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Give A Stuff giveaway!

Give A Stuff giveaway!

Posted 15 October 2013   by Amy         Permalink | 147 Comments

Tags: competition, contest, giveaway, win, cute, sanctuary

“Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give.” -- Ben Carson

I’m so excited to tell you about our latest giveaway! It’s possibly the cutest, cuddliest prize that we’ve given away yet. And even better, we’re giving away TWO! Meet the Give A Stuff family:


The best thing about Give A Stuff stuffies is that for every one you adopt, a donation goes to an Australian animal sanctuary. So a little furry munchkin gets a safe and happy home with you, AND you help provide safe and happy homes to animals who might have nowhere to go if it weren’t for these sanctuaries. :) Click here to read about the awesome organisations Give A Stuff supports.

So, because it feels so good to give, we’re giving you the opportunity to give one of these gorgeous stuffed animals to someone you know who gives a stuff about animals. AND we’ll throw in one for you as well. :) TWIN STUFFIES!

Just like you, animals form strong bonds with friends and family members. Sheep, for example, are friendly, social and make great companions.

All you have to do to enter is let us know in the comments below about someone you know who deserves this gift and why. Entries must be less than 150 words and competition closes 1 December 2013.

Good luck!

Psst! Can’t wait that long to get your arms around a Give A Stuff animal? You can purchase your new furry friend here.

« And the winner is ... bobby calves!     Live export #fail »

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Judith Kate Judith Kate 15 October 2013
i'd love to win this for my brother & sis-in-law, for my new baby nephew due in February! i'd be the coolest Aunty ever happy because this would suit their family values perfectly.
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Boar Boar 15 October 2013
I think my best friend tabitha should get a pig, she's a huge animal lover, volunteers with shelters when ever possible and hasn't eaten one in 14 years.
Right now due to council laws she's not allowed a real pig and her birthdays coming up soon so something like this would be really nice.
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Vegetus Vegetus 15 October 2013
My daughter, she is 3 and recently read your book from the store 'Thats why we don't eat animals' she loved it! We bought a flying pig for her collection, so another little animal buddy will continue to encourage her to become a kind, compassionate little human being!
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Shoogs Shoogs 15 October 2013
I'd love my 9-month-old son to have a new furry friend. I'm teaching him to love animals and to be compassionate and kind, and he gets so excited every time he sees an animal, whether it's my cat at home or an animal on TV or in a book. I know he's going to be a great advocate for animals happy
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Katya_33 Katya_33 15 October 2013
My sister would adore one of these. She wants to travel to Africa to save the elephants after she finishes her studies. She's such an inspirational person love
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Rebecca Erin Rebecca Erin 15 October 2013
I'd love to win these cuties for my niece, Amelia, who is 8 and a half months old. I'd love for her to know and grow up with a symbol of community and compassion. I myself became a vegetarian with the help of a relative (my sister, Katie) and know how powerful it is to have an ally fighting the good fight right by you. To know that Amelia's first memories could be clutching something made with so much love, morality and selflessness would be a dream.
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kd71 kd71 15 October 2013
I have a great friend who has listened and helped my through the transition of being a meat eater for 42 years to being a strict vegetarian. She has helped me with meat free and dairy free recipes and is now on the road to being vegetarian too.
We are both animal lovers and find it very difficult to understand the cruelty that is allowed to happen in the meat, dairy and egg industry   furious
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tiedyedtofu tiedyedtofu 15 October 2013
My cousin deserves one of these as she works hard and she never gives up. Even when she is unhappy she puts a smile on her face. Plus she is vegetarian happy  She is one of those hippie chicks who is always talking, because she and I both became vegetarian at around the same time (we didn't know that we both became veg) I really want to give her something that reminds us that we are doing it for the animals XD
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laserrenegade78 laserrenegade78 15 October 2013
I think my friend Stef should deserves a Give a Stuff animal. As a person who funds and manages a no kill cat shelter and attendee at all the Ban Live Export rallies, she often has no time to look after herself or and little money to buy herself treats. I know she'd like a dog to add to her managerie so she can take him/her for walks along the beach this summer, but in reality I think she knows she doesn't have the time for a dog - not to mention the stink some of the cats would kick up! So a Give a Stuff dog would be a great alternative happy
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Sheriff Sheriff 15 October 2013
My 6 month old daughter who I'm raising to be a vegetarian, animal advocate. She already loves nature. Her favourite thing to do is sit outside and watch the birds, trees and our dogs playing.
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Charlotte-Anne Charlotte-Anne 15 October 2013
My mum deserves one of these without a doubt. For starters all of the dogs I have had throughout my childhood have been rescue dogs taken in by my mum. In total she has so far saved the lives of 5 dogs from either death row or being put through multiple families in foster care. She gives them all a beautiful life and even cooks them up a nutritious meal nearly every night! She also makes a concious effort with products she buys from the grocery store and even more so since I became a vegetarian. She also writes letters in like me to stop things like live exporting and whale killing. We need more people like her in the world.
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Michelleski Michelleski 16 October 2013
my baby boy who is due to arrive any day now.  the toys are so cute, and can be a tool to teach him about kindness to animals and all living beings.
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Tanita Tanita 16 October 2013
I would love to win these to give one to each of my nieces and nephew to spread the Animals Australia love. I would love to teach them to be kind to animals and make a 'small' impact on their generation, every little bit helps  strong
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Buddha Baby Buddha Baby 16 October 2013
I would love to give these to a friend of mine Charlotte. She is my go-to girl for everything vegan. She helped educate me when I first became vegetarian, and she has help me find great vegan products, recipes, organisations and inspiration. She is a single mother of 2, and raises her amazing children strictly cruelty-free. She adopts and cares for all animals and embraces a 100% natural cruelty-free life.
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Ferret Woman Ferret Woman 16 October 2013
I'd love to win these for my niece. Woodley would be perfect as she calls me Narna Woof Woof. She loves my 2 crazy Vegan dogs  dog:
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Izzy the Future Surgeon Izzy the Future Surgeon 17 October 2013
I think my cousin Pam would like this because she loves animals more than life itself. she donates hundreds of dollars a month to the RSPCA all because she hates what humans are doing to animals. she is also a vegetarian and i think you know why, and her and i help animals who haved earned their place among the earth. time to kill some cruelty ninja
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Pig Lover <(^_^<) Pig Lover <(^_^<) 21 October 2013
I think that my daughter would absolutely LOVE one of the GiveAStuff toys, especially Willow the Pig. As an 11 year old, she just adores pigs. She collects posters of them, pictures of them, toys of them and even lanterns of them! She is an absolute angel and when she asked if she could buy something from the Animals Australia shop, and I said yes, she almost cried! Even when we went to the farm and saw some pigs she was jumping up and down squealing "Oh my goodness!!! It's a pig! It's a pig!"
She cares about animals A LOT. She saves worms and snails from being crushed at school, she saved a dying spider and many other marvelous things. She also does not eat pork, as pigs are here favourite and animal and she thinks it is cruel that she eats them, so about a year ago, she refused to eat any pork, or anything that has gelatin in it.
She is just an adorable, funny and kind young girl. love
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OinkMoo OinkMoo 22 October 2013
I would love to give one to my little sister who nearly 2 years ago at the age of 13 went Veg happy I would also love to give one to my other sister who has been Veg for 8 years, she was 11 when she went Veg with me when I was 13 happy Growing up on a beef and sheep farm opened our eyes to how animals are raised for food, I would also love to give one of these to my youngest sister because she helped me rescue 3 bobby calves from ending up at the slaughterhouse ^_^
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Vegan91 Vegan91 23 October 2013
My mum deserves a stuffy because she supported my vegetarianism as a child from the get go, and now proudly supports my Veganism.  Additionally, after 43 years of eating meat, my mum decide to become  a Vegetarian seeing Animals Australia's Make It Possible campaign. She's been a vegetarian for over 4 months now and is making other cruelty free choices in her day to day life.  

Around the same as her becoming vegetarian, she rescued some battery hens, who will now live out their days happily in our backyard along with various other animals, many of which were also rescued from dire circumstances. I'm so proud that she was able to make the connection between the animals she loves and the animals that experience unnecessary cruelty, and that she has now vastly changed her lifestyle to minimise the cruelty she is responsible for.
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GemzLuvsAnimals GemzLuvsAnimals 23 October 2013
I would love to give these to my friend who is a keen animal lover, veggie, environmentalist and animal activist, she is an inspiration when it comes to everything animal saving and she would love these to add to her 'animal room'. A room full of animal things, posters, drawings, and conservation ideas. She makes blankets for the local pound to give to the dogs to keep with them, volunteers with animals and is constantly blogging about saving animals. She's a great person and i know she'd love these so much.
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madiwatson madiwatson 23 October 2013
Id love to give this my little cousin. He is such a gorgeous little boy and giving a gift like this would be amazing. He is always interested in everything and the opportunity to teach our kids about how to treat animals we must take!
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L Krings L Krings 24 October 2013
I have a friend Missy who is effected by the fires in NSW. At this stage she still has been able to get things out of her home. The area she lives in is on high alert and she has evacuated. I am sure she would be able to share these cute stuffies with families she knows who have lost a lot. love love
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Tommy Twitchet the cat Tommy Twitchet the cat 24 October 2013
I'd love it give it to my BFF, Mary Rose! she is a vegetarian and her mum is a vegan! She absolutely LOVES animals, in every shape and size!!!
We share everything together! We are both animal loves and are very passionate on making a difference in animals lives! Her dog is adopted, and is now about 7 years old! her old owners didn't want her because she 'barked'. And my cat, Xhosa, is also adopted (he is turning 7, too!!).

We love share stuff- adventures, being silly, and helping animals! only 2 months ago, we rescued a dog who ran out in fount of a car while we were walking! lucky she wasn't hurt, and we found her owner! It feels SOOO good to help animals in need!  we have also recently been giving out printed flyers with info on animal cruelty, at our local iga (with the owners permission, of course!!)

I just think she would love it....  love
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Janjo Janjo 24 October 2013
I would love one of these cuties for my 12 year old granddaughter, Natalie.     She has become vegetarian because she cares very much for animals.  Together with her friend they are making craft articles and selling them to raise money for an animal shelter.  I am very proud of her.
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Lion lover 1 Lion lover 1 24 October 2013
I would love one of these for a really good friend of mine who know is a vegatarian and loves and cares for all kinds of animals! Once she even saved a shark! She has 3 brothers so does not have much of her own things and sadly her parents recently got divorced which was very tough as she is very sensitive. So it would be amazing if her and me could both treasure a beautiful hanmade stuffed animal like this!
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Spiderpi00 Spiderpi00 24 October 2013
I would love to give one of the give - a - stuff animals to my Mum.  I want to give one to my Mum because she has supported ALL (and when I say all I mean ALL) my animal activist ideas and plans to help all the animals out there! I became vegetarian just over a year ago she became a vegetarian too. She did this to support me (being a vegetarian at 12 [I'm now 13] isn't as easy as it looks!) and to make sure I did it properly (kept me healthy). I love my Mum more than to the moon and back and I would love to be able to surprise her with one of the adorable give - a - stuff animals. Thank you so much xx
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Misty Misty 24 October 2013
These give a stuff animals are gorgeous and I would love to give one to my boyfriend. I have been vegetarian for the past year now and after tears came to my eyes after watching the calves video I have become dairy free too! After becoming vegetarian I convinced my boyfriend the biggest meat lover around to start eating vegetarian too he struggles at times and I know he would love to have a big juicy burger but he tries so hard and is now making us the most delicious vegetarian meals and I would love to thanks his efforts with a give a stuff animal love
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Veggie Veronica Veggie Veronica 24 October 2013
I might give it to some vegetarian teachers at school, or to my friends who are trying to go vegetarian because of me. These friends are identical twins, so they both wanted to go vegetarian! One of the twin's(can't remember which!) favourite animal is a pig, and giving it to her will make her very happy and encourage her.
A boy at my school is saving all the baby birds falling out of their nests. Because of him many have been saved. He could have one too.
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dcanidae dcanidae 25 October 2013
I think my son Ethan deserves one of these adorable stuffies because he is a ray of sunshine for me like one of these would be for him. He is so positive and happy all the time, just like your animals!  My only hope would be he could love his sturdier half as much as I love him!
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Mase1 Mase1 26 October 2013
I would live to give this to my sister because she loves animals and it means a lot to her because she once helped some animals an adopted and done a lot. She is so inspirational and she loves little cute things.
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GemzLuvsAnimals GemzLuvsAnimals 26 October 2013
I would love my friends baby to have these, theyre so cute, her mumma is teaching her to love animals and im helping be big part of that. with lots of animal stuff in her room, these would be perfect.
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piccolanippy piccolanippy 26 October 2013
My Mum because shes rescued many dogs throughout her life and continues to do so.
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dcanidae dcanidae 26 October 2013
My comment above I meant to love his stuffie- not his sturdier. I'm a really silly mom!
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Ash2 Ash2 28 October 2013
My sister, Mikaela, deserves this gift. She has loved animals since she was a toddler. When we adopted our dog, Alisha, she was in tears when we entered the shelter because she couldn't take all the animals home with her. She couldn%u2019t comprehend how people could be so cruel to their pets and she wanted to save all of them. One day, we were in our driveway and this bird came crashing into the side of the car, then flew a little way away and collapsed onto the side of the road. She immediately ran out and scooped it up in her arms, in tears because she didn%u2019t know if it would survive. We took it to the vet, and because of Mik it did. She%u2019s very passionate about ending animal cruelty, especially live exports and animal testing. Honestly, I don%u2019t know anyone who loves animals more than her.
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fondue12 fondue12 28 October 2013
My little 2.5 year old niece absolutely loves animals, we recently went to the zoo and you couldn't drag her away she loved them all. She definitely gives a stuff and as she gets older I would like to teach her more about animal sanctuaries and other great organisations which give animals a voice.
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VeganElla VeganElla 29 October 2013
For my 3 year old nephew, he is so kind to animals and always compliments my vegan cooking!
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Gembee Gembee 5 November 2013
I would give the Give A Stuff stuffies to my colleague Ewan. A vegan with 2 children, he sits through every delicious home baked morning tea without ever, ever eating one of our creations. He's an inspiration and is helping me with my transition to the vegan lifestyle.
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Fudgiemo Fudgiemo 6 November 2013
Love this for my niece/nephew. Never too young to spread the word.
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Emblaze Emblaze 12 November 2013
My little sister has always been my "joey", a baby to be sheltered and protected . Now shes growing up, leaving the nest. I want something special to remind her that I'm always there if she needs me.
I guess it would also give her subliminal vibes to cherish animals, remembering my passion for them happy
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candyjane83 candyjane83 14 November 2013
My daughter deserves a gorgeous stuffed animal coz she's always looking after animals. We have 5 cats and a bird. Also, used to have 4 fish. She's sensitive and compassionate and only 9 years old!  peace_out peace_out
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BreeOD BreeOD 22 November 2013
This would be a great surprise for my brother 'Max', he is a Golden Labrador who didnt make a seeing eye dog and was going to be PTS until my mum & step dad rescued him.
He lost his 'brother' Flash last year and still sleeps with his teddy xxx  dog
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RDMC RDMC 22 November 2013
I have been a vegetarian the past 17 years of my life. I made this change and took this stance due to the abhorrent cruelty of animals with practices such as live animal exports and factory farming for human consumption and profit. I will become a father for the first time May 2014 and would love my first gift to my child to be a Give A Stuff stuffie as a way to educate compassion and respect for animals.
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Pig Lover <(^_^<) Pig Lover <(^_^<) 25 November 2013
I think that my daughter would absolutely LOVE one of the GiveAStuff toys, especially Willow the Pig. As an 11 year old, she just adores pigs. She collects posters of them, pictures of them, toys of them and even lanterns of them! She is an absolute angel and when she asked if she could buy something from the Animals Australia shop, and I said yes, she almost cried! Even when we went to the farm and saw some pigs she was jumping up and down squealing "Oh my goodness!!! It's a pig!"
She cares about animals A LOT. She saves worms and snails from being crushed at school. She also does not eat pork, as pigs are here favourite and animal and she thinks it is cruel that she eats them, so about a year ago, she refused to eat any pork, or anything that has gelatin in it.
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Viges Viges 26 November 2013
My mother is so very deserving. Firstly, she is a huge supporter of Animals Australia. Secondly, we have fostered over 35 dogs and more than a dozen cats - our goal is to open our own rescue and rehabilitation centre (for both domestic animals and wildlife) within the next few years. I know these gorgeous stuffed babies will bring her a lot of joy and put a smile on her face - I hope you pick her.
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Voice for Animals Voice for Animals 26 November 2013
I'd love to win this for my son who recently completed a project for primary school on the plight of Sumatran Tigers and Orangutans due to palm oil plantations and now refuses to eat any treats (eg. Maltesers) which contain palm oil.
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IGIRL IGIRL 26 November 2013
I'd love to win one of these for my 1 year old nephew who I haven't seen in 5 months as my sister has moved to Singapore for 3 years. I would love for him to have one as a reminder of me and teach him a love of animals.
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Mig Mig 26 November 2013
My boyfriend Chris deserves one of these! He is a very dedicated vegan, and loves every animal. He is suffering from derealization and anxiety, and even though people judge him and tell him it's from his 'un-natural diet' he is not changing his animal friendly lifestyle for anybody, because he doesn't want any innocent souls suffering because of him. He is determined to make a difference to animals lives, and his passion has obviously rubbed off on many people around him, including myself as we have been converted to vegetarians.
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C.Drummond C.Drummond 26 November 2013
I would LOVE to give one to my little 2 year old niece, she is my little princess and I was there helping throughout her first year of birth until I moved over here to Australia. She means so much to me and this would be amazing to give her something small and meaningful, and I will have one too so we will always be together in spirit through these gorgeous little cuddly animals. happy happy
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Bernadette3 Bernadette3 26 November 2013
I have met some amazing animal warriors on twitter & just know they'd love a furry friend from down under. I, like them, am trying to change the world, one day at a time, one animal at a time
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PatS PatS 26 November 2013
I an a volunteer with Tears which is a pro life animals welfare organisation in Cape Town. We rely solely on donations and go that extra mile for any animal. We work in the poorest areas where gangs and violence is rife. The difference between us and certain other animal welfare organisations is that we take the time and care to bring even the worst cases of animal abuse and neglect back to health and happiness.We make sure they are adopted into a loving home to a wonderful life full of love and care that they have never known. I would like one to raffle to raise funds for our organisation. Thank you.
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shawnee_au shawnee_au 26 November 2013
I'd love one for my 39yr old brother. He's two states away and going through a real tough time at the moment & needs a hug and a buddy more than anyone else I know. x
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Oaps Oaps 26 November 2013
At the beginning, I was a meat eater. In 2009, I met my girlfriend who is a vegetarian and who loves animals. Her love for animals and worries towards animal abuses really touched me so that I became myself a vegetarian in June 2009. Everyday, she sends me dozens of petitions that she signed to improve animals status in our society. Moreover, last year, she asked me for her birthday not to buy her any present but to donate some money to an animal rights association. I know her everyday battle for animals will last as long as she lives.

She gave and still gives so much to the animal cause that I think, after giving so much, for once she might be the one to receive.

Thank you anyway "Animals Australia" for this nice initiative. happy
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nanna martin nanna martin 26 November 2013
i would like Wanda Della to win a stuffy because she has a bull on her farm that she will never send to market called hercules and she loves all animals cow
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danhosk danhosk 26 November 2013
My cat TaylorSwift deserves this after she recently lost her older cat friend Penelope to cancer. She could use an extra soft cuddly toy apart from me!
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lollipop242 lollipop242 26 November 2013
MY Best Friend Caity would absolutely adore one of these stuffieshappy She is a major animal lover like me and shares the same interests in raising money for the RSPCA and animal rescue funds. We would love to win a stuffy cow pig rabbit monkey fish frog dog dove
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Charlotte14 Charlotte14 26 November 2013
I think that my beautiful Fianc%uFFFD deserves one of these as a thankyou for coming out with me and our pet pig every weekend to campaign for Make it Possible.
He loves animals almost as much as I do and proudly walks our pig and helps us to raise awareness for an issue that's really important to me
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ReneeS ReneeS 26 November 2013
I would like my best friend to win this. She is the ultimate animal lover and animal activist. She is also an Animal Behaviourist. She rescues and rehomes any lost animals she finds, she travels to remote locations to work with endangered animals and she partakes in petitions, rallies and anything to do with animal welfare. She is an angel amongst us and she deserves recognition.xx
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Ailsa Ailsa 26 November 2013
My elderly Husky dog definitely deserves one of these beautiful toys so we can both play with it each day....she really loves toys and suffers from separation anxiety if I'm not around so one of these toys would be great company for her!!
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tina natures child tina natures child 26 November 2013
ide love to win this for my baby grandaughter she  loves animals  icant wait to teach her about animal welfare and hope she becomes vegan
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Caroline2 Caroline2 26 November 2013
I would love to gift this to my friend Trudy who has been going through some tough times over the last three years. I would like her to know that someone else does, "Give A Stuff." dove
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Gaye Gaye 26 November 2013
Emma from Brightside Sanctuary in Tasmania does a fantastic job of saving the lives of many animals and I think she is an amazing person! If you are in Tassie and want any kind of pet to adopt - contact Brightside Sanctuary via their website or Facebook page and save a life!!
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Pablique Pablique 26 November 2013
EASY!  My best friend Carlee is a fellow vegetarian and animal lover.  She has three adorable children who she is also raising as PROUD vegetarians.
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ChiefBunney ChiefBunney 26 November 2013
I would love to get one for my mum. she decided to become a vegetarian when she was 12 years old and vegan for many years. I have a lot to thank her. We both just living in the wrong world...
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Millee Millee 26 November 2013
I'd like to win one for my friend who devotes virtually all of  her time to help animals in need. She is the proud owner of a number of rescued animals and always fosters animals without question until they find their forever home. She regularly will enter relevant completions in the hope of winning and then donating all the winnings to animal rescue groups.  In addition to all of this she also knits blankets and jumpers to give to shelters to ensure the animals stay warm.  She truly is an angel for animals innocent
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SpikesBabyKat85 SpikesBabyKat85 26 November 2013
I would love to win this for my friend's niece, it would be well taken care of!
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LucyM LucyM 26 November 2013
I'd like to win one for my mum's manager at the RSPCA thrift shop. This lady goes above and beyond for all animals from a pure love of animals. When a dog or cat  is on death-row Medina personally collects them and painstakingly finds them a safe home. I would like to give the other toy to my mum who volunteers tireless hours at the shop each week and never fails to donate to animal charities. She was the first to teach me to be kind to animals and respect all living things.
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meagain meagain 26 November 2013
I would like to win this for my youngest son Tylar-Jay who has been a vegan since a baby & who is the most caring, connected little soul I have ever met. being vegan has had some challenges, & many times going without, and I am so proud of him. he inspires me daily~
via Unleashed [email protected] 26 November 2013
For a RARE and FANTASTIC woman I know. She has 7 dogs (4 rescued from high kill shelters and 3 that were abandoned) that she takes care of like her babies. Two of them came to her severely abused and she has worked toward re-socializing them. She also cares for 3 street cats that stays by her house.
She is a TIRELESS advocate online for shelter animals, animal abuse, Breed Specific Legislation and other humane issues.  She feeds stray dogs, cats, birds and anything else that needs her help, her love and her care.
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Kittyshrink Kittyshrink 26 November 2013
I would love to win Longford and Yassy for two of my four nephews. As an animal mad auntie, I'm actively encouraging love and compassion for animals and I think they'd adore these little characters. happy
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Stacey26 Stacey26 26 November 2013
I'd love to win one of the 'give a stuff stuffies' for my grade 4 students. We have spent this year trying to be much more sustainable and animal friendly. We look at the unleashed website regularly and the children are always thoroughly excited and at times moved by the animal stories. We have one of the stuffed pigs and the children named him billy. He gets pride if place in our classroom and the children love telling other people his purpose: to educate people to stop factory farming. So one of the stuffies would live happily along side Billy. Inspiring our youth to be kinder to animals!
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Marina5 Marina5 26 November 2013
Hello friends! I will be glad to win this toy for my lovely son. Now he is adult young man, but the he was little boy he saved little kitten. We gave name Spasja for that cat it is from root of Russian word spast' that mean save. She was very nice cat we love her very much, but she died from sickness. Doctor give her medicine for sleeping and try to help by surgery. But it will be impossible. She had sleep last time on the hands of my son. He was 9th then he saved her and he was 17th then he had to make very hard decision don't wake up her because operation didn't be able to safe her normal lifesad((
My son grown up very kind and helpful person. I think it will be very pleasure to him to get this present
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Robocat Robocat 26 November 2013
I would love to win one for my sister and my mum. My older sister works tirelessly with Animals Australia volunteering in any way she can and is always promoting a cruelty free lifestyle. My mum has always promoted cruelty free to us and is going vegetarian now!
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wildgirl wildgirl 26 November 2013
I would love a cuddle
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RB24 RB24 26 November 2013
I would like to win this for my sister.  She deserves this because at the age of 14 is one of the most compassionate kids I have ever come across when it comes to animals.  She cares for their welfare, has been making conscious choices regarding food consumption with being a vegetarian for a year now and I believe she is setting an amazing example for the next generation of kids.
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Hugh Hugh 26 November 2013
My Mum deserves to win a toy as a small reward for her years of supporting animal welfare and for instilling in me, her now 47 year old son, an unwavering empathy for all animals whether they be farmed or not. My first memory of my Mum is her rallying for an end to live export in the UK in the mid 70s and her campaigning has continued. She has been an active supporter of Free the Bears since it began (and got a mention in Mary Hutton's book) and makes regular donations to AA. She missed out on a flying pig! wink
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mlmoses mlmoses 26 November 2013
i would love to win a member of the give a stuff family for my new little nephew angus.I am an animal advocate and lover and it means the world to me to educate my nephew all about animals and how to care for them and what better way to do it  then with a gorgeous gift like this happy
Thankyou for doing the work you do x
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Chud Chud 26 November 2013
I would like one of these for my boy Kaiser (a dachshund I got from the RSPCA 3 years ago) he turns 10 on valentines day.

I would also like one to give to my son who is due in February and may even share a birthday with Kaiser happy

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NenaS NenaS 26 November 2013
I'm a huge animal lover and my kids and I do our part to help as many animals as possible!
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kittykaos kittykaos 26 November 2013
My mum would he perfect! She adores animals almost as much as me! We have always had animals in our home from mice, budgies and yabbies to dogs, cats, rats and fish. We lost our beloved cat Tipsy last year to an aggressive form if cancer and the silence in the house was too much to bare. So off we went, my mum and I to the RSPCA to find another little bundle of love. We came home with Abby and Christian. They sleep on my mums legs every night.....xo%uD83C%uDF39%uD83D%uDE00
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CaseyC CaseyC 26 November 2013
my friend has raised money to stop elephant cruelty in Asia.
she raised enough money to save 20 elephants.
trying to stop animal cruelty is a big problem that we both want to fix, i want to stop unnecessary poaching and she wants to stop animal cruelty related to elephants. i think the elepahnt would be a great gift for her
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F0XX F0XX 26 November 2013
I have dogs, cats and a brother who would all benefit from these adorable little guys. My little brother is 8 years old and a vegetarian like me: following in the footsteps of giants, I suppose tongue
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Ailsa Ailsa 26 November 2013
My 12 year old Siberian Husky still loves her toys! When I order a toy by mail she'll rip open the parcel so eagerly that I have to laugh until tears start running down my cheeks....She plays alone with her toys in the back garden by throwing them up high into the air and then she catches them because they usually squeak when she grabs them with her teeth! I would absolutely loooove one of these for my gorgeous elderly girl!!  wink
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walruss75 walruss75 26 November 2013
I have a good friend, who like me , loooves animals & helps all critters great & small wherever & whenever. She once broke through the windows of a locked car to rescue a poor porch  sweltering inside. Stopped a Maggie from eating a plastic bag with bread scraps inside & even helped a spider out of a slippery bath tub. She's a warrior & truly deserves a little thankyou.
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Daffnie Daffnie 26 November 2013
I'd love to win this for my Dog Bru  dog doghe loves soft toys and will go crazy looking at one of them, and he is such a sweethheart that he always shares his toys with his best friend Jumper our cat, but yeah at times jumper gets into fights with Bru because she wants his toy and she is not ready to share it with him. So I would love to win this for my Babies Jumper and Bru and would love to see them running all around the house with their new toy  cool happy
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Daffnie Daffnie 26 November 2013
I'd love to win this for my Dog Bru  dog doghe loves soft toys and will go crazy looking at one of them, and he is such a sweethheart that he always shares his toys with his best friend Jumper our cat, but yeah at times jumper gets into fights with Bru because she wants his toy and she is not ready to share it with him. So I would love to win this for my Babies Jumper and Bru and would love to see them running all around the house with their new toy  cool happy
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KellyGang KellyGang 26 November 2013
I would love this for my 8yr old daughter, who adores all animals and is just the proudest little vegan I know. broccoli
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I'de love to win a pair of these lovely creatures for my cousin, who has just fallen pregnant after going through IVF. She migrated from Australia to Sweden a few years ago and had to go through the long IVF process without her family (we all still live over here)! It would be so nice to send her something special to let her know we're thinking of her and the soon-to-be baby! A little gift from home  love
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Ariane E Ariane E 26 November 2013
My sister. Two years ago she decided to turn vegetarian, which then inspired me! She has volunteered for the RSPCA and constantly donates to animal charities. She has inspired me to change the way I think.
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Deborah100 Deborah100 26 November 2013
Wow these are so cute I know the grand kids would love these but I would probably keep them for myself I love Yassy the monkey had a monkey when I was a little girl and it never left my side the poor thing fell apart in the end
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Gmrutley Gmrutley 26 November 2013
I would love to give one of these to my little brother, he is very loving and caring towards animals and would truly love one of these cute little guys as a gift.
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Rolynn Rolynn 26 November 2013
Being an animal lover myself, I would like to bring my new grandson up as an animal lover too. He is less than a week old and this seems like the perfect gift for him. I would like him to grow up respecting animals and fighting against animal cruelty.
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Catwrangler Catwrangler 26 November 2013
I would love to give one of these to my wife as her birthday is coming up soon. She is probably the only wore animal geek than me in the family!
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jesikah jesikah 26 November 2013
Id love to give one to my son that has just had his 1st birthday he loves teddies and animals and there are so cute and I would like to give the other one to my local hospital as I do hampers for the nicu unit for sick children
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Jamie R Jamie R 26 November 2013
I'd like to win this for my little sister, because even though she suffers from chronic migraines she never misses a stop live export protest or any other animal welfare event and she's influenced so many of her friends to go vegan!
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Takkianna Takkianna 26 November 2013
I would love to give one of these to my niece. She survived a nasty car accident last Wednesday and it would be a great way to cheer her up. I am in New Zealand and she is in Victoria and I can't get over to see her at the moment. This would be so good!
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sabs sabs 26 November 2013
my stepdaughter would love this, and hopefully she'll share this next year with her new half sister
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zieta zieta 26 November 2013
My 7 year old son is a typical boy- except when it comes to animals- he feels very strongly about there emotions and wellbeing. Just recently he watched a program about a sloth that died from disease- he ran out of the room sobbing- we have to shelter him from many programs about animal cruelty or he cant sleep - he is always encouraging others to be kind to them and saving creatures great and small
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emalidge emalidge 26 November 2013
I would love to give one to my friend Sarah, shes an animal lover and has been looking after her 14yr old Golden Retriever who has been a bit run down of late. I would hope this could cheer her up happy
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mutant_biscuits mutant_biscuits 26 November 2013
I would give one of those cute little guys to my little sister. She's starting to become increasingly interested in animal welfare issues, and I think that having one of these little guys watching over her would help encourage this interest of hers and remind her of the importance of being an ethical person.
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Louisa1 Louisa1 26 November 2013
I feel that a stuffie should go to the daughter of an amazing deserving family. Bell's human sister passed away after battling long and hard with severe disability and illness. Through Bell's own grief, anxiety and depression, she cared very much about others, including her 2 rescued cats and well-cared for chickens. She hopes to be a teacher to help others, and along the way teach kids about animal rights and safety. What's more is that she persuaded her mum not to buy the cheapest eggs but to make sure that they are free-range; and wants to become vegetarian when its convenient. I really love this wonderful family and hope that they have a well-deserved peaceful Christmas. Thank you.
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Antmeal Antmeal 26 November 2013
My daughter, Suzanne, "Mum" to six cats, six dogs, umpteen rabbits, numerous guinea pigs, twenty-four ex-cage hens, three horses, everyone a rescue; "Foster-Mum" to shelter cats, rescuer of possums, collector of road trauma casualties, hurt animals, birds, lizards and joeys, life-saver of swimming-pool drop-ins, ants, bees and dragon flies and the many assorted fortunates to find her, which have long since passed over the Rainbow Bridge.  With a heart as big as a cabbage and her local Vet ringing her before euthanizing any unwanted animal, there are still many, many more who will find a forever home with Suz.  I can think of no more deserving person than she, to receive a Give-a-Stuff toy.  balloon
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Animals Forever Animals Forever 26 November 2013
I know who deserves one of these cuties and that is Lyn White, of Animals Australia. Her ongoing  incredible efforts have helped reach out to so many people that has made such a javascript:insertSmiley(document.comment_form.comments);void(0);difference to so many animals. Good on you Lyn.
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Mismunandi Mismunandi 26 November 2013
My Mum deserves a stuffie! She supported me when I became a vegetarian (she just made me a huge surprise batch of chickpea stew!), taught us the value of adopting our pets from animal shelters, actively supports Animals Australia's 'Make It Possible' campaign, and always inspires me to stand by what I believe in!

Love you, Mum! happy  love
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Ali_H Ali_H 26 November 2013
I would love to win this for my 7 year old niece Madeleine. When her classmates were having to announce what they wanted to be when they grew up, she said  that when she grows up she wants to be a vegetarian like her Aunty Ali!   love
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odettica odettica 26 November 2013
Soy amante de los animales y los compadezco por tener que convivir con lo seres ¿ HUMANOS? que desconocemos el valor del significado, porque  somos crueles e insensibles contra quienes no se pueden defender.
Los que podemos ayudar tenemos la obligación de hacerlo en lo posible, aunque sea con una simple y valiosa firma que da la fuerza para mover y hacer valer  leyes....
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SashB SashB 26 November 2013
I would give this to a lady I work with, who takes in dogs from the pound, sheds a tear about any bad news animal story she reads and does not eat meat. her heart is so big for any animal and she tells the world about it banana
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Poppysmum Poppysmum 26 November 2013
I think Stefi should win one of these - she runs a cat rescue service practically single handed, and works just to keep it going.  After years of doing it the hard way she has only just become a registered charity.  If she won one of these gorgeous creatures I am sure she would action it off to raise funds, as would I!
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birston88 birston88 26 November 2013
I am trying to teach kids and adults to be respectful towards animals
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Vegetus Vegetus 26 November 2013
My daughter deserves to win one! Anyone! Because she is an adorable little animal lover and needs all the encouragement she can get happy
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Musicveg Musicveg 26 November 2013
I would love to surprise my son who every night makes sure the possums that visit get a little treat,we have 2 babies this year so the family that comes now add up to 5! broccoli broccoli
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Morticia Morticia 26 November 2013
I would love one of these for my sister in law who has just got out of hospital and is feely a little down beaverhug
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Ves Ves 26 November 2013
I would love my friend Lauren to win one as she has been through a rough time just recently with little hugs and would be truly grateful for any hugs she receives. I recently took her on a journey to do a week of volunteer work with dogs and it has transformed her life. She has learnt to only 'give a stuff' about the right stuff!
Animals mean the world to her and she has now started a fundraiser to give more to animals. She is a deserving young woman and I am so proud of how far she has come. I just know she would Give a Stuff to win one of these guys. And so would I if she did. chick
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kittypritty kittypritty 27 November 2013
I would love to give a little give-a-stuff friend to my boyfriend who recently agreed to adopt a stray kitten that we found dumped alone in a cardboard box in the street behind our unit. He has never thought of himself as a 'cat person', and has grown up with dogs his whole life. However, he has fallen in love with the little boy and taken real responsibility with caring for him and having him de-sexed and vaccinated. It melts my heart to see them napping together and having kitty kisses. I want to give him a gift for being so open-minded and caring.
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Bronte2 Bronte2 27 November 2013
I'd love to give one to my mum she loves
Animals. Mum and I are part of animals Australia
And I went vegetarian.I think mum and
I are the People who love animals the most in
My family.My mum really does love animals.
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Meli Meli 27 November 2013
My friend Emily has set up a elephant sanctuary in Thailand to rescue old overworked and often abused elephants so she definitely deserves a little elephant! funds are extremely tight and she supports 2 elephants, 9 dogs, 7 cats and 3 tortoises so I think she would really love a cute little elephant stuffie!
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The Kind Cook The Kind Cook 27 November 2013
My  4 year old son deserves this. He is navigating a world that sees things so differently to the way he is being raised.

Everyone eats meat but he and I don't.  Other parents love the hatching program but it makes his mummy sad. Other kids go to the zoo but he goes to farm animal sanctuaries. Some kids hurt worms in the play ground. He is taught to not harm even the smallest being.  

He always asks mummy if things contain cow's milk, doesn't complain and just puts them back. Sometimes it's a little harder to find the vegan version and sometimes like with ice creams there is not as many choices that are dairy free but he never complains.

It can be hard feeling different but so far he seems to understand. It's just about loving others, showing compassion and respecting that every species is important.
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sam5121 sam5121 27 November 2013
I would love to win one for my sister and my mum. My older sister works tirelessly with Animals Australia volunteering in any way she can and is always promoting a cruelty free lifestyle. My mum has always promoted cruelty free to us and is going vegetarian now!
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Jodiraffe Jodiraffe 27 November 2013
My 8 year old niece. She has developed a love for creatures big, small, furry and scaly. It means so much to me when she's bursting to tell me a happy animal story (like her adventures of saving cicadas) because she knows it'll make me happy too. She warms my heart and I can't think of a cuter, more perfect way to thank her than to present her one of these adorable friends!
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Lynda-Maree Lynda-Maree 27 November 2013
My 17 y.o. used to tell me to stop watching animal videos as I was so upset. Now all the family support me and my daughter is studying animal husbandry and wants to set up an animal sanctuary and is almost vegetarian!
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MandyH2105 MandyH2105 27 November 2013
Lil who runs the ACS Melbourne Shelter is the perfect woman to give one of these cuddly friends to. She currently has close to 200 guinea pigs in her care, she fights so hard to ensure every one of them gets a good home and will be well loved. She's had hard times recently losing both her place of business and some of her own personal guinea pigs and could do with the extra pick-up. She's a true animal hero and a truly inspirational woman. love paw
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nancy5 nancy5 27 November 2013
I would love to give this to one of my good mates who has been a inspiration to me over the last year, she has been a FULL vegan for 15 years, she always educated me. I only just woke up about a year and a half ago. She helps me make my own vegan recipes and tells me what household products I can buy.
All of her pets have been rescue animals. I truly do not know anyone who is so caring and dedicated to being a vegan.
Like me she gets very upset about all the animal cruelty,  I really think one of these adorable stuffed animals would make her day  happy
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2pinkpossums 2pinkpossums 27 November 2013
I know a few people who would love one of these cuties but I have to be honest and say I would love one for myself.  I think though I would probably give it to my youngest who is so understanding and patient with eating a vegan diet at home because of me and listening to my rants, seeing me cry at videos and all the work I do to try and end live exports and factory farming and all the while I am hoping she will make the choice for a vegan life herself, at almost 15 I can't make her, but am hoping I am leading by example
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Lyndab313 Lyndab313 27 November 2013
Elaine & Mort love all species of land & Water animals  as much as I do! Interspecies communication & caring may be a way to save our Mother Earth!
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lozza696 lozza696 27 November 2013
My friend from work, Susan who is always adopting a new or stray cat or do, once she even took in some unwanted chickens.  I think she has just gone vegan and may need a little buddy to keep her goal in sight.
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Druidhoney Druidhoney 27 November 2013
I think I deserve to win because I spend an almighty amount of time signing signing signing!! I try to help so many deserving charities and organisations and pester other with emails and phone calls. My 5 month old grand daughter would be the recipient!
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Rose37 Rose37 27 November 2013
I would like for my twin sister to get one happy it's our birthday coming up in January and it would be nice to give her a gift that goes towards charity, but also to get something from Animals Australia as you guys are a charity we support alot and look up to, and we think it's really good the work you do, it's opened our eyes to so many things we didn't know, so thankyou.

My sister has a passion for animals, we both love them and would like to work with them , we're just at the stage of choosing what path to take in further education to do with animals, it's a difficult decision, but we know that's where our passion lies.
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tinasea tinasea 27 November 2013
My son... He was just recently tested and is HIV positive.  I can hear him say & repeating in my head is, "Mom I'm only 19!" I would really love to give him woodly or yassy.. He is my only son.. and I know it want make it go away but it will make him feel good and know I love him so.. Thanks
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puppylove2702 puppylove2702 27 November 2013
I would like to give one to my boyfriend. He has stood by me for my animal advocacy and doesn't penalize me for it like most of my family does. Not many support what I stand for, so I really appreciate that he does.
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hannah18 hannah18 28 November 2013
hi i love animals and i am fighting to end animal cruelty, i have some pets at home and my 2 dogs adore me to bits, my bird rules the house and my fish is a beautiful fighter fish. I started fighting when i was in year 8 at high school and i have made a PowerPoint that has about 90 slides on it and it has every cruel practice you can think of.

I have saved animals before by signing petitions and pledges and i am so happy to be friends with Animals Australia and I am proud to be learning how to live Vegan.
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Jembolina Jembolina 28 November 2013
My 3 year old little brother would absolutely adore one of these cuties. He's crazy about animals and is so gentle with them. His favourite person in the world is my mum's rescue cat, Toby.

The poor little guy has recently been diagnosed with autism and as such has been spending a lot of time having tests at clinics and in hospital. I'm sure he'd love a tiny crochet friend to take with him to all of his appointments.
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Tara74 Tara74 28 November 2013
My 7 year old niece would love one of these little cuties.  Not only does she love teddy bears, but she is already showing signs of being a true animal lover and advocate.  She even showed me the spider she rescued the other day, she had it in a plastic container (with holes for air of course!), and was going to release it in the park later in the day!   spider
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Kad79 Kad79 28 November 2013
My 8 year old niece deserves one, she decided to go vegetarian a few months back for ethical reasons and I couldn't be a prouder Aunty!
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sammstein sammstein 28 November 2013
id love one to give to my mum, i mean, come on, the woman made fun of my vegatarian/veganism for years, and was all like 'its natural' or 'thats what they r bred for' bla bla bla, THEN, after watching gary yorofsky's speech on youtube one day, BOOM....she hasnt eaten meat since,and that was over a year ago and i am SO DAMN PROUD OF HER!!!
she ditched dairy too,but occasionally gets tempted into a piece of normal chocolate, but other than that shes fairly close to veganism.
would LOVE to give her one of these as a symbol of how proud i am of her  beaverhug
via Unleashed

kaity kaity 28 November 2013
My baby cousin and his parents would love this eco-friendly, cruelty free gift... what a perfect way to celebrate his First Christmas!!
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kali111 kali111 28 November 2013
For my niece she wont even let me kill a fly which gives me hope that the next generation will bring change in the animals favour
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Theodora Theodora 28 November 2013
I'd like one for my little brother, because, just like me, he has been vegetarian since he was a baby, refusing to touch meat.
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CVo CVo 28 November 2013
Someone who I think deserves a plushy is one of my close friends, Wendy. She's a vegetarian, and has recently decided to give vegan a go after her GP told her to avoid dairy when she was ill. She's told me how good she feels through both her mind and body after quitting dairy. Transitioning to vegan isn't always easy, and I'm so proud of her for taking the plunge to improve her health, while also saving the animals and the planet love
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Amiee1 Amiee1 29 November 2013
I would love these for my sister and I. We are twins, and both absolutely love animals. We are working on transitioning to a vegan lifestyle together as well.  We have always been there for each other and that support has gotten me through a lot , and these animals deserve that too. For all of the aninals out there suffering in cages and living through hell everyday, they need to know that they have our support and we're never going to stop fighting for them.
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Natalie28 Natalie28 29 November 2013
My friends baby girl who is due in two weeks. I would love to give one to her as her father is literally the nicest guy I know. Lately I have been raising money for the Orangutan project and he gave a  very generous donation, he has also been very supportive with my passion to help the cause.
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Maddddddddie Maddddddddie 29 November 2013
I am  12 years old and I am in love with animals I have been vegetarian since June 2010 because i think it's cruel to eat animals my whole family supports kindness to animals! And reallllllllly want one cause the really cute beaverhug broccoli cow pig wave love
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spottythezebra spottythezebra 29 November 2013
My beautiful nephew who is two weeks old. I hope he grows up in a cruelty free life as I turned his parents into vegetarians ecstatic
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Kim1 Kim1 29 November 2013
For my neighbour who has such a passion for animals (scaley/fury/big and small) its so awesome and real and heart felt. She is the best foster carer of 5 ill animals , she volunteers for two shelters/refuges and loves any animal she encounters etc. She deserves a medal yet an 'A Stuff' would be perfect (she has had a stuffed toy made to look like her pug dog, a companion for it be fab) monkey
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maddyline maddyline 29 November 2013
I would like to give one to my aunt because I'm sure she'd love one (and I wouldn't mind one either!) Being a young vegan with no one else vegan in the family has been hard for me and my family to get used to. She has been so nice and found out about why I went vegan, made vegan meals with the help of the e-numbers to avoid and accidentally vegan AND given me presents that help animals in some way. She is interested and is happy for me to be vegan which I am really grateful for!!!
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Christopher Chaw Christopher Chaw 30 November 2013
I want to give to my mother cos she cares for our pet terrapin very lovingly and loves animals!
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Sharon_jl Sharon_jl 1 December 2013
Actually it's for me iv just got out hospital with sever annemic i had to have 2 lots of blood transfusions and Oion im that bad if i had not been treated i could of died iv got have more ion  and cameras put through my body to find where the bleeding going iv got a 10 year old son to bee alive for and grand kids i hate needles i have to over come the needles to stay alive
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Coralie Coralie 1 December 2013
I'd love to win this for my daughters Sharni and Caitlin.  They both have inspired me to become a better person. As of today I have saved 138 lives because they encourage me to sit down and watch Earthlings. Sharni is studying animal conservation and marine biology and donates a lot of her time   and whatever spare money she makes as a student to an enormous amount of  animal welfare causes. It would be a nice way to thank them for what they did for me. wave
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RescueMe RescueMe 1 December 2013
I would love to win a monkey and a cow.  The cow for me (no comments thanks) and the monkey for my friend.  My friend runs an awesome pet rescue group, Northern Rivers Animal Services in Ballina, NSW, at which I am proud to volunteer.  Working directly with the public and the local Pounds, we rescue and rehome many, many unwanted and abused dogs and cats.  There is also lots of TLC required from our foster carers.  We all love what you all do too and do our best to support. dog
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