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Let's celebrate cats! And gifs! And cat gifs!

Let's celebrate cats! And gifs! And cat gifs!

Posted 8 August 2013   by Amy         Permalink | 14 Comments

Tags: cats, adopt, pet overpopulation, World Cat Day

Happy World Cat Day! We owe a lot to cats. Did you know that if it weren't for cats, the internet would be filled with nothing but library catalogues and ads for suspicious medications?

To celebrate cats, (and the divine internet), I've collected my favourite cat gifs OF ALL TIME (i.e. that I've seen so far). And they just so happen to show all the reasons I respect and admire cats:

Cats always get what they want:


They secretly love dogs:


They can twerk:


Cats aren't afraid of anything:


(except bananas):


(and balloons):


(ok, they're afraid of EVERYTHING):


They are amazing gymnasts:


They think with their heads:


They know how to chill:


And lastly, because LOOK AT THAT FACE:


Want to do your bit for cats this World Cat Day? The best thing you can do for cats is promise to always adopt rather than buying from a pet store or breeder. Why? Because despite how clearly smart and ridiculously adorable they are, thousands of cats are surrendered to shelters every year, and many of them will end up being put down. In fact, 23 cats and dogs are killed every hour. You can help prevent this by clicking here and making the pledge to always adopt.

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Veggie Veronica Veggie Veronica 8 August 2013
I'm hoping to adopt a cat from my local pet shelter! His name is Jarrah, he's orange and white, and licks my hand when I pat him! happy
via Unleashed

tiedyedtofu tiedyedtofu 9 August 2013
That last gif is adorable. That cat... AHHHHHH!!! Such cuteness
via Unleashed

NH NH 9 August 2013
Cats may be cuddly pals and internet memes, but they destroy the environment with efficiency.
They have been called one of the "worst" invasive species. And a new study published today in Nature Communications suggests that cats are responsible for killing several endangered bird species in the United States, and decimating bird populations on islands all over the world. In the US, cats kill as many as 3.7 billion native birds annually, making them a bigger threat to these creatures than buildings, towers, windows, poison, and cars. But there is a solution to the problem.
All cats, even will-fed pet cats, can kill wildlife and do not always bring their prey home. Many animals escape and are left to die a slow and painful death. Any babies in pouches or left in nests will then die of starvation or predation. A captured bird or possum may appear undamaged but, almost certainly, it will die within 36 hours from shock or infection.
via Unleashed

Veggie Veronica Veggie Veronica 9 August 2013
Jarrah is an indoor cat. I'm aware of the problem, and as a bird lover, I will not let him outside. Anyway, he's prone to skin cancer if he goes outside.
Studies show that indoor cats are happy cats. happy
via Unleashed

Salome1 Salome1 22 August 2013
These videos are hilarious!  I was laughing out loud, really!  What an absolute joy cats are!  Long time I've laughed out loud like that.
via Unleashed

Jenny Jenny 22 August 2013
i love the photos of the cats orcawhale
via Unleashed

odettica odettica 22 August 2013
Amo a los gatos y en general a todos los animales, necesitamos educar en casa y concientizar siempre  para evitar tanta crueldad..
Besos a todas esa bellas e indefensas  criaturas
via Unleashed

roe01 roe01 22 August 2013
Hi Nix You are right that is why we need to educate people who chose to own these lovely animals.  I always had a cat while growing up but was unaware of the plight of our wildlife.  Today I am very much aware and always try to push people to being responsible animal owners.
via Unleashed

cybercat919 cybercat919 22 August 2013
Before we start blaming cats for killing how many billions of animals are killed each year by humans? useless killing just for the sake of killing? Elephants-rhinos-tigers to near extinction to name a few and for what purpose?  We must all do our part to care for our planet where we live.  All of my adopted/rescued cats have always been indoor kitties, with access to outdoor runs safe for them and their environment.
via Unleashed

Abrie Abrie 22 August 2013
makes my live worthwhile
via Unleashed

Robyn3 Robyn3 23 August 2013
What can you say about kitties except they are a blast to share your life with, and I've got two! Flash and Slinky, a non stop (fun)  freak show!!!!
via Unleashed

Tori_Silvertongue Tori_Silvertongue 2 September 2013
I have two cats and they have never killed anything on purpose. And by the way its is dogs that go around killing innocent people and kids. I have never seen in the news: "5 year old kid killed by cat" or "people injured by vicious cat"

Sorry, but i think dogs can do better then that. I still like them, but not when they kill people.
via Unleashed

Tess3 Tess3 3 September 2013
via Unleashed

sauce sauce 4 September 2013
I love cats! Sooo cute!
via Unleashed


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