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VICTORY! Whale hunt banned in Antarctica!

VICTORY! Whale hunt banned in Antarctica!

Posted 1 April 2014   by Jesse         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: whales, victory, oceans

GREAT NEWS! Whales may finally be safe from slaughter in Antarctic waters. Japan has been ordered to stop its whaling. *happy dance*

At long last! No more harpoons. No more slaughter for 'scientific research'. These amazing animals can finally swim free without fear of hunters in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary!

Australia has won an international legal battle at International Court of Justice.  The court has decided that Japan's slaughter of whales is not scientific and must stop IMMEDIATELY. And thankfully, Japanese officials are saying they'll respect the decision.

The long campaign to save the world’s gentle ocean giants has been fought by so many people. Now, all those who have ever taken action for whales can share in this incredible victory. On behalf of the whales, THANK YOU to Sea Shepherd and to all of the groups and individuals who have played a part in this historic win for animals!

This victory goes to show what we can achieve when we work together and never give up. So if you're feeling inspired by this great news, here are some other simple ways you can make a difference of marine animals today:

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karthik1 karthik1 1 April 2014
thank god & thank everybdy who helped as a chain to stop killing whales! orcawhale
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bianca0930 bianca0930 2 April 2014
I love  to hear this! I am a Foundation Stage Teacher in China. I had classes about the sea creatures weeks ago. When I read about the ruthless whale killing; I found the opportunity to promote awareness in my class. My children listened to the whale story and we 'discussed' how the whales were cruelly killed in other parts of the world. Then we have done activities to 'support' your movement. I know it was not much from our part as my children are two-three years old. However, we are one with you--with regards to your cause... By the way we are celebrating in the class!
via Unleashed

Barney Barney 2 April 2014
really great news power of the people does work! banana
via Unleashed

bianca0930 bianca0930 3 April 2014
yepyep...I have cute pics to share if anyone is interested...hehe
via Unleashed

ox.kylie.xo ox.kylie.xo 9 April 2014
This is awesome news for the whales happy live and let live!!
via Unleashed

Stop Stop 21 March 2016
This is discussing
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Audrey453 Audrey453 25 June 2016
Plz sign
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