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How to make the election campaign more fun than reality TV.

How to make the election campaign more fun than reality TV.

Posted 6 August 2013   by Amy         Permalink | Be the first to comment

Tags: live export, politics, election, vote

07.09.2013 = election day. Which means for the next month, there is going to be one question on everyone’s mind: which of Australia’s Next Top Prime Ministers has the X Factor to win Project Election Runway? To help us get through a month of non-stop ads with politicians holding smiling babies and super-fast-authorisation-messages at the end, I’ve come up with four 2013 election games to make this season of federal campaigning the funnest yet!

This Is The Voice Chart:

Let’s face it, when all the pollies wear the same shade of blue, it can be tough to figure out the difference between the lot of them. ABC’s Vote Compass gives you a chance to turn away from the faces on the screen and really figure out which one has the ‘it factor’ for you. Hit your buzzer on the issues that matter to you and the Vote Compass will clearly map out which of the three major political parties is the best match for what you care about. Click here to find out who is your perfect (political) match.

My favourite part of The Chart is this question: ‘Live animal exports should be banned.’ Live export has officially made it through the battle rounds and in to the top 30 issues on the political agenda. Why? Thanks to you! Which brings me to my next favourite 2013 election campaign game ...


The Amazing BLE Race:

Last month we reached one million actions taken against live export! That’s one million times that people have spoken up for the victims of this cruel trade, such as Jacob, Dudley, Tommy, Brian, Bill and Arthur.

But the race is not over! (And the action counter has certainly not slowed down.) You can join the amazing race to ban live export by heading here to complete challenges and track your progress. (Don’t forget to get your best race buddy in on it too!)

Minute To Get In It:

Normally in Minute To Win It the challenges are a lot harder than they seem. Well, Minute To Get In It is actually as simple as it sounds! ‘Get in what?’ I hear you asking. Get in the greatest game of all time – the game of Australian politics. Ok, that might be slightly OTT but if you haven’t done so already, click here to register to vote. Voting is the easiest way to have your say about the things that are important to you. You need to enrol before Monday 12 August in order to win. What’s the prize? The opportunity to be heard at tribal council in Australian politics! Yay!

And last but not least,

Who wore it better?


NOTE: Animals Australia now has a neat political map to help you find out how animal-friendly your electorate is. Click here to write a ‘report card’ for your MP and put animals on the political map.

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