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2013: Biggest year yet!

2013: Biggest year yet!

Posted 23 December 2013   by Amy         Permalink | 16 Comments

Tags: Year in Review, video, Make it Possible, live export, dairy, bobby calves, puppy farms

This has been a HUGE year for animals. And it wouldn't have been possible without you. :) Celebrate this year's best bits with our year in review vid:

If you shared our campaigns, went to a rally, emailed a politician, handed out flyers, made a pledge against cruelty or did anything else to speak up for animals this year then give yourself a massive high five!


Next year, we'll be keeping up the fight for a better world for animals. To make sure you don't miss any of the action in 2014, join the Unleashed Action Team.

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Kate19 Kate19 23 December 2013
Hi Amy,
I'd just like to say thanks for posting such a wonderful video - it's brought a big, well need smile to my face!  When there's so much cruelty to animals in the world (my 'down mood' today has been brought on by hearing that someone has brutally killed 6 miniature horses in South Australia) it's important to look at the GOOD things that people do.  From these beautiful pigs (and the amazing work that Edgar's Mission does) to all the people like us who every day make choices and spread the words to others.  It's easy to get depressed about how humans treat animals (in any situation whether it be factory farming, for clothing, experimentation or entertainment or horrific crimes such as these horses in South Australia) but by watching your video, I've been rejuvenated to continue spreading the word and I hope that in time, things WILL change.  If I had a Christmas wish it would be that in 2014, people just thought a little bit more about where animals are placed in our society - and make choices either through educated purchasing, eating differently or activism-  to change the world for the better.
Thanks again for posting the video -  I will now watch again for another smile!
via Unleashed

JJ JJ 24 December 2013
This fight will not end until the cruelty does.
via Unleashed

wafarmer wafarmer 24 December 2013
exploitation comes in many forms look within first.
via Unleashed

Izzy the Future Surgeon Izzy the Future Surgeon 24 December 2013
Yes! Thank you! Finally! Live Export will stop for ever. And factory farming is slowly fading away! Yes! we will win! Thank you animals Australia for making millions of Aussie dreams come true. to wake up to a world without cruelty.
via Unleashed

Margaret10 Margaret10 24 December 2013
It just has to stop. Live export in new Zealand has, so why haven't we!
via Unleashed

jliz jliz 24 December 2013
Although i can't actually look at the scenes of cruelty i am so happy to learn that through our actions, whatever they may be, things are gradually changing and people are being made aware of things that they hadn't given any thought to before. "Ignorance certainly isn't bliss" for these beautiful and innocent creatures. May they and you all have a kind and meaningful Christmas!
via Unleashed

Helen7 Helen7 24 December 2013
These Countries that seem to have no regard at all for these animals should not be able to have any animals at all.  I wish that all their meat supplies were slaughtered here and shipped to them in bags.  If we stop the live trade will other countries do like wise ? or will they take the place of  our animals that we hope will be stopped.  These countries don't have any respect for each other, surely someone would realise that animals don't stand a chance !!!
via Unleashed

samir samir 24 December 2013
we must learn love from animals  ...
via Unleashed

Vegetarians4ever Vegetarians4ever 24 December 2013
When I saw the pictures of the brutal murders and the videos of the brutal transport and captures just gave me the shivers up and down my spine. See those videos are the reason I'm a vegetarian, I hate having to eat animals that have suffered there whole lives and just get slaughtered for money. RESPECT THE ANIMALS, SPIDERS, COWS, SNAILS, STARFISH ALL OF THEM!!!!! I'm am so sorry to all those animals that just get slaughtered for money cry.
via Unleashed

RescueMe RescueMe 24 December 2013
Where there is no respect for human life, there is none for animals.  Where animals are killed mindlessly (be it Gaza, the miniature horses in SA, bull-fighting, pig-dogging etc.) I fear there may be little hope as it seems to bring some moronic individuals pleasure and this is beyond our understanding.   But we can and are changing the big picture, inspite of callous politicians who only care about the $, votes and their public profiles. Thank you AA for all the public exposure and thank God for you all - the voice of sanity - my sanity included!   God bless each and every one of you.
via Unleashed

I love this soooooo much, made me smile and brought tears to my eyes. I swear the dog at the start looks so much like my dog Molly, so cute. Thank you Animals Australia, you all are angels. God Bless xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx dance
via Unleashed

odettica odettica 26 December 2013
Me felicito por el privilegio de pertenecer a esta maravillosa pgina que trata en lo posible de concienciarnos en contra de la crueldad hacia esos maravillosos seres indefensos.
Abrazos y felices fiesta decembrinas para todos
via Unleashed

Smurf Smurf 27 December 2013
Can't say I smiled...this is terrible and yes it has to stop immediately.   cow
via Unleashed

Michelle11 Michelle11 31 December 2013
In response to Helen7, the majority of these countries that we ship animals too are Islamic, and they practice Halal slaughter, which is very cruel. So generally they will have little regard for animals. The general public though may be shocked at what Halal slaughter actually means.
Caring muslims! if you hate animal cruelty, insist on changes to slaughter methods, or better yet, give up meat altogether. The most frightening thing is that there are Halal slaughter houses in Australia that are exempt from our animal cruelty laws. Unbelievable.
via Unleashed

Stevey-69 Stevey-69 8 January 2014
Thanks Animals Australia for everything you guys have done to show Aussies & others around the world how inhumane the human race can be. Here's hoping to a world free of animal cruelty in the very near future.
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Lamb of Lamb of 12 February 2014
Some of these animals are close friends  pillowfight
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