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WIN a spot at the Animal Activists Forum!

WIN a spot at the Animal Activists Forum!

Posted 22 September 2014   by Amy         Permalink | 6 Comments

Tags: Animal Activists Forum, giveaway, competition, contest, win

Want to be a strong voice for animals? The Animal Activists Forum is where it's at for becoming a super-skilled animal advocate. And we're giving away a ticket!


I went to the Animal Activists Forum last year and I left feeling so inspired. The forum is a 2 day event full of speakers and workshops covering a huge range of animal issues. 

Event details:
When: 18th & 19th October
Where: The Portside Centre, 207 Kent Street, Sydney
Full details and ticket purchase.

You'll get heaps of tips and tactics to help you create real change for animals from some of the big names in animal protection including:

  • Bruce Friedrich (Farm Sanctuary, USA)
  • Dan Matthews (PETA, USA)
  • Mark Hawthorne (author, USA)
  • Hans Kriek (SAFE, NZ)
  • James Wildman (The Animal Rights Foundation of Florida, USA) and more
Click here for the full program.

The best news is that you could win your ticket right now! All you have to do is comment below and tell me why you want to attend the Animal Activists Forum in Sydney. The most thoughtful or inspiring entrant will win :)

Entries close Sunday 28 September.

Good luck!

P.S. You will need to be able to make your way to Sydney should you win the prize. 

Admin note: This competition has now closed. Congratulations to the winner - Little Wing. We hope you have an awesome time at the forum! For those who missed out, it's not too late to purchase a ticket online. Click here to get yours now. 

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Marita Marita 22 September 2014
Everyday in my job as an environmental science teacher, sustainability coordinator and avid animal rights activist; I educate young people about the environment and the importance of being a voice for those that have no voice.
I would love to attend the forum so that I can broaden my knowledge, keep the fires burning and inform my students about the latest wins and those battles that are still to be fought. Thank you.
Marita Haigh
via Unleashed

Isabella2 Isabella2 22 September 2014
Hi Amy!
My name is Isabella. I%u2019m 14 (turning 15 this year) and would love love love to attend the Animal Activists Forum in Sydney on the 18th and 19th of October.
I absolutely adore animals, in fact, I have four very noisy dogs at home, three of which we adopted. I believe that animal cruelty is morally wrong which is why I have subscribed to the Animals Australia and Unleashed websites for updates on important issues and victories. My family and I are also monthly donors to Animals Australia and support ending animal cruelty by simply buying free range eggs, RSPCA approved meat and Animals Australia%u2019s amazing merchandise!
In my school community, I am the junior representative of the RSPCA Club, a position I have held for two years. Through this club, we have raised awareness and funds for our local RSPCA shelter. I am also an executive member of my school%u2019s Conservation Club. This environmental club often works alongside the RSPCA Club. Together, we have sponsored several different animals including orangutans and tigers and have established %u2018Meat Free Monday%u2019 at our school canteen.
As an animal activist, I am currently organising a whole school campaign to raise awareness and money for Animals Australia. I will hopefully be able to order merchandise from Animals Australia for students to buy, print out petitions for students and staff to sign and hold a cake sale %u2013 that%u2019s the best way to raise money at my school! I plan on starting this campaign early next year.
I would love to continue to be a voice for animals and I think that by attending the Animal Activists Forum I can enhance my knowledge and skills to more active not just within school, but in the wider community. Thanks happy
Regards, Isabella
via Unleashed

Little Wing Little Wing 23 September 2014
Please give me this opportunity. I desperately want to make a difference however I need further education  to  support me to be able to do this. I am currently  studying, at deakin university completing a social work degree and it am hoping to use this degree in educating people in some way with animals but need a helping hand to get me in the right direction. I believe being around like indeed people will inspire my commitment and desire to make a difference. I am extremely passionate about animal welfare I really care.
From Rachel Whelan
via Unleashed

Lauren19 Lauren19 23 September 2014

I'm 16(Melbourne) and would love this oppurtunity to meet like minded people who also have a passion for animals. I don't necessarly know that much about how to make a difference or as much as i would like about the issue so this oppurtunity would be one in a life time. I hope you consider my view.


via Unleashed

Veronicka Veronicka 23 September 2014
Hey, Amy.
This opportunity would be an opportunity for me to describe how much Veganism has changed the way I live my life. Veganism is soon to be the way of life for every living being. The Animals depend on the human race to provide a world where they can live freely and without fear from us. Winning a free ticket to this event will enable me to pass on what I've learned from other people on how to approach Veganism. It will enable me to listen to other people and their experiences and the moments that led them to becoming Vegetarian/Vegan. Because I truly believe that to enhance one's passion for a movement such as this, then the ideal way to do that is to travel and attend events and functions like this. It's hard for Vegetarians and Vegans to be a part of mainstream consumption, so when there's an event built for us to be able to learn from others who believe the same way we do is of paramount importance. The only way this movement of which we have changed our lives around for can grow is to learn from other people. And so, with all that said, I would love to win this free ticket to an event that will be full of stories, learning, networking and growing.
Thank you,
Stewart G.
via Unleashed

Skys54 Skys54 23 September 2014
Hi I'm Cammie,
My love of animals has made me work hard at my goals of becoming a vet of agricultural scientist so I can hopefully improve all animals way of life.
I would love to go to this forum to speak to others just like me, I have used my position in my schools student forum to get the student body on board with saying no to animal cruelty and I have set up and run many of my own activist activities mainly handing out flyers and talking to people who genrly care.
I think this seminar will help further my efforts in my local community.
via Unleashed


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