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What's the last thing this pig thought about?

What's the last thing this pig thought about?

Posted 21 May 2014   by Amy         Permalink | 6 Comments

Tags: Rivalea, pigs, video, investigation, go veg

What do you think is the last thing an animal thinks about in an abattoir? We might have an answer to that question thanks to recent footage from inside Australia's 'biggest' and 'best' pig abattoir – and the answer is pretty haunting.

I'll let this infographic begin to explain the situation ...


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I'm not going to lie, science was never my strong point, but there's something here that just doesn't add up. Let me run this by you and see what you think.

Most of the biggest pig abattoirs in Australia gas pigs with CO2 to render them unconscious, before they are killed and turned into pork, bacon and ham. This is considered the most 'humane' way to kill pigs.

Scientists say gassing isn't too distressing for pigs if the CO2 concentration is NOT more than 20%. Any higher and pigs get stressed – and at really high concentrations they experience panic, terror and may even have violent and painful reactions to the gas.

So that's the science ... BUT what are abattoirs actually doing? Before I tell you the concentration they are using, maybe you can guess. This footage, supplied to 'Aussie Farms', is from inside the 'biggest' and 'best' pig abattoir in Australia:

WARNING: This vision is distressing to watch.

It makes me wonder, if this is the 'best' what is the 'worst'? :( Pigs screamed and thrashed in terror as they tried to get out of the gas chamber. Those who were outside and next in line desperately tried to jump over the walls and escape, only to be jabbed with an electric prod to force them inside the chamber. And this is happening to both factory farmed and free-range pigs.

So here's the most disturbing part: If an abattoir wanted to gas pigs in a way that minimised their suffering they might lose their license for not meeting the Australian Meat Industry 'standards'. These 'standards' say abattoirs MUST use CO2 concentrations of 80% or more. (Yes, you read that right.) At this concentration abattoirs can kill more pigs quicker, but most of those animals are going to their deaths highly distressed or in a state of terror.

Want to help end this cruelty? Great, because the power is in your hands to protect pigs. One simple choice will make all the difference. Make the pledge to take animals off your plate and start saving lives today!


And to help you get off to a great start, when you take the pledge, you'll receive tips on making the switch and some killer cruelty-free recipes from yours truly :)

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mustafa mustafa 27 May 2014
There has to be,but not with torture,,,they have to use more humanistc way
via Unleashed

Julie UK Julie UK 27 May 2014
My husband trained to scuba dive. Nitrogen narcosis is a risk to divers because you suffocate without noticing. You experience a feeling of drunken euphoria and then lose consciousness. Not good if you're a diver, but a better way to die than struggling for breath.
Experiments at Bristol University Langford Meat Research Institute have shown that pigs will willingly re-enter an environment containing levels of nitrogen sufficient to make them lose consciousness to find food. As the air we breathe is nearly 80% nitrogen our bodies don't feel we're suffocating when we breathe nitrogen unlike the awful feeling when breathing high levels of CO2.
Why don't we lobby our respective govt's to replace CO2 with nitrogen?
And yes, I know this is not the best option, but it's got to be better. and BTW, I'm vegan and my family are veggie. Good luck guys.
via Unleashed

Loki Loki 28 May 2014
I am vegetarian for over 30 years,vegan since 2004.
I gave up all meat after feeding the free range pigs on the farm where I lived & was constantly delighted by their characters & nonsense every day.Being completely stupid about why they were being fed until the farmer came to the door with a bag of meat for me!I cried for days; they were such beautiful souls, they'd hide when they saw me coming down from the house & they'd jump out to give me a fright, I swear they laughed when I jumped.They say only highly evolved species have humour.I have never consumed flesh since.
via Unleashed

Snoopy Snoopy 4 June 2014
Was wir den "Nutztieren" an Leid, Kummer, Angst und
Schmerzen antun, knnen wir nie wieder gutmachen.
Nur immer wieder versuchen, zumindest in unserem Bereich zu helfen wo es geht. Hier in Deutschland gibt es auch immer mehr
Vegetarier oder Veganer, aber das hilft unseren Tieren leider berhaupt nicht.
Unser Export wchst und wchst und China und Indien und wer auch immer wartet auf usnere Fleisch- und Milchprodukte!!!
Wie knnen wir das ndern? Wer wei, wie unsere Exportsubventionen gestoppt werden knnen? Nur das wrde helfen, denn so teures Fleisch knnten sich dann die Menschen nicht leisten. O Gott, wo bist Du, wenn es Dich gibt!!! confused
via Unleashed

Just Me Just Me 5 June 2014
What is human about taking the life of a sentient being in which OBVIOUSLY has a desire to live - not unlike our own!!!!
via Unleashed

justdaisy justdaisy 16 June 2014
killing - it's bad coz it's killing - not coz it's a pig - coz it's a life.

vegetarians who chose their diet on ethical and moral grounds are ethically and morally superior beings....

it should be mandatory for all politicians to renounce meat eating.

it should be standard in armies and jails - come to think of it, standard for schoolteachers as well
via Unleashed


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