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Adoption competition winner!

Adoption competition winner!

Posted 12 July 2013   by Amy         Permalink | 1 Comment

Tags: competition, winner, giveaway, adoption

Congratulations to Sol for being the lucky winner of last month’s adoption competition. (Well, Sol’s chooks are the lucky ones really.)

We asked for your stories of adopted animals. And we could not go past Sol's story of rescuing three chickens from living in terrible cramped conditions just weeks before they would’ve been slaughtered.

“They now enjoy dust bathing, roaming free and climbing up fruit trees and eating our peaches! They each have their own personalities. Gingernut is very greedy. Miss Pepperpot likes to hide her eggs and change her hiding spot every few days! And Popcorn loves to jump, run and pop to her food! They can finally stretch their wings properly and love to run (especially when they see me with the food bucket!) They are very cheeky and smart and cunning. It’s nice to see finally that these chickens are loved for who they are and not valued for what they can produce. In fact I love chickens so much I’m going to rescue some more in the near future.”

That last part in bold brought a tear to my eye. Imagine if all animals could live like this. What an amazing world that would be ...

It's clear that the Unleashed community is full of people with inspiring stories of rescued animals. So picking just one winner was tough! I’d like to give a shout out to Tammie2 who rescued two rabbits from filthy conditions and helped them to become happy, healthy bunnies.

Credit to LouiseL as well, who took in a mother and her five pups who had nowhere to go, and found loving homes for all of them. No easy feat cleaning up after five puppies, I’m sure.

And last special mention goes to Steffy T who adopted a cat with possibly the best name ever – Ninja! (Awesome.) Does anyone have a dog named Pirate? Then we could finally answer the age old question ... pirate vs. ninja  - who would win?*

Thanks also to Steffy for summing up my thoughts on adoption to a tee: "Adoption really is the kindest thing you could do for an animal and everyone who adopts is a HERO!"

200-Unlikely-friendships.jpg So a big high five to all the heroes out there. And a high ten to Sol for winning the adorable Unlikely Friendships book. I’m sure it will make a great bedtime story for Miss Pepperpot, Gingernut and Popcorn.

Thanks again to everyone for entering. If you missed out this time, never fear. We will have a new competition up and running very soon! In the meantime, why not be a hero and make the pledge to always adopt.

*Animals Australia does not condone animal fighting of any kind. (Unless maybe Ninja cat and Pirate dog were in suitably fitted sumo wrestling suits and their safety was guaranteed.)

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Veggie Veronica Veggie Veronica 12 July 2013
Congratulations everyone! They're all really heart-warming stories! I can't wait to adopt my cat, bird, hamsters and chooks...
kitty wave
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