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Koalas are so smart!

Koalas are so smart!

Posted 23 August 2013   by Amy         Permalink | 1 Comment

Tags: live export, politics, election, vote, koalas

What do all the boxes mean? How can I make my vote count most for animals? Why aren't 'hugs' on the election agenda? Everything I know about preferential voting I learnt from Dennis the Election Koala and Ken the Voting Dingo.

(Note: There's a few rude words in this, and a cartoon dingo gets slapped, so if that's not your cup of tea you might want to click here for something lovely instead.)


(Hmm ... 'ban live export' must've slipped off the bottom of the page there. Do you know where your MP stands on important animal welfare policies? Click here to help put animals on the political map by submitting a report for your local member.)


Thanks Dennis! (Want to do your bit for koalas like Dennis? Click here to help stop the tragic suffering of koalas in Vic and SA due to the carelessness of timber companies.)

What other policies do you think Plom should look into?

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phatcows1 phatcows1 5 September 2013
Thanks Dennis the Election Koala.
While already committed to voting below the line, your advice means my vote will not be wasted.
Major Parties are not listening and this is one way to be heard.
Cruelty and live animal export will be the focus of my attention 7 Sept.
via Unleashed


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