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5 reasons to have a dairy-free Easter

5 reasons to have a dairy-free Easter

Posted 7 April 2014   by Lucy         Permalink | 2 Comments

Tags: Easter, chocolate, dairy, cows

Easter is coming – and that means it's almost time to stuff ourselves silly with chocolate eggs!

But before you rush to the shop, spare a thought for what's inside those eggs. Because whether you care about the survival of the planet, ending cruelty to animals, looking after your health, or whether you just enjoy really good chocolate, you may want to consider choosing dairy-free. Here's why:

Because dairy-free dark chocolate is healthier.

As if we needed another reason to eat chocolate, right? :P Dairy-free dark chocolate is high in antioxidants and can even help protect your arteries – meaning in moderation it is good for your heart! Sound too good to be true? Read more here.

Because we only have one planet.

>Dairy cows are responsible for approximately 3% of all global greenhouse gas emissions! PLUS the industry consumes a massive 12% of all the water used in Australia. So going dairy-free is kind to cows AND the environment. Find out more about dairy's environmental footprint here.

Because bobby calves don't deserve to die.

This may shock you but over 700,000 dairy calves (called 'bobby calves') are discarded and killed as 'waste products' of the dairy industry every year. These calves are born for one reason – to keep their mothers producing milk. But what happens to them? Most are separated from their grieving mums and killed before they are a week old. Going dairy-free means chocolate doesn't need to be a death sentence for dairy calves. Click here to learn more about dairy's dark secret.

Because you don't need dairy for strong bones.

Don't let the dairy industry pull your leg over healthy bones. Not only is dairy not the only source of calcium — other sources may be healthier for you. Surprised? Click here to get the low-down on calcium from the experts, and find out which foods are great for your bones, and kind to calves....

Because dairy-free chocolate is amazing.

No need to take my word for it (although I am kinda an expert) ��� try Bonvita's rice milk chocolate (including dairy-free white chocolate) – it's mind blowingly good. Most good quality dark chocolates are naturally dairy-free too, like Whittaker's Dark Chocolate Block, Noble Choice, and Lindt 70%. Click here for a list of the best dairy-free chocolates on the market!

So are you celebrating a deliciously dairy-free Easter this year? Let me know what goodies are in your Easter hamper in the comments below :)

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tiedyedtofu tiedyedtofu 7 April 2014
Sweet William's chocolate bunnies!! Amazing and they taste brilliant  rabbit rabbit rabbit
via Unleashed

Annairda Annairda 9 April 2014
I'll be keeping an eye out for Bonvita's rice milk chocolate, that  sounds amazing!
via Unleashed


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