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Wow. How would you react to this?

Wow. How would you react to this?

Posted 11 June 2014   by Amy         Permalink | 7 Comments

Tags: factory farming, video, Make it Possible, pigs, chickens, why veg

Watch the reactions of these people as they are faced with how they've been sold cruelty to animals:

Wow. Do you feel like those stunned audience members right now? It's a scary thought isn't it, that marketers can make terrible cruelty sound like a good idea.

Fortunately, as the lady in this video by Compassion in World Farming said, the secret weapon is YOU. You have the power to make conscious choices and not be conned by sneaky marketing. In fact, you have the power to free animals from factory farms for good. Here's how:

There are plenty of ways that you can take a stand against factory farming today:

What are you doing to help free animals in factory farms? Tell us about it below.

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ox.kylie.xo ox.kylie.xo 11 June 2014
You stole this vid from chicken legs :, it's a good one thought. For people to discuss this form of tactic go to the original post.
via Unleashed

Amy Amy 11 June 2014
Hi Kylie. Actually I saw this vid on Upworthy. It's great that it's being shared around so much isn't it? Such an important message happy
via Unleashed

ox.kylie.xo ox.kylie.xo 11 June 2014
Your so right Amy! happy And as chicken legs says it a cheeky way to accomplish it too. I also love the second video you shared... sums it all up.
via Unleashed

reddapanda reddapanda 12 June 2014
thanks again amy i'd not seen either of these. wow and gee!
via Unleashed

justdaisy justdaisy 16 June 2014
we (my family) get in the ugly face of factory farming. We run our own ads (which we pay for), and they didn't see that coming.
We put out leaflets all over the place - from the library to the doctor the corner shop to the school.
We write letters to our local government saying 'not here no way', and we write to supermarkets threatening boycott.
We show factory farmers as the greedy parents of disturbed children, we blame them and shame them, and nothing we can do is ever enough.
So we buy memberships to Animals Aust. PETA. Mercy for Animals, Voiceless, Animal Lib - everyone involved.
We buy motivational DVD's like Peacable Kingdom to keep our spirits up,and I lend these out at school.
We only wear t-shirts that proclaim our politics - We are mercenaries for animals and this helps us cope with being  Human ...we reckon our humans are not the same as the other humans - because our mob do ethics and honour.
We know we are on the side of good because we stand in defence of the abused and disrespected.
We are legion and we are coming to a factory farm near you.
Join us, strength and honour! Save humanity by saving the animals....For me, i promised one old cow, her two calves and two dogs - all are dead - these are my totems
via Unleashed

justdaisy justdaisy 16 June 2014
i don't like that marketing woman because i don't like liars whose truth is too uncomfortable to stand on its own.

i don't like companies that feel they must employ professional liars.

i guess i just don't like marketers - i feel they are what someone reaches for when a scale of deceit is required.

why should market share be the result of lies - how about truth masters being a job of the future ? i guess that won't happen because the truth itself is easy - the trick is getting it past all the liars i guess.

what a world,,,,,marketing is something that might appeal to the children of factory farmers - raised amongst lies.
who else would become a marketer? what causes such a deficiency in morals and ethics?
via Unleashed

reddapanda reddapanda 16 June 2014
i recently came across this, just to add to the mix on this theme

though the name of their magazine, V-stream, made me think of pee! dunno if that's marketing gold. tongue
via Unleashed


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