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Hey girl, love pigs?

Hey girl, love pigs?

Posted 16 July 2013   by Amy         Permalink | Be the first to comment

Tags: pigs, factory farming, Make it Possible, celebrity, Ryan Gosling

Just when you thought Ryan Gosling couldn’t be any more swoon-worthy, he is. Gosling has penned a very moving article for The Globe and Mail calling on the pork industry to stop confining pigs to tiny cages. Or in other words:


RG compares pigs to his beloved best buddy George, pictured with Gosling below. (These two are so cute together that they have a whole tumblr page dedicated to their adorableness.) Ryan says that confining pigs for weeks on end is something that he would never dream of doing to George, "and that no compassionate Canadian would ever do to any animal."


Pigs are getting an awesome rap in the media lately. Just last week, Australia’s former Minister for Trade hollered “Save the pigs!” in an opinion article. “Pigs deserve our attention and care,” says Dr Emerson.

Pigs are individuals, each with their own unique personalities, just like dogs. (My house mate’s dog, Cindy, puts herself to bed at 10.30 pm on the dot every night, and gets real grumpy if you try and talk to her after that.)

Thankfully, people all over Australia are starting to realise that we need to be taking better care of pigs. Make it Possible (our campaign to end factory farming) has just reached the 150,000 pledge mark. More and more people every day are being touched by the plight of pigs (and other factory farmed animals) and pledging to take steps towards a world without factory farming.

If you want to speak up for pigs, like Ryan, then share with your friends. Help us reach 200,000 Aussies pledging to end factory farming!

Meanwhile, who else would you like to see speak up for pigs? And what’s your favourite ‘Hey girl’ meme? Drop me a link in the comments. I’m addicted :)

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