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Bird is the word. And thongs are the prize :)

Bird is the word. And thongs are the prize :)

Posted 13 December 2013   by Amy         Permalink | 53 Comments

Tags: birds, environment, rubbish, thongs, giveaway, contest, competition, win, malc&andi

Thong weather is here. And I could not be happier! If you're a lover of good thong weather - like me - you'll know the importance of a good pair of pluggers.

And we just so happen to have 4 pairs of malc&andi organic rubber thongs to giveaway!

Yep, you read that right. They're organic. AND they're biodegradable. Which means you could pretty much eat them if you wanted to. (But don't.)

This is great news because while you and I know that plastic isn't food (except for that one time I bit into a decoration apple), birds sometimes don't. And the plastic that we humans use can cause serious problems for birds, when it's not thrown away properly. Check this out:

This trailer is a good reminder of how the choices we make everyday are powerful. Something as simple as litter is having a massive impact on the lives of animals. So by making sure you chuck rubbish in the bin and by choosing biodegradable options you can ensure that you're helping to keep both animals and the environment safe.

So, to win yourself a super soft pair of biodegradable natural rubber thongs (in the colour of your choosing) I want to hear about one choice you've made to help protect animals from suffering. Pop it in the comments below and you could be one of 4 winners :)

Comp closes: Sunday 19th January. Winners can choose any pair from available stock.


P.S. malc&andi have an awesome range of hats, sunnies and accessories as well so you can be fully decked for summer in ethical goods. AND, you'll be happy to know that they donate 5% of all profits to animal charities, including us :) Check out the range here.

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ox.kylie.xo ox.kylie.xo 13 December 2013
This is great! I recently emailed havanias to see if there things were vegan friendly and to my suprise they replied yes... But they did mention they aren't Eco friendly which sucked... And they also said they would be announcing that they have vegan friendly things available on Facebook soon... I'm really happy bout these things though as they are both vegan and Eco friendly happy I even suggested these to the company that I get other vegan and Eco friendly items from!
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Veronicka Veronicka 13 December 2013
I've tried my hardest to shop at stores whom distribute biodegradable plastic bags. If I happen to be given a normal plastic bag for my troubles then it is used thereafter in such a way that will prevent the plastic bag being thrown in to the trash. I recycle everything that I possibly can and I tend to believe that there is a use for everything. With all that said, I would love a pair of these(:
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Veggie Veronica Veggie Veronica 14 December 2013
I'm going on a school camp soon, and we had to fill in a medical form. On the form were your diet options. I'm not a vegetarian yet, but I decided to have a try and eat a vegetarian diet while I was going to be there. Almost everyone else in my class is eating a omnivore diet, and I'm basically by myself, but that doesn't stop me! I have also convinced some of my friends to also try a vegetarian diet while we're there! It's 3 of us, and we're staying for 3 days. There'll probably be meat in all the 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), and we won't be eating it! Making this choice is helping a lot of animals! It's a step in the right direction to becoming vegan!
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Truc Truc 14 December 2013
Doing the vegan challenge
via Unleashed

Eclipse Eclipse 17 December 2013
Without a doubt, making the all-in-one shift from being an omnivore to being a vegan happy
via Unleashed

Coralie Coralie 17 December 2013
I've simply stopped eating meat pig beaverhug cow monkey rabbit wave paw turtle orcawhale kitty fish
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JanetA JanetA 17 December 2013
Everyday I take my dogs for a 3 k walk along our beach. I take plastic bags (for the obvious) and another plastic bag to pick up any non organic rubbish on the shore. It is amazing how much plastic I find. This helps protect not only fishes in the bay but also the vast number of sea birds along our coast.
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Serendipity Serendipity 17 December 2013
I only buy cosmetics that have not been tested on animals
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GemzLuvsAnimals GemzLuvsAnimals 18 December 2013
ive been a vegetarian for almost 5 years (part was vegan).
im working on going back to being vegan
i buy all cruelty free makeups
pick up litter when i go for walks
buy all free range or locally bought eggs
i dont buy fur or leather
im building a garden in my backyard for the birds to enjoy
im working on a youtube channel for eco-people
I draw posters with eco sayings
80% of my mind power goes into ideas to help animals
One day when im able to wanna adopt a shelter dog
and lots and lots of other stuff.

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ox.kylie.xo ox.kylie.xo 18 December 2013
oh I just noticed that I didn't even put in my answer to go in the draw.... to be honest I don't care about winning the thongs... I'm just happy that there is thongs that are vegan out there... and that everyday the human race is slowly changing to be animal friendly happy (it would be better if the transition would be instant) but I ask please don't let people that still eat meat win anything, as obviously their taste buds overrule their so called morals against harming animals and do not deserve free stuff! (and I'm not saying that because want to win as I don't.... already purchasing some happy it is purely just that I think a vegan should win because if the comp is about who helps animals the most... well vegans do by not eating them or wearing them happy
via Unleashed

lindtar12 lindtar12 18 December 2013
Stop buying products made of leather or fur or parts of animals such as elephant teeth.
via Unleashed

bogookigook93 bogookigook93 18 December 2013
buying free range and organic wherever possible   having my own pet chickens that provide wonderful free range eggs everyday! also picking up rubbish at parks  etc where ducks and other birds are   banana broccoli chick cow peace_out wink
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j.mcilrath1990 j.mcilrath1990 18 December 2013
It's been a hard struggle indeed.. But I have been determine, and I have, officially and proudly, given up my beloved TimTams.. No more palm-oil product consumption on my watch!  dance
via Unleashed

sealLover sealLover 24 December 2013
Other than obviously going vegan and convincing many of my friends to at least become vegetarians, I also confirm that six-pack holders at any applicable social events I attend are properly disposed of and try to spread awareness of the associated danger to marine animals.
via Unleashed

Emma14 Emma14 24 December 2013
I've changes all of my makeup and toiletries so I am only using "Not Tested on Animals" products. I purchased two chickens 6 months ago so now I know exactly where my eggs come from!  chick
via Unleashed

Vicki2 Vicki2 24 December 2013
I only adopt my dogs from shelters....Adopt don't Shop ! dog
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moo moo 24 December 2013
This year has been an incredible one for me. I've become a vegetarian, then went on to become a vegan. I've given up absolutely anything tested on animals and have educated so many others on the cruelty behind it, and ended up helping them make the decisions for a cruelty-free lifestyle.
I have written to so many supermarkets, butchers and even restaurants trying to come up with a compromise of more options for free-range, showing how it can also benefit them in the long run as well.
Taking my dogs for long walks along the beach twice a week, I pick up every bit of rubbish I can, and reuse and recycle anything possible.
Next year I will continue on, I will be the voice for so many that have none and I will continue to inspire people in the process.
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EssMick EssMick 24 December 2013
I went vegan. It's the best way to be a champion for animals happy
via Unleashed

lozza696 lozza696 25 December 2013
With my work Christmas bonus I splurge on myself the most expensive makeup for the New year....the ones that DON'T TEST on animals.
via Unleashed

july69baby july69baby 25 December 2013
happy I have been a vegetarian ALL my life and have brought my daughter up as one
happy I always save animals from animal shelters or unwanted owners (strays always find me lol)
I would love a pair of these look noice  kitty
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Gaye Gaye 25 December 2013
I am strictly vego and try to opt for vegan choices where ever I can. I sign every petition I come across and do what I can when I can.
via Unleashed

Mase1 Mase1 26 December 2013
I have always tried to speak out for the animals and even if I'm 12 years old it doesn't mean that I can't make a difference. I always send letters to governments or companies and they have always replied. I send in my persuasive text on 'ban animal cruelty' (which I have sent one to unleashed!)
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Sammy Sammy 26 December 2013
Every time I go to the beach I make sure I do not leave without collecting any discarded plastic bags or fishing line that I see. I encourage my friends to do the same. It's our planet and it's a beautiful one, we are so lucky to live here. We must do our best to ensure we live in harmony with nature and all the other species we share our world with.
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cloe cloe 26 December 2013
I've just turned 14 & have taken a stand in my house against any animal products that aren't Free Range, Organic, Fed properly & free to roam! I also got caught & got in alot of trouble for freeing some pigs & chickens that were being unfairly treated on a property near my uncles. If i see someone wearing leather, fur etc i can't help but say something!
via Unleashed

JayJayBean JayJayBean 28 December 2013
My husband is a huge meat eater but I've finally talked him into doing meat free Monday, it might not seem like much to some but it's a big step in my house and I'm very proud of him for jumping on board with my vegetarian lifestyle!
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Bill Tovey Bill Tovey 28 December 2013
Becoming a member of AA and everything that goes with that; lobbying, financial donations and smart food choices-no factory animals etc
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Emi Emi 28 December 2013
After years of being a vegetarian I took the next step and have become a vegan. Making this change has not only been positive for me and my impact but it has also increased awareness for those around me. Seeing that I eat great food and I'm healthy shows that it's not just possible to maintain a cruelty free diet but it's actually tasty and healthy!

I also only purchase cruelty free cosmetics etc. learning which companies condone what has also been a surprise to people I know.

Taking my own shopping bags out with me is also a big plus. The less used means the less manufactured as well as wasted or dumped.
There are so many simple steps and it's great to see a community like this promoting and sharing ideas happy
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soniamonique soniamonique 29 December 2013
Being a vegetarian.
via Unleashed

4_da_animals1 4_da_animals1 29 December 2013
I've dedicated a large new part of my life to working with and deliberately interacting with all people, treating all equally, and promoting veganism in ways of teaching others how to cook when the opportunity arises, as many live off take away food.. But consistently exposing and promoting making better choices in all aspects of animal welfare and rights, not just in consumption but in conservation too. I write recipes and post photos of any new meal I invent, having inspired  people to experiment with their own cooking, and realise how flavoursome vegan food can be.
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kd71 kd71 29 December 2013
Nearly a year ago I became a vegetarian, my family now eats much less meat and after discussing and sharing my eating habits and recipes with a good friend, she is now vegetarian too. Whilst educating myself on the horrors of factory farming I feel heartbroken for the animals and don't understand how I ate meat for over 40 years without thinking about the animals. I am now proud to be vegetarian and happily inform people about the reasons why I will NEVER eat meat again.
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Spiderpi00 Spiderpi00 2 January 2014
I became vegetarian just over a year ago.
My family and I bought our own chickens.
I never litter.
I joined the environmental group at school.
I don't buy fur or leather.
Our family dog is a stray, not from a pet shop.
I hand out flyers about factory farming, animal cruelty, becoming vegetarian and vegan, etc.
I take very good care of ALL animals, great and small. 80)
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Izzy the Future Surgeon Izzy the Future Surgeon 11 January 2014
being vegan. made my mum go vegan. i resent leather, wool and fur. all my make up and body products are cruelty free. i manged to save my chickens life who would have died the next day if i never left it's side and fed it till 9 at night. i saved a honey birds life who broke it's neck on a window. i stopped my aunty buying caged products. i fund-raise money from my soap business by selling chicken shaped soaps and the profit go towards animals australia to stop factory farming. and i love animals more than i love myself.   dove chick pig
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winnie winnie 14 January 2014
I decided to take in some hens that had been caged and were getting hen pecked, I got the hens a safe home, and I believe they are now loving life! chick clap
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Djeetgun Djeetgun 14 January 2014
I stopped eating dairy because of the way bobby calves are treated, which is a real sacrifice because I LOVE cheese. But I don't think just stopping eating dairy is enough - I know I need to get involved with a campaign to change the laws governing how the dairy industry operates, to stop the cruelty in the dairy industry for good.

I'm loving my new diet, and I've gone mostly raw vegan and am trying to start a business selling delicious raw vegan food.
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ox.kylie.xo ox.kylie.xo 15 January 2014
This Sunday one of YOU could be the winner!! How exciting!!
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Ann Parker Ann Parker 15 January 2014
I went vegan over a year ago and also volunteer for various environmental organisations in Adelaide. My kids want to learn more about vegetarianism and people at work are really interested in learning more about animal welfare happy broccoli
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Jembolina Jembolina 15 January 2014
I'm vegan and I'm studying marine science at uni with the intention of using my studies to help protect marine life for the rest of my life.
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DebH DebH 15 January 2014
I have grown up on a farm, surrounded by state forest. My family hated hunting, especially duck hunters, so we have set up a sanctuary on our farm for wildlife to roam safely. It has a large dam for ducks and is an awesome sight.
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actlikeyougiveaf actlikeyougiveaf 15 January 2014
I'm pretty stoked to see these products exist, I admit, I didn't know about them until I saw this post, so firstly, high-five Malc&Andi.

Secondly, my partner and I are both committed vegetarians, and think food choices desperately need to go beyond simply what you're in the mood for. The inhumane degradation of factory farming is a shameful industry to support, with it being equally important for meat and non-meat eaters to educate themselves on the production of what they consume, whether that be food or clothing.
In tune with that, we only purchase bio-dynamic eggs and stick to our organic almond milks, avoiding milk products where entirely possible. What's important to us is that we want to know where this product has come from and who/what it has impacted, so I know exactly what my money is supporting. Industry can be changed, simply through the decisions of the consumer, we believe it, and we're pretty pleased to see more companies producing more sustainable options for us. Absolute top job.
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Ruthth Ruthth 15 January 2014
I grew up vegan and have stayed that way! I do my best to buy environmentally fiendly products to  happy
via Unleashed

nerdpanda nerdpanda 15 January 2014
avoiding palm oil, sustainable or not, I simply don't support it!
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rleephoto rleephoto 15 January 2014
I've been a Vegan for 18 months and I regularly attend Live Export protests, as well as do a lot of online campaigning for a variety of animal welfare causes. I have 3 rescued cats that thev their own enclosure so that they don't get out onto the road or kill native animals. I leave water out for native birds on hot days, and have saved a few native and introduced birds from harm - including taking injured ones to the Lort Smith hospital in Melbourne. I have six stickers on the back of my car BAN LIVE EXPORT, IF YOU LOVE ANIMALS DON'T EAT THEM, etc etc. Animals are no less important than Humans and in fact I kinda have more faith in them than the latter sometimes kitty
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Chikon Chikon 15 January 2014
Recently drove from QLD to South Australia over the xmas & new year silly season. Our morning beach swims included a BEACH CLEAN at every beach we swam at. RUBBISH LEFT ON THE BEACHES ENDS UP IN THE OCEANS KILLING MARINE LIFE orcawhale orcawhale
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Veronicka Veronicka 17 January 2014
Ruling yourself out of the race, Kylie(:?
Don't blame ya, the thongs are pretty much mine(:
via Unleashed

Amity Amity 17 January 2014
Recently I have switched from chemical cleaners to all environmentally friendly & natural cleaners. I have always done my bit recycling, never littering, buying humane foods, speaking out against live export, and I volunteer for the RSPCA caring for the dogs there. I am involved in social media and spread the word to encourage others to as well. If I win, please donate the thongs to a homeless or other needy person. I already have a pair. Thanks  banana
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KellyG KellyG 17 January 2014
BEING VEGAN is the top one.
I became vegetarian 7 years ago, then vegan 5 years ago.
I also sign as many petitions as I can, I go to rallies- Melbourne Pig Save is a frequent one, and I am TRYING to perfect my way to convert others to veganism.
beaverhug chick cow fish dog monkey kitty frog pig rabbit rabbit snail spider starfish wave
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tiedyedtofu tiedyedtofu 18 January 2014
I have made the decision to always call an animal by its name not its meat name. At the table I say I am vegetarian I do not eat cow, pig, sheep not lamb, beef and pork. I think it is wrong to call an animal the name given to its meat it is like us calling each other flesh.
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Demi_1291 Demi_1291 18 January 2014
I became a vegetarian about a year ago, and am now transitioning to veganism. I do my best to buy organic, and environmentally friendly substances for myself and my fmaily and friends (I'm now a crazy animal lady, but oh well).

I have influenced the people around me to undertake 'meat free mondays' as they don't want to go full vego, but at least something is better than nothing.

I buy vegan soap,shampoos, conditioners, chapsticks, hair dyes, makeup and the sorts.

I try my very best to never harm an animal ever again.
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Broddles88 Broddles88 18 January 2014
I avoid products with palm oil in them, have converted all my household cleaning products to environmentally safe ones and use vegan body products.
via Unleashed

Tinsubs Tinsubs 19 January 2014
I wear no makeup. I use animal cruelty free products in my home. I have water in the garden for the native birds and animals. I use no poisons in the gardens nor insect sprays in the house.
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hitchn hitchn 20 January 2014
as I walk to the pub to get a drink or two I go out of my way not to step on an ant just so that bird that keeps whistling and makes me turn around all ways I mean all ways!! as if some cutie is whistling at me...  has some thing to eat, Their ya go little on.. eat on..
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ox.kylie.xo ox.kylie.xo 23 January 2014
So who won??
via Unleashed

Amy Amy 23 January 2014
Hi Kylie. I will be announcing the winners soon happy Stay tuned.
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