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And the Silly September award goes to ...

And the Silly September award goes to ...

Posted 15 September 2014   by Amy         Permalink | 4 Comments

Tags: entertainment, pigs

So Silly September is something I just made up right now because I don't know about you but I reckon I've had more wtf moments than usual in the last few days over stoopid ideas people have had involving animals. So I've decided to give a Silly September award to my top 3 picks for dumb things that happened (or didn't happen) to animals this month.

Drum roll please ...

THIRD PLACE: Brisbane Lions

AFL team Brisbane Lions thought they'd try and drum up some interest in their bottom-of-the-ladder football team by bringing a real life lion to their games.

What happened: Aussies everywhere said NUUUPP! Because that's stupid. And the idea got scrapped. #PeoplePower!

My advice: If you want more footy supporters, play better footy.

WTF Rating:


(Pic thanks to Sportal)

SECOND PLACE: Pizza Hut, Mount Waverley

Buy 10 pizzas – get a free living, breathing 5-7 year commitment! Um, Pizza Hut ... what were you thinking?

What happened: Pizza Hut's customers cottoned on pretty darn quick that this was just plain stupid and flooded Pizza Hut's Facebook and Twitter pages with complaints. Pizza Hut Australia soon released a statement saying they'd never approved this 'promotion' and that the matter was "being seriously dealt with". (Uh oh. Someone's in trouble.)

Thankfully, not a single animal was given away before the stupidity was shut down.

My advice: If you want to sell more pizza, make better pizza.

WTF Rating:


(Pic thanks to Pedestrian)

AND THE WINNER IS: Commercial Hotel, Redbank

This one I just can't even. It's so dumb. There are reports that the Commercial Hotel in Redbank (QLD) not only held pig races to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation on the weekend, but they also gave away one of the piglets as a raffle prize :(

What happened: Animal Liberation Queensland caught wind of this and encouraged sensible, caring people to speak up!

The Leukaemia Foundation has since said that they've reviewed their fundraising guidelines and will make sure that any future events raising funds for them are animal-friendly. People power wins again!

My advice: Good raffle prizes = wine, fruit and movie tickets. BAD raffle prizes = frightened baby animals :(

WTF Rating:


There's proof that when dumb ideas meet common sense, common sense can win! Let's hope these awards serve as a lesson to others to not do dumb things -- and to always speak out if you see dumb things happen!

Have you got another nomination for a Silly September award? Or a people power success story? Put it in the comments below. And thanks for every time you've been a voice for animals.

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Lady4greys Lady4greys 26 September 2014
thanks for the good news this morning it realy made my day. Now all we need to do is fight to end live exportof farm animals and greyhounds too another thing that should be banned is the bleeding dry young surplus to requirement greyhounds before they are euthanised.Greyhounds make the best of familymembers I should know as I have four of them living with me in my home.
via Unleashed

Pteropus Pteropus 26 September 2014
Great work, congrats to all.  beaverhug
via Unleashed

Margaret10 Margaret10 27 September 2014
Wow, all those wonderful things stopped the studio use of abusing animals.  I thank you Animals Australia for giving me a voice whereby I can voice my dissent against ANY abuse to any animals and their habitats.  It has really made my day. Now if we could get that horrible live  animal export trade abolished.  New zealand send packaged meat and I understand there is movement in the international scene re this abominal practice.  Let's all hope & pray this happens SOON!
via Unleashed

wowwhatagreatday wowwhatagreatday 28 September 2014
I never cease to be amazed by the stupidity of humans when it comes to harming our furkids, finkids and featherkids. I will now, and always, stand up for them!
via Unleashed


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