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WIN tickets to a vegan cooking demo!

WIN tickets to a vegan cooking demo!

Posted 6 March 2014   by Amy         Permalink | 45 Comments

Tags: vegan, food, giveaway, competition, contest, win

Three of the world's most exciting vegan chefs are coming to Australia! And as hard as it is not to keep them all for myself, I've got double passes to their cooking demonstrations in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne to giveaway!

If you want to know how to make pancakes fluffy enough to sleep on; pie that's out of this world; and pad thai that will have your friends worshipping Seitan, then you'll want to check this out!


The line up:

Isa Chandra Moskowitz (Post Punk Kitchen) (USA)
Terry Hope Romero (USA)
Vegan Black Metal Chef (USA)
AND special guests!

BONUS: The lucky Sydney winner (and their mate) will also be able to use their passes for the whole Sydney Vegan Festival.

Click on your city for the full event details:

Melbourne – Wednesday 26 March – Corner Hotel, Richmond
Sydney – Saturday 29 March – Factory Theatre, Marrickville
Brisbane – Sunday 30 March – Crowbar, Brisbane


Ok, I hear ya. All you have to do for a chance to win these passes is comment below with which chef you're most excited to see and why. (Comp closes Wednesday 19 March, with 1 double pass to win for each event.)

Eating more plant-based foods is one of the easiest ways to help the environment, improve your health and protect animals from cruelty. What's more, it's delicious! Watch Vegan Black Metal Chef whip up a killer lasagne:

UPDATE: This comp has now closed. Congratulations to our winners – hellojazmyn, Vegan-metal-Amy and Missy KeyClick here to follow Sydney Vegan Festival on Facebook to get updates for next year's event. Or click here for some delicious inspiration and have a vegan cook up of your own :)

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Comments [email protected] 7 March 2014
Moskowitz is my absolute FAVOURITE! My partner bought me Veganomicon and it contains the recipes of the (literally) best foods I've ever cooked! I am so in awe of these recipes,. I need to be at this event!!
via Unleashed

KeithS KeithS 7 March 2014
Most excited to see Vegan Black Metal Chef.
So I can steal his awesome kitchen knives and cutleries.

Btw I'm going for the Sydney event.
via Unleashed

CA89SS CA89SS 7 March 2014
Isa because we appear to have a lot in common and I'm dying to learn about her Tofuballs!
via Unleashed

m1987c m1987c 7 March 2014
I'm pretty pumped to see Isa in Melbourne - my girlfriend and I make her recipies nearly everynight of the week!
via Unleashed

adambowman adambowman 7 March 2014
The Black Metal Chef, as it would be my first Seitanic Mass.
via Unleashed

Shawna Shawna 7 March 2014
I'd love to see Isa in Melbourne. I was given one of her cookbooks for Christmas and in loving it.
via Unleashed

Vegan-metal-Amy Vegan-metal-Amy 7 March 2014
Vegan Black Metal Chef! Because I'm a long term metal head and only a half that amount of time vegan...I need some black metal vegan cooking to help my music experiences catch up to my culinary experiences!
via Unleashed

Amy lee Amy lee 7 March 2014
VegAn black metal chef! His theatrics are the most brutal thing about a cruelty free dietlove
via Unleashed

Danni99 Danni99 7 March 2014
I would love to see any of these talented chefs. I cannot cook, I'm hopeless, so would really benefit from these guys teaching  delicious vegan recipes. Love being vegan, but desperately  need help!!l broccoli
via Unleashed

samtanic samtanic 7 March 2014
Vegan Black Metal Chef in Brisbane. Love his technique and style very unique makes it fun!
via Unleashed

wokeupnew wokeupnew 7 March 2014
Definitely Isa...hers was my first vegan cookbook and she was the greatest helper in making the transition to veganism easier.
via Unleashed

ivy_vine ivy_vine 7 March 2014
It would be one of the pleasures of my life to meet Isa. I'd love to thank her in person for helping me to recover my health. Not even joking. This lady is my hero. happy
via Unleashed

Miss. Jones Miss. Jones 8 March 2014
oh I love the Vegan Black Metal Chef, Pad Thai me baby, it is the absolute best & I am a student and I love him and I cannot afford to go to the gig at the Corner *sigh
via Unleashed

Veronicka Veronicka 12 March 2014
Isa! Post Punk Kitchen!  Being a Punk rock fan myself, I love the DIY culture and Isa, Natalie Slater of Bake and Destroy embody that spirit to a T. Anything that can connect Punk Rock with Vegan cooking is a win for me. I must admit, though that I have only been a fan of hers for a few months, but already she has an influence on the way I cook. And so, going to this to see her would be wonderful (:
via Unleashed

Heather. Heather. 12 March 2014
It would be an incredible experience to see Isa in action! Actually it would be amazing to see all of the wonderful guests. I can only imagine how much I would learn and gain from the experience. It would be such a special night and something I'd hold in my memory forever. I'd really like to bring my new friend who is a Vegan to the crow bar, to see all of the talented chefs!  broccoli
via Unleashed

booksie booksie 13 March 2014
Isa, because she was my gateway drug into vegan cooking
via Unleashed

Samtucaan000 Samtucaan000 13 March 2014
Isa Isa Isa Oi Oi Oi!!! Cos she's the bomb that's why!!
via Unleashed

Girl Anachronism Girl Anachronism 13 March 2014
Isa!!! Her's was the first vegan cookbook I bought and it helped the transition so much! Such exciting food, who would of thought?!
via Unleashed

RedDevotchkin RedDevotchkin 14 March 2014
I am most excited to see Isa Chandra Moskowitz. It sounds crazy, but when I first became vegan I didn't even think that vegan cookbooks existed. When I was in a bookshop with my mother one afternoon, she found a copy of Veganomicon and I was beyond excited! It became my vegan cooking bible, and I now own all of Isa's books, except for her newest, which I'm hoping to buy from her and get signed while she's here!
via Unleashed

NikkiG NikkiG 14 March 2014
I would love to see Isa Chandra Moskowitz in action, Veganomicon was the first vegan cookbook I bought and I still love it and refer to it on many occasions, my omnivore friends have loved everything I have made from that book.
via Unleashed

Donkey12 Donkey12 16 March 2014
Isa with her leading ways,
I could watch her all day!
Making vegan food yum,
A better cook than my Mum!
via Unleashed

IronTheremin666 IronTheremin666 17 March 2014
as some whos been a metalhead ever since i got into music properly and a vegan for the last few years, its like destiny that i see the vegan black metal chef in melbourne one day haha
id probs just talk to him about other black metal bands for hours if i could
via Unleashed

ChelseaK ChelseaK 17 March 2014
ARE YOU KIDDING ME AHH!!! VEGAN BLACK METAL CHEF!!! :O %u24E5%u24E5%u24E5%u24E5%u24E5%u24E5%u24E5
He is an absolute LEGEND. I might even love this guy more than I love broccoli... and that is saying something  broccoli
via Unleashed

ChelseaK ChelseaK 17 March 2014
i did have little vegan symbols but they died ^^^ sad
via Unleashed

Larissa.x Larissa.x 17 March 2014
Isa! I have most of her books and I am longing for the rest. I am very fortunate that my timing for a trip to Melbourne coincides with them being here.
via Unleashed

squirrelcapn squirrelcapn 17 March 2014
I love Isa! She is so lovely and funny on twitter. Veganomicon rocks!
via Unleashed

ellencee ellencee 17 March 2014
Isa! Veganomicon is my bible love
via Unleashed

cupcakes6 cupcakes6 17 March 2014
I am most excited to see Terry!! I just ate amazing vegan chorizo from her Viva Vegan book for my lunch!! yummm
via Unleashed

RedDevotchkin RedDevotchkin 17 March 2014
I forgot to say in my post that I would like to win tickets for Sydney!
via Unleashed

KazK KazK 18 March 2014
Choosing just one is so difficult. Isa made vegan food accessible to a wider audience, Terry provided a tasty vegan world tour and Vegan Black Metal Chef reminds the world that vegans do have a sense of humour (as well as great taste). Rules are rules however, so my vote goes to Isa for her punk points and cat references as well as her amazing recipes. I would love to see her (and the others) in Melbourne.
via Unleashed

angeandbella angeandbella 18 March 2014
Isa!   I made her blueberry cheesecake in January and it was AWESOME!
via Unleashed

Vanessasoma Vanessasoma 18 March 2014
Vegan black metal chef! Because I make his recipes with him in real time! He sits on my laptop in the kitchen and I even headbang to summon the fires of satan as my pad Thai cooks. Which is pretty interesting, as a married 35 year old mother of two. My kids are too busy watching play school to notice...
via Unleashed

AmberR AmberR 18 March 2014
I'd love to see Isa in Melbourne. I'm a wanna-be baker happy
via Unleashed

Jackie Jackie 18 March 2014
A friend of mine has been thinking about making the switch from an omnivorous diet to a vegan one, & i would love to take him to the Sydney Vegan Festival! As a drummer/sound engineer with a penchant for black metal, i would be super-excited to have the Vegan Black Metal Chef himself provide some inspiration to take the plunge into a super-tasty, cruelty-free way of eating happy
via Unleashed

Helia Helia 18 March 2014
via Unleashed

JenMeister JenMeister 18 March 2014
Isa... I love Post Punk Kitchen! I'd love to go to the Sydney festival.
via Unleashed

Missy_Key Missy_Key 19 March 2014
Most definitely Isa Chandra Moskowitz. I recently started my journey into veg*nism. PPK was recommended to me by a great mate, and she's making the transition super easy. I'd love to see her in action at the Melbourne event.
via Unleashed

Teacosyenthusiast Teacosyenthusiast 19 March 2014
I would love to see Vegan Black Metal Chef murder the sacrificial vegetables!
via Unleashed

KazK KazK 19 March 2014
Choosing between these three amazing chefs is hard work. Isa lead the way by making vegan food accessible, Terry takes cultural classics and gives them a new vegan twist and the Black Metal Vegan Chef shows that vegans do have a sense of humour! Tough choice, but rules are rules and so my vote would have to go to Isa as I'm a long time fan of her recipes, her style, her punk points and her cat.  ecstatic

I would love to win tickets to the Melbourne show! Thanks, Unleashed.
via Unleashed

natastrophe natastrophe 19 March 2014
I'd love to meet Terry in Melbourne - I love her healthy style/approach to food and think she's highly underrated!
via Unleashed

Ve-Super-Gan! Ve-Super-Gan! 19 March 2014
Isa Chandra Moskowitz it is! happy

For too long family members mocked and refused to try a lot of my alternative, especially TOFU. That was until I made tofu a'la Isa Chandra from her 'chicken' Caesar salad recipe! My mum could barely tell the difference and (please be sure to be seated) ..... admitted she like it!!!!!!!!   =D
Isa Chandra, changing minds even of the most stubborn and cynical of varieties happy
via Unleashed

LittleBeaver LittleBeaver 19 March 2014
I NEED to EXPERIENCE a "POST PUNK KITCHEN" at least once in my life,and see what I've been missing!
Would I need to wear BLACK;or is the clothing OPTIONAL??
via Unleashed

EssMick EssMick 19 March 2014
Isa! She has inspired me, my cooking, and has created recipes that my non-veg family enjoy and embrace
via Unleashed

ScarlettElla ScarlettElla 19 March 2014
Would love to see vegan black metal chef because I love his PadThai song video
via Unleashed

AC AZZA AC AZZA 23 March 2014
I love the Vegan Black Metal Chef and would kill to go to his Melbourne show as I love his style of how he incorporates his recipies into his music.

Really unique and awesome taste tongue
via Unleashed


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