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Surf Coast Shire proposes ban on cruel animal circuses!

Surf Coast Shire proposes ban on cruel animal circuses!

Posted 30 May 2014   by Amy         Permalink | 5 Comments

Tags: circuses, elephants, entertainment, good news, exotic animals

The good news for animals is rolling in thick and fast lately! And the latest is that Surf Coast Shire Council has proposed a ban on circuses with caged exotic animals from performing in their local area :) This will make them the 36th council in Australia to take a stand against cruel animal circuses!

And good on them because animal circuses stink! (In more ways than one.) The life of a tiger or an elephant in a circus is a crappy one. They'll spend most of their time confined to small enclosures, often in isolation, being trucked around from place to place. What's more they can even be abused to get them to perform unnatural tricks. It's just not cool.

One of the Surf Coast Shire Councillors said that the local community was outraged about the treatment of a circus elephant in Torquay several years ago. The elephant was tied to a pole in extreme heat, and was seen swaying back and forth – a sign of psychological distress.


We had animal circuses come to town regularly where I grew up and I was always horrified to see elephants and tigers tied up or locked in cages in my neighbourhood. But back then I didn't realise that it was up to each individual council to decide whether or not animal circuses can set up tent on council land. So if you care about animals, and you're living in a place that still allows animal circuses to perform, you're in a unique position to be a strong voice for animals still forced to perform!

If you want your local council to be next to ban animal circuses send them an email today and explain to them why you think keeping animals in cages and making them perform for 'entertainment' is cruel and unnecessary. Click here to find contact details for your local council.

The other good news is that no matter where you live you can help make a difference for animals simply by deciding never to attend a circus which exploits animals for entertainment.


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Buysens195 Buysens195 31 May 2014
Wild animals do not belong in a circus ! %uD83D%uDE21
via Unleashed

Kanelle Kanelle 4 June 2014
En France, nous avons un gros probl%uFFFDme quant %uFFFD la condition animale. En effet, plusieurs plaintes ont %uFFFDt%uFFFD d%uFFFDpos%uFFFDes pour maltraitance envers les animaux, leur condition de vie est inacceptable. Nous avons fait des manifestations, devant les cirques afin d'expliquer aux gens et aux enfants que les animaux souffrent terriblement dans leurs minuscules cages. Que l'animal sauvage n'est pas fait pour faire des milliers de kilom%uFFFDtre dans des cars. Que les repr%uFFFDsentations d%u2019exhibitions  sont faites sous la contrainte. Que l'exploitation animale est juste de l%u2019esclavage animalier.

Nos d%uFFFDput%uFFFDs sont parfaitement conscients du probl%uFFFDme, mais, ils ferment les yeux. Ils restent indiff%uFFFDrents %uFFFD la souffrance des animaux. Les lobbys du cirque font pression sur les dirigeants de notre pays.
via Unleashed

sezza sezza 5 June 2014
I live in Townsville, Far North Qld, and we have a circus in town at the moment..I hate knowing the animals are used the way they are..I remember as a child always feeling sick looking at the elephants chained to a peg in the ground, not able to move..The circus does not need animals!
via Unleashed

Claudia30 Claudia30 7 June 2014
No animal should be kept in a circus for people's attention. They should be free to roam and live their lives like they're supposed
via Unleashed

reddapanda reddapanda 12 June 2014
oh gooood. thanks for letting us know. i just sent the surf coast shire council an email of thanks.
via Unleashed


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