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This news made me 'appy!

This news made me 'appy!

Posted 7 October 2013   by Amy         Permalink | 3 Comments

Tags: Animal Effect, app

FINALLY, the Animal Effect phone app has launched on Android phones. I’m pretty excited! Earlier this year we reviewed the app for iPhone, but as a staunch Samsung user, I felt a little left out. But on Friday I got over it, like a donkey on a waffle*.

So, WHAT IS IT?? Ok, chill. Animal Effect is a cool tool that pools together animal events organised by loads of animal protection groups across Australia. It includes rallies, meet-ups, online actions and festivals. You can browse, search by area or organisation or keyword, add stuff to your calendar so you don’t forget, text the deets to your friends ... heaps of stuff. I’ll let this iphone explain (but I’ll be picturing it as an Android phone. With a sparkly Hello Kitty dangling off it. Just like mine.)

Looks good huh? There's already a bunch of Animals Australia actions on the app, with more to come. And if you purchase the app through this link, part of the proceeds will be donated to us. :)

Have you used Animal Effect before? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

*I’ve never actually seen a donkey eat a waffle but I reckon it would happen pretty quickly.

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misha misha 8 October 2013
it doesn't come up on my samsung sad
via Unleashed

Amy Amy 8 October 2013
Hi misha. I have a Samsung as well. Are you using Play Store to find it? It comes up when I search Animal Effect but it is the 9th app listed for some reason. Hope you find it happy
via Unleashed

misha misha 9 October 2013
Thanks Amy, I found it!
via Unleashed


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