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5 reasons animals don't belong in tanks

5 reasons animals don't belong in tanks

Posted 27 June 2014   by Amy         Permalink | 2 Comments

Tags: marine parks, SeaWorld, dolphins, orcas, seals, sharks, entertainment

I'll admit, sometimes it's hard to tell if a shark is happy or sad. (Well, except for Bruce.) But I can tell you, that a tank is not nearly as much fun as the ocean for any marine animal. Here's 5 reasons to avoid marine parks and aquariums:

1. Because sad seals sucks.


2. Because if we love them we should leave them alone.


[Read enough? Make the pledge to never attend a marine park or aquarium now.]

3. Because it's just not natural.


4. Because orcas don't deserve to have their babies taken away from them.


5. Because by simply not attending a marine park or aquarium you can help end this cruelty!


These places only exist to "entertain" us. So if we don't go, they can't continue to exist. What's more, it's way cooler to interact with marine animals in their natural habitat. Check out these lucky tourists hanging out with a mother and baby whale :)

Do you know another reason not to attend a marine park or aquarium? Pop it in the comments below.

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stewy stewy 30 June 2014
Human is starting to be a dirty word.  The things we are doing to the planet and other species, defies belief.  Let's put an end to it now and work towards a more caring world.
via Unleashed

Pickles Pickles 14 August 2014
Aww man I just bought a ticket to a university ball that is held at the Melbourne Aquarium.

1: Being a vegetarian in training, I didn't tell them my food preferences, shall tell them I want veg.
2: I am going to be so very aware of the captivity of the marine animals in the tanks :/

If I get onto the committee of the club in future years I'll make sure the venue of the ball is animal friendly!
via Unleashed


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