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This is how ewe headbutt

This is how ewe headbutt

Posted 16 September 2013   by Amy         Permalink | 6 Comments

Tags: sheep, bulls, wool, mulesling, video, cute

Here’s three things you might not know...

1. Sheep make excellent teachers:

2. The wool industry can be a pain in the arse for sheep:

3. Helping sheep is easy as. Give wool the flick.


P.S. Have you ever seen anything cuter than that sheep walking backwards?

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Natasha Natasha 17 September 2013
That's gorgeous!!!!  Look how gentle the sheep is!
via Unleashed

Dr. Chicken Goddess Dr. Chicken Goddess 17 September 2013
That is so cute. its funny watching the sheep walk backwards laugh
via Unleashed

Liz5 Liz5 19 September 2013
More importantly than the cuteness of the teacher sheep, look at what goes on in the next video!
I'm currently living in Holland, where I'm pleased to see that sheeps have tails.
But rather than stop breeding sheep for wool, can't we stop the mulesing, stop the castration without pain relief?
via Unleashed

Helen7 Helen7 19 September 2013
animals can find a common ground, respecting each other, and some can even be real cute.  Just like this video.  We should see more of this, and stamp out  cruelty!.
via Unleashed

NayNay Angie NayNay Angie 22 September 2013
That's so cute!! Who doesn't love sheep!? I don't know how people can be so cruel to themsad
via Unleashed

Emohleh Emohleh 28 September 2013
That is insane.. super cute to super cruel. I'm actually speechless... some people disgust me to the point of questioning humanity and the definition of humane.. I would hate to have to suffer such pain as I'm sure any one would, so why inflict it on a soul that can't defend itself..
via Unleashed


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