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Why is this man crying?

Why is this man crying?

Posted 11 September 2013   by Karen         Permalink | 6 Comments

Tags: dolphins, whales, Taiji, hunting, Japan

This is Satoshi Komiyama, a caring Japanese man who entered the waters of Taiji Cove this week. He is pleading for the lives of wild dolphins who have been captured in underwater nets. Some will be sold to marine parks around the world, where they will live out their lives in captivity.


Later, this idyllic Cove will become the site of one of the world’s most brutal slaughters -- where countless dolphins will be mercilessly killed for their flesh.

Surrounded by police who were there to defend the notorious annual hunt, Satoshi did the only thing he could do -- he held up his sign, and pleaded. But it was only after he submerged his head under water that he could hear it -- families of panicked dolphins crying out in distress. After returning to the surface, Satoshi tried to describe what he heard, and he broke down.

The battle for Taiji dolphins has only just begun, and Japanese advocates like Satoshi are backed by a growing international outcry against the brutal capture and slaughter of these intelligent animals. You can help show Satoshi that Australians stand united with him for the dolphins of Taiji. Click here to send an instant message to the Ambassador of Japan in Australia urging him to end this cruelty.

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Bri-Bri Bri-Bri 11 September 2013
megaphone Have a heart, do your part, while we do ours
via Unleashed

Britgal Britgal 12 September 2013
It truly is the time to stop this barbaric slaughter of dolphins, these are extremely intelligent animals who need to be protected from this so called 'tradition.'  The world cannot step aside and allow this to continue year after year destroying whole dolphin families in such a cruel and disgusting way.  I will not step foot on Japanese soil and I will boycott all products from the country until this all ends!

Please help to stop this!
via Unleashed

akasha akasha 15 September 2013
via Unleashed

comet demuta comet demuta 18 September 2013
Thank you!
via Unleashed

CVFA CVFA 12 October 2013
My gift in song for the Cove Guardians, Dolphins & Whales of Taiji and EVERYWHERE
via Unleashed

Ben7 Ben7 21 October 2013
banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana Have a love
via Unleashed


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