for fun.

200 year old fish killed for fun.

Posted 4 July 2013   by Amy         Permalink | 10 Comments

Tags: fishing, fish, go veg, vegetarian

What would you do if you came across someone who had managed to live to the ripe old age of two hundred years?

This is Stanley. (But his mates called him Stan.) He is a bright pink 'shortraker' who lived off the coast of southern Alaska. At his age, he could have been a great, great, GREAT grandfather to goodness knows how many fish. On the day he was killed, he could have been on his way to visit an old friend to talk about last night's game, or the cold weather they’d been having. (Did you know that fish communicate using low-frequency squeaks? Some even sing.)

Whatever his story is, one thing is for sure – Stan wanted to live.

This is Henry. Henry is the guy who pulled Stanley out of the water. When fish are taken out of the water, they immediately start to suffocate. It's the exact same feeling as if you or I were pulled under water and started to drown. (Check out this video where Ewan McGregor imagines what this must be like for a fish: Desserts).


Poor Stanley was a goner the minute he was pulled up. Fish that live very deep down in the ocean (approximately 275 metres in this case) have something called a "swim bladder" which is filled with gas and helps them to remain buoyant. When they are brought to the surface, the gas in the bladder expands and usually bursts, causing the fish to die. Sounds painful doesn’t it? :(

Henry is a "recreational fisher." This is what he does for fun. He plans to have Stanley mounted on his wall so that he can tell the story to friends, family and visitors in his home. I wonder if Henry knows that he can get trophies for table tennis too and no-one has to die.

Fish biologist Kristen Green said she was very sad to see a fish this old taken from the sea. However she also noted that "this is a drop in the ocean compared to what the commercial fisheries take."

She’s right. Commercial fishing kills billions of animals every year -- more than any other industry. Often, more than half of the fish pulled out of the sea by trawlers are unwanted and tossed back. Unfortunately, most will already be dead by this time and those that aren’t will probably die from their injuries or be too weak to escape from predators. :(

The good news is that there is a very easy way that you can save hundreds of fish (and other animals too). Simply don’t eat them. Pledge to take animals off your plate today and start saving lives. :) Stan would be so proud!

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Risto Risto 5 July 2013
Please go vegan if not already! Killing and eating animals is a real horror! This story made me very sad!
via Unleashed

2pinkpossums 2pinkpossums 12 July 2013
disgusting. this low life should not be able to sleep at night I wish this pain upon him
via Unleashed

NH NH 16 July 2013
Why do some people not eat meat but eat fish? Fish are animals too. Sad story.
via Unleashed

Emily98 Emily98 20 July 2013
This is horrible. Stanley, by all means, deserved to live! He could've gotten to 300 years of age if Henry left him where he was meant to be. May Stanley rest in peace.  angry fish cry
via Unleashed

Joshua1 Joshua1 7 August 2013
If stan had such good mates, why didn't they help him?? And if eating fish is wrong, why do they taste so good?
via Unleashed

Madhu1 Madhu1 9 August 2013
Judging from the grin on his face Henry doesn't understand the magnitude of his action! SAD.
via Unleashed

Tommy Twitchet the cat Tommy Twitchet the cat 28 August 2013
That is so evil. How could some-one do that?! How can he sleep at night? And he looks HAPPY ABOUT IT!??? what the???

R.I.P Stanley
 orcawhale cry confused sad
via Unleashed

Tess3 Tess3 3 September 2013
fish R.I.P Stanley you will be forever missed by your fish family  bye
via Unleashed

ox.kylie.xo ox.kylie.xo 14 December 2013
This I'd really sad... But it's not even about his age (200yrs or more) or why he was killed (for fun) its about the fact that someone killed him... Even if he wasn't 200yrs old and/or killed for fun... It's horrible and wrong! Oh and that joshua1 needs to be deleted from this website I just seen another post of his trying to tell people that eating vegitarian meals means there is more blood on your hands... He as you would say a troll and is only on here to be anti animal rights... You can tell that by both his comments and his profile picture!!
via Unleashed

Contortionist Contortionist 19 December 2013
Thats mean and cruel. R.I.P stanley fish cry fish cry fish cry
via Unleashed


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