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♥☼☺✽☮ Why vegan? ♡★✺☁☺

♥☼☺✽☮ Why vegan? ♡★✺☁☺

Posted 20 September 2013   by Amy         Permalink | 6 Comments

Tags: vegan, vegetarian, cruelty-free, go veg, food, pig, Edgars Mission

Proof that eating vegetables makes you happy, in 76 seconds:

Doesn’t that just make you want to dance? And eat spinach? I love being vegan for so many reasons. I love knowing that I’m helping save the planet by eating food. I love that I’m probably going to live forever. (Or for a long time at least.) I love discovering awesome new foods like quinoa. But most of all, I love that I can enjoy life without harming others.


Animals want to enjoy life just as much as we do. Check out Hope, living it up at her home at Edgar’s Mission. Here she spends her days playing in the mud, catching up with friends and napping in the sun. Hope’s life started in a much darker place. A place with no grass -- only concrete and metal. A place that doesn’t need to exist. Hope was born into a factory farm.

You can help make sure that animals like Hope are not condemned to a life of darkness and boredom. AND be as HAPPY and HEALTHY as all the veggie-fuelled peeps in the video above! It’s simple. Click here to join the veg crusaders today. (Why not get your friends on board too by hosting a vegan dinner party? Click here for tips.)

Already doing the cruelty-free thang? Tell me what you love about it. :)

(Bud and I posing with my 'Why vegan?' sign. Check out more exclusive pics from Unleashed HQ on our Instagram page - @aaunleashed.)

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tiedyedtofu tiedyedtofu 20 September 2013
After watching that, I want to become vegan really badly. It is a shame mum won't let me. But if I can answer the question I am vegetarian because to me suffering is more important than my appetite happy
via Unleashed

Dr. Chicken Goddess Dr. Chicken Goddess 26 September 2013
Same. i want to be vegan to but my mum wont let me. she says its hard enough to find vegetarian meals but i dont buy what she says. broccoli banana
via Unleashed

misha misha 8 October 2013
I am vegetarian and my Mum is vegan. She started out vegetarian and encourages me to embrace being vegetarian first and then she will support me to go vegan. Too much change too quickly can be too hard as a young teenager. Step by step, take it easy, life is great!
via Unleashed

Amy Amy 8 October 2013
You guys are all champs. Keep up the good work happy
via Unleashed

mightycreeper mightycreeper 20 October 2013
I think its ok to eat meat as long as the animals are treated fairly and humanely and because many animals are carnivores and eat meat too. Its just natural
via Unleashed

Purple Princess Purple Princess 26 February 2015
i want to become vegan EVEN MORE NOW
via Unleashed


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